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Very Interesting...
DOC, Ketamine & Alcohol
Citation:   clubberdude. "Very Interesting...: An Experience with DOC, Ketamine & Alcohol (exp91740)". Aug 21, 2011.

T+ 0:00
4 mg oral DOC (powder / crystals)
  T+ 3:55 1 mg insufflated DOC (powder / crystals)
  T+ 4:08 1 mg insufflated DOC (powder / crystals)
  T+ 6:10 1 mg insufflated DOC (powder / crystals)
  T+ 12:20   repeated insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 20:25   repeated oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
I just recently obtained some of this (after a pretty lengthy search - and something bordering obsession with the chemical), so was stoked to have the opportunity to try it. The previous night (Saturday) I went out raving and took 1 pellet of 6-APB, and 2 very strong MDMA tablets. I'm not sure whether cross tolerance was seen from using these chemicals, so be watchful if you are thinking of taking the dose I took (4mg orally, and 3mg intranasally).

I started the trip at 23:35 on Saturday the 18 June and it ran throughout Sunday the 19th June. I had also only had a partial nights sleep (around 10:00 - 15:00 on the Saturday, and was up since 15:00), meaning that by the end of the trip I had been awake for 33 and a half hours.

I have been feeling a bit low lately - so probably not in the best headspace to be taking a potent hallucinogen (could either go extremely well or extremely badly - this time went pretty well - but I'm always careful with dosing, and doing all I can to avoid a difficult experience). I also take B-vitamins, and Piracetam regularly, but hadn't dosed that within 5 hours of the DOC as I was concerned about possible over-potentiation.

My room - university halls. Small room, not the best, but adequate. Messing about on the internet almost exclusively throughout. Did consider going outside, but felt too intoxicated throughout most of the trip. I'm going to be concentrating on broadscale features here, rather than individual effects, in particular, the chronology of the chemical and its effects profile as it is so unusual, and would be of a greater benefit I feel.

[T=00:00] 23:25 - Ingest circa. 4 mg of powder (orally).Held powder in mouth. Odd taste. Not unpleasant compared to some other phenethylamines (MDxx for example). Similar in taste to perhaps 2C-I or 2C-P.

[T+00:28] 23:53 - Weird stimulation feeling - very pleasant indeed - kinda like waves of energy. Little like the very initial onset of MDMA. Placebo?

[T+00:43] 00:08 - Euphoria building... Feel extremely nice right now.

[T+00:55] 00:20 - Some brightening of colour. Music sounds a bit deeper.

[T+01:11] 00:36 - First hints of a psychedelic effect. Euphoria comparable to a reasonable dose of MDMA (maybe 100mg).

[T+01:45] 01:10 - Definitely psychedelic. Music sounding very good and deep. The rise on this is slow, very slow. Feels bloody nice though!

[T+01:54] 01:19 - Music is gaining depth - identifying layers in the music which didn't exist before - very similar to effects I get from 2C-P. Euphoria comparable to medium-high dose aMT/moderate dose MDMA.

[T+02:31] 01:56 - Becoming very psychedelic - can get some interesting effects if I look at one spot for long enough.

[T+02:56] 02:21 - Visually similar to low dose LSD, thoyugh feel really relaxed - very similar feeling to 2C-P. Euphoria sill going strong.

[T+03:26] 02:51 - This stuff builds very slowly - strong ++ now and intensifying (sounds almost like one of those tropical storm reports...) - seems to be a more slow burning affair. That said, would be interesting to see if insuffliation would accelerate the come-up, like with 2C-P.

[T+03:55] 03:20 - Insuffliated around 0.5-1 mg to accelerate the come-up. I found 2C-P onset to be very rapid after insuffliated doses. Burn not too bad, slightly easier than 2C-P, but the quantities involved here are so small, so could be worse at higher doses.

[T+04:03] 03:28 - Wow, this is picking up a bit now Bang! just passed the +++ threshold - feel it intensifying quite nicely. Insufflation takes around 8-12 minutes with DOC opposed to 5-8 minutes with 2C-P.

[T+04:08] 03:33 - insuffliated remaining 0.5-1 mg - want an immersive experience now.

[T+04:14] 03:39 - Zoning out a fair bit - getting rather intense now. Very similar to my 2C-P experiences. The effects come in waves. Visuals very elaborate - far more so than with 2C-P or 2C-I.

[T+04:49] 04:14 - This stuff is very visual! Almost to a point of sensory overload. Oddly enough, I feel really clear headed, almost like I could do a task like computer programming, or solving a complex mathematical problem. Euphoria and general mood felt like being on MDMA.

[T+05:14] 04:39 - This is by a wide margin the strangest chemical I've taken. Visually it is crazy - almost sensory overload, but my cognitive functions seem to be enhanced by this chemical. No other psychedelic has ever been like this - so visual, yet so easy on the mind. This chemical is similar in many ways to 2C-P, but far more refined. I feel very mentally centered here and believe it would be difficult to have a bad trip on this compound (beyond say, physical reactions) as the mental state is so calm and peaceful.

[T+06:45] 06:10 (approximately) - insuffliated another 1-2 mg (probably not the best idea), but feel very comfortable with the mental effects of the chemical to do so. Physically, seems to be a bit of stress (mild vasoconstriction maybe?), though isn't too bad.

[T+07:06] 06:31 - Seen perhaps the most breathtaking visual effects seen by any drug. Hopefully I can articulate this better when i'm not so immersed.

[T+07:32] 06:57 - Visually this is a different league, though am a little concerned about some of the mild physical issues, suggesting perhaps vasoconstriction. May be occurring. At any rate, it feels that snorting DOC has enhanced the negative body sensations that have made this a concern.

[T+07:39] 07:04 - oh wait?!? I think the confusion aspect to the trip appears as though it is about to start. Its felt so clear headed up to now. I keep losing where I am in the tasks i'm doing. This is a similar effect to what I get when in conversations on LSD.

[T+08:01] 07:26 - This stuff is really starting to show its depth. the visuals appear to trigger thought cascades - for example, I have never seen such a visual representation of equilibrium in nature at all of the scales from micro/bacterial scale to animal scale. Truely astonishing how this compound appears to be adding layers of complexity to what seemed at first to be fairly straightforward and clear headed starting point.

[T+08:23] 07:48 - the body discomfort issues have eased somewhat now.

[T+08:32] 07:57 - Body discomfort issues have returned.

[T+08:36] 08:01 - I have come to the realisation that in researching this compound I couldn't find any LD50 data in any mammals. It truely is an unknown. Kinda terrifying, but I guess this goes with the territory with tasting such exotic compounds. No one really knows for sure what the parameters are with any given compound.

[T+08:41] 08:06 - The effects of this compound are VERY STRONG! Make no mistake there (Very strong +++). In terms of psychedelic effects, I don't think i've taken anything this strong before.

[T+08:45] 08:10 - This certainly feels to have some depth to it now, and I feel I am able to lose myself in some very interesing thought-loops. Its quite fun, and relaxing.

[T+09:02] 08:27 - Visually there is absolutely nothing to compare to the shear beauty and complexity of the visuals that I have experienced with this compound.

[T+09:03] 08:28 - Pulse rate 70-75, this is surprisingly low - would have imagined, given the circumstances, would have expected it to be quite a bit higher than this...

[T+09:11] 08:36 - I'm pretty wasted, definitely an intense compound, let there be no doubt about that... if your looking for intensity, this won't let you down...Vasoconstriction appeared to disappear.

Trip pretty much continued in this vein, with moments of deep thought (some of the thoughts were pretty deep, but less so than with 2C-P, and seemed to be more linked to visuals, rather than being independent), and some very interesting visuals. The insufflated doses were like spikes which seemed to decay within about 4-5 hours onto the main trip plateau. The strength of the trip was surprisingly consistent. One thing I found interesting was hypersensitivity to moods. Not sure whether this was because I've been feeling a bit down recently (see prelude at top), but listening to stunning trance records almost brought a tear to my eye.

[T+12:55] 12:20 - Ketamine was dosed in 3 approximately 30mg bumps, over the next 40 minutes. This kicked the visuals up a fair bit, though at this stage there were few phases of deep thought. The DOC seemed to be slowly wearing down at this stage, but the K appeared to arrest the decline somewhat. Some Piracetam (I think 1600mg) was taken late afternoon (around 17:00-18:00), though this did absolutely nothing detectable, positive or negative. The strength of the trip continued to decline, but felt very good throughout. Stimulation was definitely present, but not too uncomfortable. Visuals were still quite complex until into the evening, and was still a ++ by around 20:00.

[T+20:25] 20:00 - Started to consume some alcohol. Had some things to do Monday, and was hoping for some

sleep at some stage. The alcohol didn't do much, but ended up drinking 7-8 tins of beer. On reflection, that was a lot, but no hangover was present the next day. Trip continued to decline to a + when I went to bed at around 00:30, having tripped for around 25 hours. The alcohol appeared to interfere with memory recall of some aspects of the trip.

[T+25:05] 00:30 - Bed.

Around 12:00 [T+36:35] Awoke feeling kinda spacy, but fine.

After effects. I couldn't determine whether a comedown was present from this, as I was feeling pretty low in the earlier part of the week, and wouldn't have been detectable above that background. Did feel exhausted Monday and Tuesday which I put down to sleep deprivation. I also seemed to have a small virus, which hasn't done much (I suspect this is stress related).

Wow! This is a very strange compound. I've never taken something which has such strong visuals (almost experienced points of sensory overload - many of the visuals were among the most beautiful and complex I've ever seen), yet felt so clear headed. I could have worked on my project or processed data in this state. It felt like an incredibly refined version of 2C-P (which, to be fair, is pretty damn refined). Almost felt like my abilities were enhanced slightly infact by DOC. One of the more surprising aspects was the extreme sharpness in emotion, which greatly exceeded that experienced with 2C-P. For example, reading a post on the Psychedelic taking a poop thread had me laughing hard for 10-15 minutes! Other times, I was almost in tears. The vasoconstriction was an issue, but was only present for a short while after insufflating doses, and may well have been imagined. All in all well worth experiencing if you can obtain it. Its effects profile is so unique! Can't wait to trial it again. Be warned though, your in for a long experience with this one.

I wonder what the compounds potential would be for generating ++++ experiences would be. Unfortunately, I wasn't in the best headspace when I took this (a lot of stresses in my life, though starting to resolve themselves now), and was feeling a little low, so I think this impacted the trip a little, and therefore didn't get the most from the trip. Also, would be better to start it early in the day. Times like this I wished I had a partner - could be very interesting to explore this with them, making a day of it. I felt somewhat social, but didn't have the confidence to venture out on this chemical alone.

Definitely excited to try again, but will need to wait until I'm less busy, due to the long duration of the substance.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 91740
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29
Published: Aug 21, 2011Views: 15,431
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