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Positives & Negatives Especially Sexual
by Anonymous
Citation:   Anonymous. "Positives & Negatives Especially Sexual: An Experience with Lisdexamfetamine (exp91671)". Aug 1, 2019.

50 mg oral Lisdexamfetamine (daily)


Vyvanse Positives Negatives Esp. Sexual

Iíve had problems with chronic tiredness and attention deficit disorder since I was a teen. Finally, after I got married and got into graduate school, the amount of time I was spending trying to concentrate on my work began to seem unreasonable; so I spoke with my doctor about medication. I've been taking one 50mg Vyvanse pill orally almost every day for over a year and a half now.

I have no experience with illegal drug use or abuse. I make no judgments on how folks use drugs, the purpose of this experience report is to describe the positives and negatives of the regulated, prescribed use of this particular medication. That said, my experiences obviously cannot be generalized for everyone.

The effects of the drug, for me, begin about an hour after taking the pill and last about six or seven hours. The first hour or two, I usually experience a tremendous euphoria during which I feel quite creative, positive, and talkative and am usually my most productive and focused. After this point, I still feel energetic and can focus, but donít experience quite the same ďhigh.Ē

After the drug begins wearing off, I may crash for about an hour, but otherwise feel fine in terms of alertness and focus.

The ability to focus and stay alert and motivated are the real positives of this medicationówhen Iím able to channel these experiences toward productive activities. But Iím not always able to. On this drug, I frequently find myself engaging in activities which are enjoyable but unproductive for very long stretches of time.
I frequently find myself engaging in activities which are enjoyable but unproductive for very long stretches of time.
For example, I may play a video game for six-to-eight hour stretches of time.

Most troubling, though, is the tremendous increase in my libido. Iíve had some problems with sexual behavior prior to taking this pill, but it became far more pervasive after taking Vyvanse for a substantial period of time. On the positive side, Iíve found that orgasms can be especially powerful while on the medication, and I can also perform with unusual (for me, at least) stamina; consequently, sex with my wife can be very fulfilling for both of us while Iím on the medication (strangely, though, I can also at times experience difficulty maintaining an erectionóI think, due to difficulty focusing, at times). However, Iíve found myself compulsively masturbating and viewing pornography with more and more frequency. Itís gotten to the point that itís begun to seriously interfere with my life, and Iíve started thinking about ditching or switching medications.

Also problematic is the way the drug affects me emotionally. There is frequently the possibility that I will experience an excess of energy and thus feel nervous or jittery and have difficulty sitting still enough to concentrate on tasks. Additionally, about half way through the primary drug experience, I tend to become irritable and/or develop a very flattened affect. Itís caused a lot of tension between my wife and I: she frequently becomes upset because she has difficulty reading me emotionally and becomes anxious because she feels that I may be angry at her about something I am not telling her; she also has told me that I seem emotionally vacant and feels hurt because I seem distant and donít seem to enjoy the time we spend together.

Other side effects Iíve experienced have been dry mouth and, occasionally, headaches. Also, I sometimes feel alert enough, but experience a mental fog and have difficulty thinking clearly. Moreover, at times I seem to have difficulty with memoryóremembering some experiences and information unclearly or not at all. Finally, when I began taking the drug I started enjoying electronica/techno, when I previously didnít (this is more of a humorous piece of information than an important one though, clearly).

I hope the information Iíve provided here will be helpful to some, especially in deciding whether or not to begin taking the medication.

Exp Year: 2010-2011ExpID: 91671
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Aug 1, 2019Views: 6,519
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