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Taste of Vilca
Anadenanthera colubrina
Citation:   Aranirag. "Taste of Vilca: An Experience with Anadenanthera colubrina (exp91067)". Nov 28, 2022.

2 seeds insufflated Anadenanthera colubrina (ground / crushed)
Well, to start. I'm a 6'2, 300+lb, 20 year old male. With that you should gather I'm large whether it's important to you or not I guess its relative to the trip showing the potency of this substance even with a large person. 

I have tons of experience with psychedelic substances after trying mushrooms years ago when I was about 13. Quick list for ya, mushrooms (as said before) LSD in large doses (upwards of 500+mcg) not for beginners* light DMT doses, a handful of research chems, 2C-B, 4-AcO-DMT, 5-MeO-DiPT, MBDB, methylone and a couple more. Attempts with your standard 'legal home highs' like morning glory seeds and San Pedro cactus, with little success due to little effort. I have always had a huge interest in psychedelics so have spent years learning about them and connecting myself to the underground and making friends all over the world with common interests. All this being said I wasn't going into this blindly. 

My substance of choice this month: Anadenanthera colubrina, aka 'cebil'. 

I started out trying to avoid the nausea route with decent light success by smoking the seeds. With as much as I could get down I got nice euphoria and light visual distortion with a complete body high. A feeling that there's two people sitting on my shoulders each with a bucket, one with ice water one with boiling water and they each take turns pouring their bucket over myr brain which then flows through every extremity on my body through my blood turning it into the consistency of jello with the weight of cement, gentle tingles running down my body making the hairs stand on end!

A couple days later I got the courage to look past the inevitable nausea/puking and moving forward with snorting a homemade vilca snuff and that's what this reports about. 

Setting: I live out in the country with my family, it was only myself and my younger brother home and he was off doing his own thing (burning a bowl or something). It's sunset, California so the colors are amazing. Green grassy field outside my back door.

Mindset: I guess once again I failed to be responsible and just wait til I was in a better mindset for it but I was also eager and it didn't kill the experience so I'm fine, but basically I was slightly reluctant to snort it due to not wanting my family to see me puking and get the wrong idea about what I'm doing. So I was nervous and a bit paranoid as well but I got over it and moved forward in the end.

Preparation. I took 2 seeds in expectation of it being a light entry dose into nasal experimentation of this substance. Lightly roasted them in a pot on low on the stove until they each popped. Then took them off peeled the outer shell and separated the shell from the actual inner seeds. I discarded the outer shell and tossed the seeds into my magic bullet (mini blender) and pulverized them into a near powder. Takes seconds. I then grabbed what seemed to be equal to a 1:3 ratio (majority being cebil) of lime aka calcium hydroxide, mixed it with the seed powder with a few drops of water and kneaded it all together until it looked equally mixed then tossed it on a cookie sheet in the oven on low with the door cracked for a few minutes til it was dry. Finally I took it out and tried to cut the finished product into a loose snortable powder.

Ingestion: I finally got the guts to just sniff it up, half in one nostril (burn just as bad as I expected) the other half in the other nostril, kind of balances the pain out. I heard best to let set in your nose until you have decent noticeable effects so I went and sat out on my back porch and tried to keep my mind distracted from snorting back the nutterbutter smelling mixture of pain in my nose. Staring at the mountains that make up the Sierras.

1minute in. Body high intensity. That same cold water warm water weight on your shoulder feeling as before but coming on much stronger. My mind wandering looking for the visuals I know are coming. I'm an eager kid when it comes to the beauty behind the trip. 

+30 seconds details start to stand out, blades of grass become individuals instead of a group as well as the leafs on the trees. My arms feel like they have anchors as bracelets and I feel it's a good sign of what's to come.

+30 more seconds the grass started to shrink and grow before my eyes and the trees started to move in these weird predesignated frames like pictures as another person had said in a report here that I read it was like being on windows while it's lagging and the frame would repeat in a trail. It was quite the site. 

This is when I decided to go inside and lay back to enjoy a favorite tripping past time. I go into my room and pick it up a bit, turn off the lights and turn on the fan... Lay back, turn on some shpongle on my phone, toss on the headphones and close my eyes... This is where it gets wild. 

Probably about 4 minutes in I'm laying there watching crazy CEVs like I've never seen before and I've done really high doses of some really quality LSD. A quote from a text I sent a friend, 'Rainbow plasma filled gyrating cubes with crazy pulsating electrified spider webs behind my eyelids bro' the sounds of shpongle would play with the visions behind my eyes, the body high causing me to roll all around in my bed to feel my blankets. Started getting really warm and sweaty and though I expected it I started dreading the nausea. I decided I'd just push through it and played with the visuals some more. Mind you I was having OEVs as well, the walls were like cellophane everything lacked it's natural detail and looked so plain and shiny. Trails were rainbow outlined copies of their counterparts and about 8-10minutes in the nausea got to the point where I wanted to do something about it, so I forced myself to puke up my last meal and the nausea went right away it was really relieving.

10 minutes in I was surprised because experience and what I've read both usually point to intensifying after puking but this time around it calmed down the visuals. Over the next 5 minutes all OEVs died off and over the next 30 the CEVs followed. There was still a nice afterglow of euphoria and the ever so common shock during the recollection of the trip how something like that is possible. 

To summarize: The seeds are powerful, even being a man of stature 2 were enough for me to experience a strong enjoyable trip. Outside the nausea, sweating and puking the trip is beautiful closed eyed and open eyed visual galore. It's like candy for your mind and eyes which in the end really makes it worth the negative side effects. I can really see myself visiting this substance again, I much rather experiment with finding a better method of ingestion to avoid the nausea and intensify the visuals. Here I am the day after, no hangover, headache or anything but a stuffy nose and positive euphoric afterglow inside me. That's appreciable. 

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 91067
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Nov 28, 2022Views: 1,115
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