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AMT - Why is this legal?!
by j
Citation:   j. "AMT - Why is this legal?!: An Experience with AMT (exp9139)". Sep 4, 2001.

50 mg oral AMT (powder / crystals)


It was the last weekend before school, and I wanted to go out with a bang. And a bang it was.

I headed down to see my friend J, as he had told me he'd found some new chemical called 'AMT' that was 'better than rolling and better than acid.' I didn't believe him, since he said it was legal, and so didn't particularly take the drug we were about to pick up seriously. This was a big mistake, as I would find out later that night. I read up on it, and it sounded interesting, and i was fairly psyched. We picked up our doses in the afternoon, and spent the rest of the evening rounding up friends to 'babysit' us that night.

It was probably about midnight when we finally had everything together. We were at this guys house (does that fact that I can't even remember his name mean anything?) with a couple of other people- friends of J. We took our 50mg packets of powder, mixed them with orange juice, and drank it. Then we went outside, smoked a couple of bowls, and came back in. I had brought my little spinning, multi-colored globe with me, and we set that up and turned out the lights. We then sat and talked while we waited for the unfamiliar effects to begin.

It was probably about an hour after we dosed that I first began to feel the drug in my system. It started as a tingling in my muscles not unlike acid, and vibrating in my jaw that would continue the rest of the night. I was seated on the couch, staring at the lights as they trailed across the ceiling, as they began to take on the psychedelic ambience that seemed at the time very much like lsd. J and I sat in silence a while longer, and decided that we should smoke another bowl, which we did. After this, when I stood up to go inside, the effects really started to kick in.

I could barely walk by the time I got to the door. My feet didn't seem to want to go where I attempted to set them (an effect I attribute to MDMA, as well). I felt disoriented, but in a pleasant way. My mind was not clouded, like it often is when I roll. I went into the house, where it was dark and the party-globe was still on, and I felt at once like I had eaten a high dose of very good liquid, but had avoided the unpleasant lack of mental clarity. J came in after me, and we excitedly discussed how this was better than any drug we had ever taken, and how shocked we were that it was a legal substance.

This wide-eyed fascination with our experience and our surroundings continued for another hour or so (t-3hrs), until I decided I was thirsty and went into the kitchen to get some juice. As I stood up, however, I instantly felt sick to my stomach, and sat down again. I told J, and he went and got the guy who's house we were at (?!), our babysitter-in-charge. He came downstairs, and gave me some Tums for indigestion, hoping this might clear up the problem. I ate these, and continued to sit on the couch, waiting for the moment to pass.

Eventually, I felt better. I walked into the kitchen to talk to C and get that glass of juice, and I remember the cold of the kitchen floor feeling like it was rushing through me. I began to shiver, and my teeth chattered, but I was otherwise in a pleasant enough mood- rather like I feel when I've just begun to come down from a roll. I poured some juice, and after the first drink, the nausea came back full force.

I shuffled to the bathroom, feeling as if I might be ill. It was about 4 hours after I had dosed at this point. J was feeling fine, and tried to convince me that it was all in my head. I didn't think so. I felt somewhat like I do during a very bad hangover- 'if I just go ahead and puke, I'll feel better.' So, I did. Unfortunately, I didn't feel better after this, and ended up spending the next 2 hours on the cold bathroom floor. I was sick a total of four times before I felt good enough to get up and walk back into the living room.

At this point, my mindset was more like what I experience after coming back from a very intense trip- very reflective, but very tired. I remember curling up on the couch with a blanket, my skin clammy and my forehead damp. I shivered, and waited an hour or so in silence, hoping the sickness wouldn't return. J came in and out, smoking, and said he was still insanely incapacitated. I nodded and told him that you come down really quickly from drugs after hanging over a toilet for 2 hours.

(t-6 hours) I could finally lie down, feeling very tired, but still with that tingling behind the eyes that disallows sleep. We had had Oakenfold's Tranceport on repeat all night, and I lay there and listened to that as everyone gradually filtered out of the room- either to sleep, or off walking around the neighborhood. (J) Just as the sun came up, I remember the most distinct thought/feeling of the entire experience as I lay there reflecting. I felt that I had definitely been somewhere that night...somewhere most people hadn't been. Although I thought at one point that I literally might need to go the hospital, I felt as if I had truly conquered something. It was as if I had almost drowned, but been able to break the surface just before I inhaled a lung-full of water.

I was awake until 4pm the next day. Not because I wanted to be. I was extremely tired, but I have never been so at peace in my entire life as I was sitting with J on his couch at 2pm. I am still considering why this experience...or rather, getting over it... instilled that feeling, but all in all, I was glad to have had it. It made me feel as if human consciousness is definitely more than a product of electric impulses and hormones, and that I had been farther inside myself than I ever have.

However, I completely agree with previous posts that this is NOT a recreational drug. Feeling relieved to be alive or still sane the next day is not something I look for in psychoactive chemicals. I am not recommending that people do NOT experiment, but suggest that their first dose definitely not be 50mg, and that they be prepared for what can definitely be very negative side effects.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9139
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 4, 2001Views: 6,616
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