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Riding Waves of Electricity
by macrowave
Citation:   macrowave. "Riding Waves of Electricity: An Experience with Cannabis (exp91780)". Jul 9, 2019.

1 bowl smoked Cannabis


I am a regular smoker-- I smoke a bowl or two every couple of days. Because of this, I was not expecting such an intense, almost unbearable high when I smoked a bowl last night to facilitate sleep.

I smoked in the bathroom, with the shower on so no one would be able to smell it. My highs lately hadn’t been doing much for me due to THC tolerance, so I made sure to breathe each hit deep into my lungs. I wasn’t keeping track of how many hits I’d taken, but I noticed something very strange about my surroundings that I’d never noticed before about halfway through the bowl. This was not the usual distortion I experience while high; it was much more blurry and…I don’t know, it just felt a lot different. My pipe looked enormous. I decided I was too high to smoke the entire thing.

I barely made it back to my room, and quickly checked the clock when I did (I always enjoy the surprise of time dilation). Only ten minutes had passed.

When I am high, I always become paranoid that I’ve burnt some eyelashes or part of my eyebrow off, so I checked the mirror. I spent five whole minutes looking into it, and still couldn’t decide whether I’d singed anything or not. I then became distracted by just how red my eyes were. I saw the rivers of blood and their tributaries running over my eyes. I found this beautiful, and laid back in my bed and closed my eyes, smiling about it.

All of a sudden, this tidal wave of electricity began to run through my body, like a wheel of fortune, spinning slowly until the wave was constant, moving from head to toe. I jumped up. “What the fuck was that?!” I asked myself. I realized that I hadn’t even let the whole wave cover me. After I’d worked up a little courage, I closed my eyes again. I felt the tiny waves coming in with the tide, and washing away from me ever so slightly. It felt like marrow was being stolen from my bones—- like I was the ocean, attempting to hang onto the cliffs just a little bit longer. Then, I felt the beginning of the climax of larger waves. It really was like someone was spinning a wheel and I was inside of it. They kept increasing, and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to handle it.

Though I was extremely uncomfortable, I kept my eyes closed for experience’s sake. I was breathing very rapidly, and as the most intense wave washed over me, my breathing stopped and I thought my heart might beat itself to death. This “wave” experience was akin to having an orgasm, but less pleasurable.
This “wave” experience was akin to having an orgasm, but less pleasurable.
It's hard to articulate the strength of this wave orgasm, but it really was overwhelming. I felt like screaming, but I knew the waves would go away only when they felt like it.

I began to worry about my eyelashes again, though a tiny voice was saying, “you’re stupid, you don’t need to check again”. I could barely sit up without feeling nauseous, but I eventually found the mirror. I laid back again and held the mirror above me. I couldn’t decide whether I was pretty or not. I began assessing my appearance, inspecting my face and body for flaws.

This is the weirdest part about the high. The nonsense word “umph” kept running through my head in place of other words, and it was really hard to refrain from laughing about it. My internal speaker sounded like it was mumbling “youmaybeumphbutmaybeumphly” and it kept doing that for the ten minutes or so that I examined myself. In fact, there was more than one speaker, and they were all telling me different things in this nonsense language. I think I finally concluded that it was my red, squinty eyes that were making me look ugly.

As soon as I stopped concentrating on any task, the sensation of being electrocuted would come over me. I wanted to get up and go on the internet so I could talk to anyone at all. Being alone was almost scary, and I really wished I had someone next to me to at least calm me down.

I got up, and my legs were shaking and bursting with electricity. I noticed the time. Only twenty minutes had passed. As I reached for the doorknob, I almost fell over. I knew that I’d have to be bed-ridden until I started to come down a little. I became lost in my thoughts. I wondered if I was this high every time I was high and just never felt it because being around other people took some of the weight off of me.

“Umph umph umph no umph you have never umph been this umph high,” said the voice.

I sat on my bed with my head between my legs, wishing the sensations would weaken, making it a fun high instead of a confining high. Though I wasn’t particularly enjoying myself, it’s not that I didn’t find what I was feeling interesting. I thought it was great. It was like seeing the world again. It was just that I was taking in a lot more than I was used to.

When I could finally function, I was too tired to go downstairs. I was also hungry, and took solace in the munchies, one of the only familiar things about this high. I ate leftover popcorn and three granola bars. They tasted like candy. I remember watching a TV show, but couldn’t follow the plot. I also recognized the amplification of taste and overall bleariness, which made me feel a little better. I was now coming down, but I still felt as high as I usually feel when I smoke.

The high wore off nearly completely after the show. I got ready for bed, and then slept perfectly, getting to bed at 10:40 pm, when my goal had been 11. When I woke up this morning, I felt radiant. I have certainly never been so high in my life, and though I would hate to be that high every time I smoke, I’m still really glad I experienced it. I might like to again at some point, under better circumstances. I think the weed gods may have been making up for my unimpressive first time.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 91780
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Jul 9, 2019Views: 1,208
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Cannabis (1) : General (1), Alone (16)

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