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Going Back
Products (Duble Dutch)
by Saint
Citation:   Saint. "Going Back: An Experience with Products (Duble Dutch) (exp91690)". Dec 20, 2011.

1 g smoked Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids


I've never considered myself a big drug abuser. I started out with cannabis, started using it daily because I liked it a lot. Then I wanted to try something different so I ordered some Salvia from a website. Tried salvia a couple times and didn't find it to be the funnest thing in the world.

One day a buddy of mine told me about this stuff called Duble Dutch, he picked it up at a headshop. He talked about how it was just like weed just a little bit stronger, but he did warn me that it could make me nervous. He gave me some of the product and I took it home. So I decided I should try it one night by myself. In all I probably did a gram or maybe less out of a bong. I took enormous bong rips and then proceeded upstairs to play my video games.

I started getting entirely nervous upstairs, I felt extremely stoned it was worse than I've ever felt before. I started to lose feeling and my thought process was sort of distorted. I thought that if I fight the feeling it may get better. I felt my face, I paced back and fourth, I gripped my chair arms as hard as I could, nothing seemed to get me as close to reality as I wanted to be. I had it down to two options, I could either try to sleep it off in my bed, or go downstairs and tell my brother that I was messed up and I needed help. I proceeded to lie down in my bed to sleep it off. It felt like I laid there for an eternity, when in reality it was probably only five minutes. Then I got up and began pacing again.

At this point I blacked out, after this my father found me in the floor in my room in a fetal position. I was in an alternate reality at this point, everything was black, with some occasional colors (the colors you see when you look at the light and then close your eyes, but intensified by a lot) it was pure swirling, and pure pain. I was trying to escape the alternate reality but it hurt more and more every time I tried. I decided to ride it out which still hurt but a little less. I could hear my father screaming at me asking me what happened and I wanted to tell him but I couldn't say anything, I felt pure emotion intensified by the most imaginable amount, it was emotion intensified by so much that it physically and mentally hurt.

I remember regaining some vision while I was being carried from my room into the living room by my dad and brother, I didn't recognize them or know who they were. I didn't know how long I had been in this state, to me it could have been a year for all I had known. I naturally thought they were out to harm me. They stretched my legs out and tried to figure out what was wrong. With some further investigation my brother realized what had happened, he began internet searches immediately to see what could help me.

I started projectile vomitting while stuck in the alternate reality, I was then carried to the bathtub when I regain vision again. Everything was animated and the only thing I could see was my legs, my sense of vision was completely gone. I sat there and wondered the scariest thoughts of my life, 'Will I be stuck like this forever? Will I have to be taken care of like this for the rest of my life? Will I only see f***** up images of my legs and these people I don't know?' While I was in this reality voices were overwhelming, any sounds were so intense that I was very scared.

It was also very aggrivating sense I could not respond. My brother called some poison control centers and asked what to do. The only two that he called told him to take me to the hospital right away. He researched and after all the careful thought he decided that the only thing a hospital could do was give me IVs to hydrate me. Him and my father knew that a hospital could do no better than they were doing. I laid on the couch that night with some more twisted hallucinations and very intense moments, all's I really wanted was real life back, I begged for it. After sitting through what felt like an eternity in this alternate state I fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning very anxious. I was nervous and nothing felt the same. I couldn't laugh at anything I used to. I wondered if my immature sense of humor would ever come back. I went to some old routines of video games and stuff that made me feel normal. I eventually regained my original state of mind without any help from anyone. I consider myself very lucky.

The weird thing is that a week or so after the incident I wanted to try some cannabis again. I wanted something to feel like normal routine. But I had experienced some things that I've never experienced on cannabis. I had very vivid flashbacks of my overdose, I heard specific noises from the incident, lost my sense of distance, and even hallucinated for seconds at a time. I got very anxious and nervous. I tried to do cannabis a couple times after but the same effects happened. I thought I was just being a lightweight. It's only been about 3 weeks give or take a little sense the incident and I've tried cannabis 3 times and have had all the same results. So the condition doesn't worsen any I have decided to give up recreational drugs completely.

I know that it is mostly all in my head and the flashbacks are only as real as I let them be, but the drugs lead to that incident anyways and I have decided to spend my time on more productive things. Thank you very much to take the time to read this and please take heed before trying any spice or similar products with synthetic cannaboids in it. They are very much more intense than cannabis and I feel that I can't even enjoy cannabis anymore from that one mistake. Have a great day.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 91690
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 15 
Published: Dec 20, 2011Views: 18,957
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