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Evil Lives Another Day
Citation:   FUZZIBUNNI. "Evil Lives Another Day: An Experience with DXM (exp9152)". Nov 9, 2020.

8 oz oral DXM (liquid)
Ingested a half of a bottle DXM (vicks 44) and a full package of mini-thins... waiting for one of my friends to pick me up in front of a grocery store to go out clubbing. In about 25 minutes the sun began to set in a explosion of intense colors and and felt I was standing beside myself-literally, talking to myself in second person, almost in some kind of intimate erotic way. I went back into the store and felt charmed that everyone was happy to see me and I glided on air to the restrooms. I then took the other half of the bottle, looking at myself in the mirror feeling as innocent as a 'horny little bunny'.

I walked out of the restrooms to see my ride approaching down the isle toward me. She looked like she was enchanted by a beautiful spirit wrapped in vivid sacred clothing summoning me. I felt as if everything was clean and clear, and full of innocence. I followed her out to the truck, and we went to eat some fried seafood. Our conversations were ecstatic and we could'nt stop touching each other. It seemed as if we were the only 2 things 'alive' and 'there' at that moment - and just watching her lips move as she talked sent waves of ecstacy through my body.

We then went to the beach and halfed a pint of ice-cream (at night) and gave each other massages, I began to see these super intricate geometrical designs and master type architectural designs surface (as if simulated by virtual reality - almost baroque in style). I got back in the truck and we went to the club center here in Tampa - Ybor city, a small city of clubs. The first club was free and we danced lightly while she had some drinks. The second club was free and we began to grind on this spinning platform, (I noticed everyone was drenched in sweat but me...?, so I thought I would take it easy...)

Just then, unfortunately 'mr happy' wanted to play... she gripped my 'apparatus' against my leg tightening her legs around it as we grinded. I soon found out why grinding can be called 'dirty dancing'. I started to feel all over her body smelling and tasting her lips. Then I noticed that 'little fuzzy wiggly ball' in my mind increase in size, almost as if I could feel it vibrating my 'teeth', then the weirdest thing I have ever EXPERIENCED happened- right as I 'unloaded', I saw with my eyes- opened- in a PERSPECTIVE 10X OR MORE LARGER than I am bio-availably capable to see through with human eyes- a huge gigantic patterned matrix of thousands upon thousands of these 'little fuzzy wiggly balls' and felt I had touched 'god' and was looking into this realm from the 'other side'. She grabbed my hand and took me into the men's restroom, laughing... the music was like '...'

We then went to the last club which had a small door fee and sat on a leather couch running my fingers through her hair, kissing her fading into that sensual realm heavily, about 45 minutes later, I noticed it was a club full of bi-sexual and lesbian women, which is fine, but then I felt seduced, whored, like I was charmed into her private play pen... - which is just fine too. It was an excellent combination.

The next day I woke up happy still high feeling... but felt as if my reality existed from the inside out, and everything I saw was only 'alive' because I saw it with a 'living eye'...I felt incapable of seeing anything as 'dead'...some wicked shit 2 behold.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9152
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 9, 2020Views: 851
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DXM (22) : Club / Bar (25), Sex Discussion (14), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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