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Glad I Did It But Will Not Repeat
Citation:   jaggerjack. "Glad I Did It But Will Not Repeat: An Experience with Ketamine (exp91674)". Nov 2, 2017.

144 mg insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
So tonight was the night. I was going to K-Hole with my cousin. I had tried Ketamine twice before with mixed results and knew this would probably be the last time I gave it a go. While I liked the effects at 55 mg the residual nausea was too much for me to want to do again. I expected that at 144 mg I would have even worse nausea but thought the experience would most likely be worth it. As I weigh 133 lbs I expected that dose to put me just over the K-Holing dose limit. I would say that it did. I have a decent amount of experience with tryptamines, some with psychedelic phens, one with bk-MDMA and a few handfuls with nitrous. My other experiences are few and far between ranging from kratom to salvia.

I was with my cousin W, who was holing with me for his first K experience, AG, AB, and S had all just watched The Fountain. AG, AB, and S were sitting for us. Just wanted to make sure that if I yuked while holed someone would make sure I didn’t drown in my own vomit. My ear was bugging me a bit and it felt stuffed up limiting hearing and altering my perception of direction some. Still I decided that time was right. W and I got a blanket some pillows, our drugs, snorting apparatus, and music. We set it up outside laying down in the slightly muggy night.

I was up first, chopping up my crystalline dose on a highschool yearbook to help eliminate nose damage. I made six small piles and railed the first two, one per nostril. It stung as expected and then quickly passed. Over the next few minutes I snorted the other piles, two at a time. I lay down and quickly decided that this just made the drip significantly worse. My preferred position for the first five or so minutes before it really started hitting me was one where I was partially reclined leaning back on my forearms. This was easy to sustain as the warm fuzzy feeling began to wash over my body.

I remarked “you guys are so far away from me! My feet are so far away from me!” as my sense of distance and general perceptions began to skew.
my sense of distance and general perceptions began to skew.
Moving my body felt floaty, as if moving through a medium other than air. My lips began to feel tingly and as I lay back down the drip was untastable although it could still be detected as a nasty ball of saliva.

I put my music on (Tame Impala’s discography, starting with their fantastic album Innerspeaker), took my glasses off, and leaned back. I would have liked to keep my glasses on for a bit longer but with headphones on I would have to tilt my glasses up to keep them on too, leaving me feeling nauseous. No matter, the night sky looked interesting, I had a bit of double vision, and it was blurrier than usual.

I closed my eyes and tried to turn my music up a bit. This was challenging, I couldn’t locate the unlock switch, in the end I had one of the As do it for me. With my eyes closed I was pretty gone, contained in my mind but still mildly aware of my surroundings and body.

I had my eyes closed for the better portion of 45 minutes, opening them every once in a while to attempt to communicate something to someone, or just because I remembered I had eyes, and that these odd things on my head could open. During those 45 minutes I remember a few distinct visuals or feelings that were experienced repeatedly at different times throughout the experience.

The most profound of these visuals involved an out of body experience. I was laying on my back watching a beautiful starry night sky unfold and swirl. As I was doing so I had a simultaneous vision of myself lying on my back in a canoe on a body of water while watching the night sky I just described. These two visuals existed at the same time.

I had told a friend to shine a flashlight in my eyes and when he did my vision exploded into red and yellow streamers and fireworks.

Lastly I had a visual of my self represented as two glowing eyes in a dark background. As I inhaled the eyes glowed more brightly and as I exhaled they dimmed. This was comforting as I could tell I was breathing even if I couldn’t really feel that I was breathing.

For some of this experience I know that I was seeing a blank slate and entirely in my head. I just focused on the music or certain aspects of life such as the girl I had just met.

After the 45 minutes were up I tried to move around a bit but had some difficulty. I was getting a bit nauseas from sitting up and had to zone out to music. After another 30 minutes I had to go pee and couldn’t make it myself, a friend had to help me over to another part of the yard where I could rest my hand on something to stand up. After that I sat back down again and then when I finally tried to get up to go inside was again forced to sit back down. I then threw up a few times and tried to think of the best way to get into the house. I simply felt stupid and not in control of my body. To stand up I had to spread my legs far apart for a greater sense of balance. I walked like a zombie to my house, my friends close by. W was completely fine and still feeling pretty good.

I stumbled up to my room and just told my friends to lock the door when they left. My bedroom was spinning and it took me nearly an hour before I could fall asleep. I was no longer feeling good. The nausea and dizziness overwhelmed any warmth or euphoria that remained.

I woke up abut 7 hours later (nearly 10 after dosing) feeling like shit. I was foggy and tired. I had to run some errands with my dad and then came back home to drink some water. After I did I threw up again. I took a nearly 3 hour nap and felt a bit better but still had no appetite as I was afraid I could throw up again at any moment.

While the tripping part of the experience was enjoyable the after effects do not warrant me doing this again. I’m fine with throwing up but not feeling that hungover. For comparison, 175 mg bk-MDMA and six hours of sleep left me feeling better than my night of K did.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 91674
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Nov 2, 2017Views: 2,580
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