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I Have Finally Had Enough of It
by Moon
Citation:   Moon. "I Have Finally Had Enough of It: An Experience with Tramadol (exp91680)". Erowid.org. Nov 12, 2019. erowid.org/exp/91680

  oral Pharms - Tramadol (daily)
My Six Years on Tramadol

I first started taking tramadol in 2005 ( I was 24 then), after I went to my doctor with a very painful lump on my testical. It was not cancer but I calcium deposit right on the nerve ending which made it very painful. He first prescribed oxycodone tablets (5mg) which I ate like candy because it gave a great buzz. Well, he saw that I was using a lot of it and then prescribed me tramadol.

The first time I took it I couldn't believe how good it made me feel, everything was perfect around me. One pill lasted half the day and made me feel fantastic. I got along with everyone, school was great (I was in graduate school at the time) and I got along with my girlfriend better than ever before. Of course scripts run out over time. From that moment on all I wanted was to live my life on tramadol and I would lie to whoever I had to to get it. I was on tramadol all throughout grad school, when I got married in 2008, when I got my first real job, and had been up until 12 hours ago. I have finally had enough of it. I got such a huge tolerance that I was taking 5 at once, 3 times a day...yes, 15 a day. This sometimes lasted for several months until I would have to watch how much I took because a doctor would start asking where it was all going. I told the doctor that it worked for my migraines...which it does not, if anything it makes them worse. That gave me a steady supply of it plus I have a knack for playing doctors for pills. Since I am scientist they think that I couldn't possibly be a pill popper...yeah, right.

The best part of my twenties were spent tied to this drug. It stopped making me feel great and just made me feel normal. Without it I was nothing. I would fight with my friends, parents, coworkers, even my wife...and that was when I was ON tramadol, without it I was the biggest jerk around and had severe depression issues
without it I was the biggest jerk around and had severe depression issues
. These past few months have made me realize how addicted I really was. I have been spending at least $300 dollars a month on tramadol. Bills were going unpaid causing fights with my wife and issues with my credit. I had tried quitting before but it was always 'after this 180 pills I will quit for good'. That never worked.

I cant live like this anymore. I took my last 1/2 pill 12 hours ago. I have been weening off of it for the past week. The withdrawals are terrible. Constant sweating, too hot or too cold, depression, insomnia, violent mood swings, cravings, and every time I move my head from side to side I get these strange 'brain zaps'...it has been a hell of a ride. Last night was the first night in a week I slept more than 2 hours. The brain zaps are still here and the depression is still here too. When I stopped taking oxycodone a few years back I had withdrawals but this takes the cake. I write this with a huge warning to all who try it. Don't think it isn't addictive and don't think the withdrawals will go away after a few days.

Exp Year: 2005-2011ExpID: 91680
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30
Published: Nov 12, 2019Views: 988
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