Piracetam Good for This Old Guy
by Max
Citation:   Max. "Piracetam Good for This Old Guy: An Experience with Piracetam (exp91076)". Erowid.org. May 31, 2011. erowid.org/exp/91076

7200 mg oral Piracetam (daily)
Iím into nootropics, antiaging, and supplements in general. Iíve been taking Selegiline and Phosphatidylserine for a long time but I heard about Piracetam so I had to try it.

The first night I took 2400 mg and went to sleep. I had the most amazing vivid dream! It was truly wonderful, unlike anything ever... so I was jazzed and I continued with the Piracetam at 2400 mg 3x/day for several months. I didnít have such vivid dreams but the effect was that my brain hemispheres started working together. Iím an intuitive/thinking person by nature, Myerís Briggs ENTP. Intuition is right brain and thinking is left. Thatís all fine but at puberty men lose the communication between hemispheres and that is the biggest problem for any NT male. I got it back with Piracetam. Planning went from drawing flowcharts and straining to get things done to just doing them naturally. Meeting and getting along with women went from a strained thing to just naturally telling them what I think and feel. Life got considerably better. I started remembering names of people I went to grammar school with and all sorts of pleasant childhood things. I started writing poetry and some of it is very well received. The downside was that I felt very tired a lot of the time and sometimes it was sort of a sudden onset tirednessÖ I started taking Choline Bitartrate with every dose of Piracetam to the tune of about 1:2 and the tired thingy went away pretty muchlyÖ I cannot get enough choline from eating eggs if I take large doses of Piracetam afaik.

I had some of my female friends try some Piracetam and they reported that it did nothing. That makes sense to me, women have good communication between the brain hemispheres.

Iíd say that Piracetam is good for men and nearly essential for Intuitive-Thinking onesÖ

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 91076
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 66
Published: May 31, 2011Views: 37,188
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