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Way Too Psychedelic Nothing Like Weed
Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids ('K2 Super Kush')
by ohsweetmaryjane
Citation:   ohsweetmaryjane. "Way Too Psychedelic Nothing Like Weed: An Experience with Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids ('K2 Super Kush') (exp91900)". Jul 13, 2011.

  smoked Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids


So I'd been hearing about K2 for several months, with mixed experiences being reported. My boyfriend smokes it regularly, and finally I decided to try it. Let me say that before the K2, I hadn't used any drugs -- no marijuana, no pills, nothing -- for ten years. I guess curiosity killed the cat in my situation.

The first time I smoked it, I stupidly took like six hits off a joint. I was thinking that K2 was like marijuana, and boy, was I wrong. Within about five minutes, I felt like I got hit with a mack truck of K2. I didn't want to stand, my balance/equilibrium were WAY off. On the other hand, everything seemed hysterically funny and I couldn't stop laughing. I got the munchies like I used to when I smoked marijuana, but eating unfortunately wasn't as enjoyable as it was then.

I was definitely expecting a marijuana-like effect, but what I got was much different. K2 really caused a disconnect between me and my body. I would go to sit down and feel as if I was unaware of the position of my body in relation to the chair. Touching my face was an unfamiliar experience; it was as if I wasn't touching my own face, because my nerves in my face seemed somehow numb. I felt as if I were living in small, isolated movies....for example, I would try to find my hairbrush in my bag and it was like an intense mission that felt like it took hours. During those 'movies', all other noise would be blocked out or at least dulled to the point that I wasn't paying attention to it at all.

There is also some pretty intense paranoia associated with smoking K2, at least for me, and even at smaller doses such as just two hits. Now, keep in mind that K2 is legal in my state....doesn't matter. I was hallucinating that cop cars were following us, and hearing people whisper in my ear that weren't there. I guess everyone's experience would be different and in line with your basic personality, but for me, the hallucinations I experienced were basically all associated with paranoia. My sense of hearing was heightened, which would have been kind of cool if I hadn't been so paranoid.

The absolute worst part about smoking K2, for me at least, is the long-lasting aftereffects. Right now as I write this, I haven't smoked K2 for almost twenty-four hours (and the last time I smoked it was ONE hit). I still feel a severe disconnect between me and my body. I am unsure while walking where my feet are going to land. If my cats are around, I could almost trip over them because I don't know where to walk.

Now what I will say is that I have smoked it with two other people, and neither of them have had these kinds of experiences. Neither of them got paranoid after the first time they smoked it. Neither of them are so debilitated by its effects the next day. I am suspecting that K2 simply doesn't agree with my body, for whatever reason.

Oh, one more thing! The only POSITIVE effect I experienced from K2 was heightened sexual pleasure immediately after smoking it. I could almost compare it to ecstasy in this respect. My orgasms last significantly longer, and the emotional connection is deeply intensified. Amazing, and if I do smoke it again, this will be why.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 91900
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: Jul 13, 2011Views: 19,740
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