The Summer Breeze
Amphetamines (Dexedrine)
Citation:   lackluster. "The Summer Breeze: An Experience with Amphetamines (Dexedrine) (exp91558)". Sep 23, 2011.

  repeated insufflated Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
I'm writing this while still high on the dex so please excuse any rambling that I might produce.

Started off blowing two, 30mg dexedrine with about a 3 minute break between each line. About 10 minutes after letting the lines sink into my mucous membrane I decided I was feeling particularly bored so I got another 2 pills and blew those finishing at about 1:04pm, from then on time flew.

I am starting to feel noticeable effects, heart racing sweaty palms but nothing too exciting. A true understanding of why speed is entitled speed cannot be had unless you have done some type of amphetamine, not only does your body and mind speed up but thoughts, reactions and especially time all speed up as well. You can sit down at your computer to check facebook on speed and the next time you glance up at the clock 45 minutes will have gone by.

I am deeply involved in a long discussion about everyday life, philosophy and the absolute epitome of the stupidity of youth as illustrated by my drug use with some stranger on omegle.

My legs are jiggling non stop, my armpits are sweating like a mother fucker I have to sniffle at least twice every 15 seconds due to the intense nasal drip caused by the dex. My thoughts and feelings are flying at a million miler per second, fuck minutes I make it to the end of the universe and back in a minute. In the past iíve used amphetamines as a study aid which helped more than anything iíve ever tried sober. The first time I did adderall and went to school I remember telling the friend that gave it to me that every single school in the world should administer amphetamines to every student before the school day starts. But being a kid and knowing kids reactions to forced situations all to well in retrospect if on some other planet where this would be possible the kids would probably hate it.

The rush just seems to be getting more and more intense my fingers want to keep typing once they've started and my legs don't seem to want to stop jiggling for more than my conscience has time to dwell on them. The palms of my hands are sliding all over the keyboard and leaving visible perspiration where my palms rest. The nasal drip seems to have let up a bit. Dextroamphetamine is probably the third worst substance ive ever blown, only behind vicodin and adderall in that order. If you need something to relate it to coke hurts much less than all 3. For the nasal pain associated with insufflation the only thing that iíve ever tried that seems to provide some relief in easing the irritation, is the old coke head trick of dipping your fingers in water and sliding them up your nose. For the uncomfortable feeling that my throat would emit when I swallowed for the first ten minutes, I've found that swallowing whateverís draining from my nose with a mouthful of water (or any liquid) works perfectly to relieve the pain.

Iíve been typing for about 20 minutes on and off only stopping to entertain some distraction. By now from the increased libido associated with amphetamines is becoming noticeable which in turn tells me from experience that my balls have shriveled up as close as possible to my body and my penis has shrunk to the smallest size possible. Also from personal experience I know that if I were to get a boner right now it would not be a type of boner that I never ever wish to experience while sober. I don't know if this is very common, but from the research iíve done abnormalities in obtaining an erection can be expected. And for me this along with the long, mildly miserable comedown are the worst parts about this drug. An uncommon but not unheard of side effect; anorgasmia (inability to orgasm) can be expected to occur especially in high doses if I remember correctly. But if you can get a boner and you can cum the resulting orgasm will be one of the most satisfying ever, and the sex/yanking it like homophobic, death row inmate will be some of the most interesting sex or masturbation ever.

I'm forcing myself to take somewhat of a break and return to omegle which sounds like an amazing option at this point. Im completely content to sit here and type and read for days, all I want is to expand my knowledge or share some with people.

During my break I regret to say that I think my high has started to fade, luckily for me it personally takes many hours for the high to completely fade and the unpleasant comedown to kick in at a noticeable level. which according to my friends is actually very odd. Other than that I only meant to take a quick 15 minute break, but like I said on speed, time is as elusive as smoke. During the break my activities consisted of brutally attacking pandora for new music and getting super distracted and wasting a good chunk of time on the absolute wonders of yahoo answers. Im still as jittery as a coke head, but my heart seems to have slowed and it feels like I need to take bigger breaths to satisfy my need for oxygen. Something new and interesting is any new item being introduced into a conversation whether it be a song, movie or book almost instantly becomes my new favorite. I doubt these new favorites will hold this title for longer than the high.

I think iím going to wrap this up, and even though I intend to keep true to that iíll probably end up typing another half a page before I finally stop. So if you donít wish to continue reading my speed enhanced ramblings then you can peace, thanks for reading!

The high has now faded quite a lot, the comedown with dexedrine is never as bad as I anticipate it, and this one was rather comfortable. I ended up sitting at my computer for almost the entire time since my last update which caused back pains and a headache, most likely caused by staring at a computer screen for 8+ hours. I feel as if I could fall asleep without much difficulty now, but experience tells me not to expect that to hold true. In retrospect most of this is probably just completely useless and borderline incoherent, but a few side effects worth mentioning are the most definitely underserved confidence in anything you produce, whether a statement, drawing or whatever. If you review it while sober youíll probably decide that whatever it is is sub par. Another side effect is short term memory loss. This might just be a personal thing but I find its similar but not as extreme as the memory loss youíd experience while high on marijuana. The subconscious biting of a lip is something I always experience. The day after I do amphetamines my bottom lip is always ripped up. The last side effect worth mentioning is the social withdrawal associated with the comedown. Right now I just want to be left to my own devices and not have other people anywhere around me.

If you want to read the completely irrelevant tangent I promised in my 2:35 update its below, iím not even going to bother to re read it so read at your own risk I guess. Thanks for reading, goodnight.

Irrelevant rant,
Approx. 2:40pm:
In my personal opinion the best amphetamine iíve ever done (and iíve done most) is absolutely by far vyvanse. Vyvanse was the first amphetamine I ever did I first took it at 10 pm. Without any idea of what it would do to me. About 30 minutes in I was slightly disappointed with the lack of effect it was having on me, during the first half an hour or so after I took the pill I was on the phone with the girl who had given it to me but she had to hang up for some reason and promised to call me right back, using this break to go get a glass of water for my dry mouth (unknown to me then, a common side effect) while in the kitchen I started talking to my roommate, and for the next hour and a half I had a well flowing conversation about almost everything possible, from books to movies to past drugs wed used.(I didnt tell him I was on vyvanse) Then when I realized I had absolutely bailed on my phone friend I went back into my room and had a ridiculously detailed 3 hour conversation with her. The extreme feelings of euphoria were so overpowering. At the time I could only express how I felt with the phrase ďI just feel really satisfied with life.Ē My overactive brain obviously skipped over the word content and its ability to sum that feeling up. But even now iím not sure that ďcontentĒ has the capabilities to encompass the extreme happiness I was experiencing. After that first time I used vyvanse on multiple occasions with different doses but always with the same amazing, happiest time of my life result. The downside to this particular amphetamine is illustrated easily and logically by insomnia. Personally I only experienced this in higher doses as apposed to dexedrine which doesn't pack as much of a euphoric high but is much easier to fall asleep after using.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 91558
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Sep 23, 2011Views: 79,955
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