Jesus and White a Van
Citation:   Logarth. "Jesus and White a Van: An Experience with LSD (exp91651)". Jan 24, 2019.

2 hits oral LSD (edible / food)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  1 tablet oral Pharms - Clonazepam (pill / tablet)
Spring was here, the snow melted, the temperature started to rise and freedom from being shut in from winter gave its yearly relief. Some friends of mine and I planned on going to a festival in late May. This was my first festival and I was quite pumped for drugs and live music. Because I was quite excited and had to work late the night before sleep was something I had little of. We were running a little bit behind schedule but we made it. My friend (we’ll call him Ole) was excited as I was and because he was excited as I was he too had little to no sleep. We struggled to set our tents probably and in the end I am glad it didn’t rain like it was supposed to because my tent totally would have been soaked inside.

When I arrived and saw everyone else on various drugs that were going around my first feeling wanted to get on the same level as them. After watching the main band that we went there for it was roughly 12:30 am. During this time my other friend (we’ll call him Sven) had gotten some Oreos that had two hits on each Oreo. We went to our tents and got some more Oreos. I took one Oreo and both Sven and Ole took two Oreos.

We sat in the tents, smoked Cannabis and visited with the guy we got the Oreos from. After he left my two friends and I decided to take a walk. My guess is that it was around 1:30 am. I started to feel the affects around this time. It rained quite hard earlier so the night was cool and damp. In my head as I walked through the mud I imagined it as the area labeled between two trenches during WW1 called “No man’s land”. This is a place where I don’t want to be. Not sure why No man’s land was in my head, it could have been the cool and foggy weather which is quite similar to European weather and the mud reminded me of trenches. While I was in No man’s land another feel of worry swept over me. The dark realization came in my head that I was in an unfamiliar place that I have never been to.

By this time I would say it was around 2:45 am. I was kind of paranoid of giving my friends a bad trip so I never once said anything about No man’s land or being worried about being in an unfamiliar place. I would about twenty minutes later manage to tell myself to calm down and that I was in an unfamiliar place but it definitely was not a hostile one. I have taken LSD a few times before so I learned the ability control and ease my worried tripping mind.

My trip started to turn good at this point. I became mesmerized by the trees as they swayed in the air. The branches seemed to sway in the wind so harmoniously that it was as if I heard music and the branches were dancing to the music. I did notice that someone was playing some electronic music by their tent. This made me laugh pretty hard perhaps because the idea that whoever was playing music had no idea that he was helping in my trip and that amused me quite a lot. We decided to take our stroll towards the outhouses to empty our bladders. I’d say when we went to the outhouses it was around 3:30 am. I stood in a pitch black outhouse urinating while directly at face level there was a hand sanitizer dispenser. Since it was dark enough the only thing I could see was the shape of it. I started to contort faces I saw on this dispenser. I was going between smiling and frowning. In my head after I contorted the face to frowning for about the fourth time I looked a little above the dispenser and there was the most evil demonic looking smiling face with triangle shaped teeth. This face was huge and it took up most of the wall I was standing in front of. I quickly looked down, shaked and walked out of the outhouse. I took a deep breath and said to Ole as I was laughing “shit dude it’s fuckin intense in there”. He agreed as he looked back the stalls (I have no idea what he saw in the stall he went in). We walked around more and at this point we didn’t really have a whole lot to do so we decided to go back to the tent and smoke some more Cannabis.

When we got back into the tent we smoked a lot of weed mainly because it was something to do and we had plenty of it. There was this extremely annoying security golf cart that drove right by our tent because we set up our tents right by the path (there were slim pickins for tent spots when we got there). The light flashing was a little nerve wracking. But we learned to deal with it. Ole humorously told me that this is my castle and I have complete control of it. Ole is quite a big guy with a deep voice. As I looked at him looking out of the tent at other people he reminded me of this large goofy medieval general that was in charge of an army that was protecting this castle. It was very cartoon like and extremely funny. We continued smoking and thought it would be funny to shine our flash light at people walking by. One guy with a UN helmet came walking past and he dropped everything and said in a much panicked voice “Im cool man, Im just looking for the bathrooms”. The even funnier part of it was he was walking in the opposite direction of the bathrooms. Right now I can admit that I feel a little bad fuckin with the dude. It was probably the Cannabis

It was starting to get light out by now. Ole then assured me that if it rains I will get wet. I am sure it was true and that was something that made me a little uneasy but at this time I was laying down in the tent staring at this red line through on the tent roof noticing that it was getting light out. I knew that this would bring on new hallucinations so I popped my head out and enjoyed looking at the branches while admiring the colors of green in contrast with the whitish gray milky color of the sky. The time then was probably around 4:30-5:00 am.

I sat back up and realized that Sven has been a little quite. Right after me noticing that my buddy was being a little quite I noticed that red line on the ceiling of the tent again. That red line distracted me. I looked at this line and noticed that the red inside the line started forming what kind of looked like D.N.A. As I was completely staring at the line I listened to Sven and Ole talk. Sven was getting a little worried about the tent and it not being waterproof. I told him not to worry. I had no reason to give why he shouldn’t worry but at this time I was too enthralled by the red line and honestly didn’t at all care about the rain. Ole assured Sven that it would be alright and he should calm down. Sven then said “no its not, it’s not alright”. At this point t was obvious that Sven was having a bad trip.

Ole and I tried talking to Sven again. He was unresponsive. We asked him again still with no response. He was in this total vegetative state for a good few minutes. Ole then humorously said “dude your tripping balls”. Sven then just got this horrible look on his face like he was just rejected by the girl of his dreams or something. We asked him if he was alright. Sven then finally replied “I am just losing my mind”. I humorously retorted “right, isn’t it awesome just relax and go with it” in an attempt to lighten the mood. My eyes were still fixed to this red line and watching all the different shapes flow through it like a river. Ole then looked at Sven and asked “dude are you crying, do you need a hug”? Ole replied with “no, I fucked up”. Okay, I must vaguely explain background of this. Sven has some legal issues and he is essentially looking at 15 years in prison. He thanked Ole for being such a good friend and I thought maybe these negative emotions were leaving him.

We sparked up another bowl and Sven told Ole “I get it now”. Ole and I were trying to figure out what he gets but we never really did. He would not respond to the question “what do you get”? He said it again “I get it now”. We asked again “what do you get”? He looked at Ole with a very angry look and said in a stern voice “why are you doing this to me”! We asked Sven what Ole was doing and he wouldn’t say. I tried to calm him down and I offered him a cigarette. He replied to my offer “no I am turning my life back to Christ”. I knew Sven was a Christian so I encouraged it and maybe thought it would calm him down or at least bring some kind of light in his head. Sven then said “dude I am never doing acid again”. When he said this I had it my mind that it was almost a mission or something of Ole and I to calm him down and turn his trip around. At this point also I stopped paying attention to the time but it had to be at least 6 am and we all were still tripping pretty hard. Sven then proceeded to speak in tongues and call out for Jesus to save him. This to say the least freaked the fuck out of Ole and I. I then said “dude we have been in this tent for way to long, lets go for a walk”.

Sven got out first, then Ole and me. When I got out of the tent (which was quite the challenge) Ole told me that Sven stared at him as he was hiding behind a tree right by our tent and then ran away. Ole then started freaking out. He said “dude this is not good, some crazed hippy with his knife on him running around thinking that people are trying ‘to do something to him’”. Ole has some anxiety issues and has told me before that he is a paranoid schizophrenic. He literally thought that Sven was trying to kill him. I calmed him down and we walked around and discussed this crazy situation. Maybe a half hour later we saw Sven being carried away by two Sheriffs and some security while he was screaming on the top of his lungs ”JESUS IS MY SAVIOUR, HE’S IN THE WHITE VAN”! I had all these thoughts racing through my head. I have no problem with the whole Jesus thing but when it turns into a snitch thing then it’s no so cool. If he spilled the beans in detail Ole and I might get into trouble for harboring a fugitive. I began to panic. All these thoughts were racing through my head. We walked by a tent of some early risers one of them said to Ole and I “hey you dropped something”. We were obviously confused and looked on the ground. The guy then said “your smile”. I knew this guy had no idea of what situation we were in or the seriousness of it but regardless I found my smile again. When he said that the uncontrollable smile I gave felt like a surge going in face then into my brain of utter happiness and relief. In my still tripping mind I told myself whatever happens, happens and there is nothing I can do about it. I can be all freaked or try to enjoy the rest of my LSD trip. This took a lot of will and mental power. I was going to title this report “Triumph of the will” but unfortunately that is the name of a Nazi propaganda film.

My buddy Ole on the other hand couldn’t achieve the apathy my brain had towards our current situation. He wanted to try to sleep and asked if he could share my tent because remember he still thought Sven was trying to kill him. As Ole and I walked Ole kept on reminding me what was going on as I was noticing all the tents breathing or looking at some pretty girls. I wanted to just walk around more until the LSD wore off but Ole wanted to sleep as he told me “its time to go to bed”. Being the good friend I am I decided to try to get some sleep. My good friend was tripping and he thought someone was trying to kill him. If it was any other situation where we had two tents and he wanted to stay in mine I would have felt a little awkward. I lay down and tried to sleep. The distractions left and the only thing I had was my mind and my thoughts. I started to lose my smile again and became panicked. I asked for a Klonopin pill that Ole was prescribed to. This helped me calm down but I sure did not sleep. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the patterns that my brain produced. I dozed off eventually.

The next day Ole saw Sven sleeping in a cot by the security tent. Nothing happened, the Sheriffs were allowed to be there in order to help security if need be. The park was on private property so it turned out that the police really couldn’t do much. I doubt they even knew of his current legal situation. In the end this trip made me much of a more mature tripper. I have learned that sleep is very important the night before dosing. I will not trip with anyone having something extremely heavy over there head. Sven and Ole were much more mature trippers then I. This experience also has let me learn that even mature trippers can have bad trips. I don’t want to know what kind of hellish crazy world my friend Sven was in but because of what I learned from this event hopefully I will never be there. As freaky as this was this is something now I can laugh about.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 91651
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Jan 24, 2019Views: 786
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LSD (2) : General (1), Difficult Experiences (5), Bad Trips (6), Nature / Outdoors (23), Festival / Lg. Crowd (24)

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