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Terrible Trip
Salvia divinorum
Citation:   Christie. "Terrible Trip: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp91311)". Dec 24, 2017.

1 hit smoked Salvia divinorum (dried)
I decided to purchase some Salvia because I needed to quit smoking weed for a while due to drug testing at prospective employers. The first time I tried it I followed all of the rules: I used it with a babysitter present, had all television and music turned off and only took a very small bong hit. It made me feel a little strange, but did not have a major impact. I only tried it the one time and then put it away for months.

Then a few days ago when I was alone at my house and fresh out of weed, I decided I'd give the Salvia another whirl. This time I did not have a babysitter present and the TV was turned on to a show I didn't even like- Glee. I loaded what seemed to be a very small amount into the bong and took a big hit. For a couple seconds it didn't seem like anything was happening, but then I sat the bong down and completely forgot that I had taken a hit.

Glee was doing some really annoying High-School-Musical-type performance. I was sitting in my living room and suddenly my house started splitting in half from one side to the other. I started running to the other side of my house to try to outrun the split. It was too fast, though, and it caught up with me when I got to my laundry room. As the split reached me, I became part of the house on one side of the split (and my dog was part of the other wall). As the split opened up, it seemed as though me and the whole world were becoming a part of this massive choir performance and that that was the true reality- my whole life had just been an illusion getting me to that point. We were becoming part of the massive choir one by one (like doing the wave at a baseball game) as the split reached us. The split did reach me and suck me into the wall, but I was resisting it from totally sucking me in. Because I was resisting, I stopped the wave and the whole world that was the choir was really upset that I had messed up the whole thing. I managed to get most of my body out of the wall, but my foot was still stuck in it. I felt like I was struggling for oxygen, but I was finally able to yank my foot out of the wall and free myself. I ran back through to the other side of the house (the side that had already been split in half) and out the front door. I ran into the street and saw some people looking at me like I was insane.
I ran into the street and saw some people looking at me like I was insane.
I then realized that I was totally high on drugs and looked crazy, and I finally started to come back to reality.

I ran back into my house and started trying to figure out what was real and what was hallucinated. My house was no longer split open, but my body felt very unusual and almost like it had betrayed me. The smell of Salvia made me feel nauseated, and I quickly threw away the remaining Salvia and the bong. I went into my bedroom and laid on my bed to try to self-soothe. My dog seemed concerned, so I gave him a lot of affection to show him that I was alright. I wanted to call my boyfriend over to my house to just hold me for a while, but decided I might still sound a little crazy because I was still too close to the experience to describe it. I felt weird and sort of violated for about an hour following the experience, although the most vivid part of the trip lasted only five to ten minutes. I had no concept of time while I was tripping on Salvia, but I was able to guess based on the time before I started.

My experiment with Salvia was extremely unpleasant and I felt very unsafe and out of control. In retrospect, I can't believe that I actually ran out of my home and into the street on a drug- I didn't think I could totally lose control like that. I was also amazed that I had felt so trapped by the wall. Obviously there was nothing really holding onto me, but the brain is so powerful that it can create that reality for the body.

I have no intention of ever trying Salvia again, but I am glad that I was able to have such a vivid trip the one time and get through it without consequences. Before this trip, I never could have fully imagined experiencing a completely alternate reality with drugs. Personally, I prefer the relaxing effect that comes with cannabis.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 91311
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 26
Published: Dec 24, 2017Views: 2,095
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Difficult Experiences (5), Alone (16)

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