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Unbelievably Rad
Cocaine, MDMA (Ecstasy), Cannabis, Tobacco & Quetiapine
by Bateman
Citation:   Bateman. "Unbelievably Rad: An Experience with Cocaine, MDMA (Ecstasy), Cannabis, Tobacco & Quetiapine (exp91761)". Dec 13, 2019.

T+ 0:00
187.5 mg inhaled Cocaine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00 187.5 mg inhaled MDMA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:15 75 mg inhaled Cocaine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:15 75 mg inhaled MDMA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:50 37 mg inhaled Cocaine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:50 37 mg inhaled MDMA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:40 100 mg inhaled Cocaine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:40 100 mg inhaled MDMA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:45 100 mg inhaled Cocaine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:45 100 mg inhaled MDMA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:45 .5 joints/cigs inhaled Tobacco - Cigarettes (plant material)
  T+ 2:25 .5 joints/cigs inhaled Tobacco - Cigarettes (plant material)
  T+ 2:35 225 mg inhaled MDMA (powder / crystals)


Backround Information:
I am an avid Cannabis user (1-6 times daily). I have a medium cannabinoid tolerance as I just finished a 5 day tolerance break after months of non-stop vaping. I have a fairly wide range of psychoactive experience, including Cocaine (Snorted and Smoked), Cannabis, Methamphetamine, MDxx, a wide array of pharmaceutical Opiates, Benzos, Psilocybin Mushrooms, a number of Alexander Shulgin’s research chemicals such as 2C-B and 2C-I, Dextromethorphan, 5-me0-DiPT, LSD, Mescaline, Amphetamine, Dextroamphetamine, Lysdextroamphetamine, Heroin, Salvia, Nitrous, Whippets, AMT, and TMA-6. My ‘Drugs of Choice’ are MDxx, Cocaine, LSD, and Mescaline.

I have not used any form of any hard drug in over 30 days prior to this experience. My stomach contents were minimal, and I have been pre-loading for the last 10 days with all sorts of vitamins and 5-HTP (Which was last taken 24 hours before dosing). I am not prescribed any form of SSRI or MAOI. I also took my (OTC) allergy medication this morning around 9:30 AM.
The city that I live in has a curfew for minors starting at 10:30 PM.

Experience Report:
So today I received a call from a very reliable source/friend, who we will refer to as ‘E’, who told me he had a new concoction he wanted me to sample. He said he would give me a good deal on the price and hook it up fat, so of course I agreed. He drove over to my house, and pulled out 45 Ecstasy pills (3 different presses; 15 of each pill; Pills were all previously tested with the reagents Marquis, Mecke, and Simmons and came up clean as MDxx), 3.5 Grams of MDMA (MolliE), and 3.5 Grams of decent quality Cocaine. He explained to me “So check this out. We’re going to crush up all of these bezels and mix it in one fat bag with this MolliE and this Yayo. Then we can start slanging gram bags of this shit, it will be super fucking rad I gurantee. Are you down?” I agreed and proceeded to get my Ped Egg foot file and we began grinding. After about 30 minutes of grinding pills, chatting, and listening to the new Grieves record, we mixed all of the substances together and weighed out 1.5 Grams of this concoction. The entire experience happened in the privacy of my home, except for 2 cigarette breaks and a walk which took place outside my house/in my neighborhood.

Note: For the following report, define a ‘Line’ as a .15g line of the Cocaine/MDMA mixture and a ‘bump’ as a .075g insufflation.

Initial Dose: 12:30 AM
+ 0:00 – I snort 2 lines and 1 bump.

+ 0:05 – Onset/Initial rush is apparent. Very pleasant. Texting speed doubles. The effects feel like mostly those of Cocaine, most likely due to the onset time of MDxx being far longer than that of Cocaine.

+ 0:15 – I snort 1 more line. Feeling the effects of the Cocaine (Increased energy, jitters, talkative, yayo-euphoria) very strong at this point, but with a slightly introspective edge to them from the MDxx beginning to come on. Conversation flows beautifully, but is noticeably more emotional (and enjoyable, for that matter) than how it normally feels while on Coke alone.

+ 0:30 – MDxx is kicking in fiercely. ‘E’ described how he felt as “Fucking unbelievably rugged in the best way possible”. Nystagmus; Sweating; (Almost) overwhelming euphoria; Eyes extremely dilated;

+ 0:50 – Both ‘E’ and I rail 1 bump. Almost instant head rush, feeling incredible. The coke seems to compliment the MDxx in a similar way as Amphetamine does when mixed in an Ecstasy pill with MDxx.

+ 1:00 - ‘E’ returns to his house. Music sounds absolutely incredible. Music Euphoria is extremely profound. Upon ‘E’s leaving, I decide that I want to make this report.

+ 1:10 – Effects remain consistently intense and amazingly pleasant. No diminish in the high whatsoever. There is a very intense and almost distracting (but not necessarily in a negative way) visual and auditory change in perception. A sudden wave of a feeling similar to being “Coked Up” hit me and I had an uncontrollable urge to extensively clean my house.

+ 1:15 – The idea of writing an experience report washes over me, and I am immediately drawn towards my computer. I log into my Skype account and receive a call from a pretty lady, who among seeing my face, broke out in laughter as she told me that “[I] don’t look fucked up in the sense of being intoxicated, [I] just look fucking distraught. It is almost creepy, [I] look unbelievably unhealthy and very wide-eyed.

+ 1:25 – Still no sense of coming down at all, not even from the coke. I am feeling incredible. Possible the best “Roll” (If you consider it that) I have ever had, by far the best experience I have ever had involving coke. My mouth feels incredibly dry. Eating feels possible, but is definitely not something I plan on doing anytime soon.

+ 1:40 – I decide that I want to take one more line. This line is slightly bigger, maybe .2g. It felt as if the “Super E Magic Super Bomb” (as referred to by ‘E’) went straight into the back of my throat, and I almost gagged on the stupid amounts of disgust that overwhelmed me once I tasted such a powerful line of chemical. Typing feels extremely satisfying. When I try and speak aloud, my voice sounds very shy and different. It doesn’t sound like I am under the influence specifically, but any semi-close friend or family member would definitely notice if they were to call me on the phone.

+ 1:45 – 1 more line is snorted. This one is also a little bit closer to .2g. My ladyfriend (we will call her T), arrives. I finish cleaning my desk, and then we step outside to share a cigarette. As soon as I get out of my chair, I smash my toe into the corner of my bed and it really fucking hurt. Shit sucked. Summer night air is very refreshing. Nicotine buzz overwhelms me and I fall to the floor.

+ 2:00 – We return inside after finishing what was left of the cigarette. Kissing feels incredible passionate. Orgasm took noticeably longer to achieve but was earthshakingly wild. The line that was snorted in the entry below seems to have intensified the high slightly. Definitely tastes disgusting as it drips into my throat. Water tastes fucking disgusting.

+ 2:25 – A sudden wave of heat and dehydration come over me and I’m forced to open a window and sit down for fresh air. My heart is beating at a substantially quicker rate than normal, yet not fast enough for any anxiety to set in.
My heart is beating at a substantially quicker rate than normal, yet not fast enough for any anxiety to set in.
T suggested that we go smoke another cigarette and go for a walk. It being a clear, refreshing summer night, I agreed. Walking outside is an extremely pleasant change of pace from racing around my room. Breathing feels deep and relaxing. The cigarette we shared felt as smooth as oxygen upon inhalation, whereas normally it is extremely harsh and often times painful. At one point, I asked T for the lighter to relight the stogie because I could not feel the smoke at all and I for some reason thought that it wasn’t hitting even though it was hitting, and I was dragging it super hard.

+ 2:35 – 3 more lines are snorted. T looks stunningly beautiful tonight under the moonlight. There is very little light pollution, leaving the stars perfect for viewing.

+ 2:50 – As T and I walk back to my house, we see the flashing lights of a police car. The words ‘Holy fucking shit my life is over’ immediately took over all of my thoughts. I began to panic, as It was very clear that there was something wrong with me and I was sure that the cop would notice right away and arrest me. He asks us “Where are you kids going this late?” and T proceeds to explain to him that “Our parents are in the middle of their divorce and they were fighting so we decided to walk to my Uncles house for the night so we don’t have to hear them yell and cry and fight. Our Uncle lives right up the road”. The officer tells us to “Hurry up and get there” because “it’s dangerous for kids to be out this late”. He let us go, and with a sigh of relief we made it back to my house.

+ 3:10 – T asks if we can use my Vaporizer and vape a bowl or two, I agree and we proceed to smoke 2 bowls of extremely high grade, medicinal Cannabis (White Russian; Sativa-Dominant Hybrid).

+ 3:25 – T and I finish our Vaporization session. T demonstrates all of the stereotypical physical effects of being ‘Stoned’ (Red Eyes, Saggy Face, Flushing of Skin, Droopy eyes). I vaporized double the amount of bud that T had used, yet I show absolutely no appearance of being under the influence of Cannabis. Despite this, I am feeling extremely stoned. The Cannabis adds a significant level of weirdness. I witnessed an extreme amount of Close Eyed Visuals, while also viewing the visual distortions/patterns caused by the Cannabis.

+ 3:40 – T and I decide to go lay down on my bed. As we begin to cuddle up together, a very intense body high hits me. This has definitely been the most interesting and revitalizing night with uppers that I have ever been lucky enough to endure. The intensity/prominence of the high seems to be staying relatively calm instead of the standard fluctuation of intoxication accompanied by MDxx.

+ 6:30 – After laying down on my bed with T for almost 3 hours, the rush/jitteriness from the cocaine wore off. I could definitely feel how drained my body was, but the MDxx was still taking some effect, thus making the comedown from the coke very bearable.

+ 8:25 – The effects from the MDxx are definitely beginning to diminish. Coming down semi-hard in comparison to how amazing I have felt for the last 8 hours, yet it is still only slightly worse than the comedown of a low-medium dose of Ebomb. Still manageable, and very much worth it after the mind-blowingly awesome high I just had.

+ 16:05 – I wake up in my bed, extremely hungover (On a scale of 1-10, 0 being Tobacco, 1 being Cannabis, 7 being Alcohol and 10 being Methamphetamine, I was feeling around a 5). Body temperature feels low. I take a shower and smoke a cigarette while I take a brisk walk, and I begin to feel slightly better. I take a dose of Seroquel and fall asleep.

+ 29:00 – After sleeping for about 13 hours, I wake up feeling relatively normal. I take 100mg of 5-HTP, eat a bowl of corn pops and walk to work. Eating is still slightly difficult. Appetite is there, but isn’t quite up to par. My pupils are regulated, but I still have my Thizz Face on. My co-workers ask what I did last night, and I replied with “I had a long night of partying”. One of my co-workers, P, replies “Dog, you look totally gone. You need some sleep son.”

+ 50:00 – The following night, a deep wave of depression takes over me. A moderately severe case of the ‘Tuesday Blues’. I fall asleep.

+ 57:00 – Feeling normal again. Normal mood. Eating patterns are normal, everything is just how it should be.

All in all, my experience with mixing Cannabis, MDxx, Cocaine, Tobacco, and Seroquel was phenomenal in nearly every single way. The Cannabis definitely amplified the experience in an extremely positive manner. Despite minor heart palpitations and 1 instance of a sudden rise in body temperature, at no point in the experience did I feel the ever-so-common feeling of anxiety or fear of an overdose/health complication that everyone else who I have talked to about combining these substances has reported. Great experience.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 91761
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 15 
Published: Dec 13, 2019Views: 1,681
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MDMA (3), Cocaine (13) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Hangover / Days After (46), Sex Discussion (14), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3)

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