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My Psilly Week
Citation:   takeone. "My Psilly Week: An Experience with Psilocin (exp91903)". Mar 12, 2012.

T+ 0:00
10 mg oral Psilocin (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00 10 mg oral Psilocin (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:00 10 mg oral Psilocin (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00 15 mg oral Psilocin (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:40 15 mg oral Psilocin (powder / crystals)
  T+ 4:45 15 mg oral Psilocin (powder / crystals)
I was able to procure 100mg of 4-HO-DMT freebase recently. I have had many experiences with mushrooms in the past, and found them to be my favorite drug besides cannabis. The last time I had mushrooms was approximately 7 months ago. I purchased the Psilocin with the intent to push myself to the limits of the drug. I found a good friend to share the experience with. Since neither of us had tried the substance before, we decided to test a threshold dose.

Wednesday night – 10mg – I decided to try a threshold dose of the drug. I take 10mg dissolved in water at 6pm.

+00:20: I can feel the first effects. There is a slight body buzz. I am surprised that I can feel anything so soon. I find mushrooms take almost an hour to start. My friend and I decide to watch a movie. It is dinner time and I eat my porterhouse steak.

+00:30: The body effect continues to grow. I also feel a slight nausea. I am one of the people that mushrooms does not upset their stomach. I only get through the filet side of the steak when I decide I will finish it later. I move to the couch and try to get comfortable.

+00:45: The body effect becomes somewhat unpleasant. It has continued to build strength. I feel it now in my neck, shoulders, and chest. When I put my arms above my head it seems to relieve most of the pressure. We are still watching the movie but its not really keeping my attention.

+01:00: I grow tired of the body buzz. We pause the movie and go outside for a short walk. My cheeks feel numb as though I had been drinking liquor. Being outside instantly makes me feel better. By the time we get back from the walk, the body buzz has disappeared.

+01:20-2:30: After the nausea and body buzz went away, it was a very pleasant experience. I sat back down on the couch and felt very loose and wavy. I now felt like I had taken mushrooms. The movie held my attention, and I felt very euphoric. I am a big guy and did not expect heavy intoxication with this dose. There were slight changes in perception, but colors or patterns. There were however closed eye visuals. The buzz wore off very smoothly and I had no problems sleeping that night.

Friday night – 20mg – 1g cannasbis – The plans I had for the night fell through early, and since I had nothing to do, I decided to trip again. This time I would double the dose to find my visual threshold. I take 10mg dissolved in water at 8pm.

+00:20: I can feel the body buzz starting again. A friend calls me on skype and we decide to play sega over the internet. I walk him through the setup of the software, but he has a problem setting up his PS3 controller. I start to feel unease in my stomach. I bring the laptop in the office to watch a movie while he sets up.

+00:40: We finally get the game setup. I can feel the same unpleasant feeling coming on again. I found that laughing seemed to make me feel better, and thankfully I was watching the 40 Year Old Virgin. The game is very entertaining, and I start thinking about taking my other dose.

+01:00: The experience is pleasant, and I feel no more adverse body effects. I take my other 10mg dissolved in water. I wonder if I will get a whole another of upset stomach.

+01:30: I feel a slight nausea, but nothing like the first dose. The game locked up. The stuck 16-bit sound really bothers me. I turn down the speakers and can notice stronger effects now. There are slight colors on the wall behind the monitor. The screen and keys on my cell phone look different. The hair on my cats looks different as well. I wander the house for a bit, then sit back down at the computer. My friend and I begin talking about strange things. I am in a very good mood.

+02:30: I feel very unattached to time. I cant belive it is only 10:30. The last hour has mentally exhausted me. Laughter feels very good. I can feel the effects tapering off now. My mind has been going a mile a minute, and now things are starting to slow down again. I am pleased with this dose, but I know I could do more safely. I am still doing a lot of double takes, but the colors and patterns are gone. We decide to play one more game before bed.

+04:00: It is midnight and time for bed. I still feel the effects slightly. As soon as I hang up with my friend, I realize I am alone. It is a change as I had been talking to him for 4 hours. I lay down in bed and watch TV for a while. I don’t think I went to sleep until almost 1am.

Saturday – 45mg – 2g cannabis – My friend had to work Saturday morning, so I get to sleep in. I don’t get up until noon, and we had planned to trip at 3pm. I take a short bike ride to wake up and prepare myself. 3pm finally rolls around, and we decide a nice walk to the park is in order. I take 15mg and he takes 10mg, both dissolved in water. He is half my size.

+00:20: Its 3pm and hot out. Forecast for the day, Partly Cloudy and 93F. We have to stop by a friends house on the way to the park. We smoke 2 bong loads of cannabis, but my friend and I share a look that says.. “Lets go”. We are back to walking. Neither of us notice anything yet.

+00:40: We make it to the park. I just got a phone call from a friend, but we didn’t seem to be able to communicate. I end up hanging up on him. There is a lot to look at, but I am most pleased with the fact that I do not have any upset stomach or negative body buzz. Colors are bright and the walk is enjoyable. We are both glad we brought water because the heat is intense.

+01:20: Headed back from the park now. I feel the wavy feeling I expect from mushrooms. When the sun goes behind a cloud, it makes all the difference in the walk. It takes me a while to realize that this is happening. I just notice I am not sweating, and then I am sweating profusely. Everything gets visibly darker when the sun disappears behind a cloud.

+01:40: We make it back to my house. The last 20 minutes, both of us have been yawning uncontrollably. When I sit down I can feel a slight body roll, but the air conditioning is what really makes the difference. I decide to take another 15mg dissolved in water. My friend decides not to redoes. We decide to play a video game.

+02:20: I can feel heavy intoxication at this point. I am not doing well in the game, and we decide we are going watch a movie instead. When I sit back, I can barely keep my eyes on the screen. The walls are very colorful on each side of the monitor, and its very distracting. The pattern of light the fan blades casts starts to bother me, so I turn off the light. My white walls are now very colorful, but I start to feel the nausea of the 2nd dose. Luckily, even though we are not watching a funny movie, we are dying with laughter. The nausea quickly subsides.

+03:00: I am still tripping very hard. I do not feel much as far as meaningful internal dialogue goes. I making connections my sober mind would not make. Some amuse me, and others get disregarded. As I had seen the movie before, I get up and make myself a plate of food and a drink. I smoke a bowl of cannabis and return to making our own version of “Mystery Science Theatre”. The visuals are dying off a bit, but still very present. When I close my eyes I can see very clear patterns and colors. The ceiling looks like it is bowed in. I am starting to feel physically tired from laughing so much.

+04:00: The movie is over, and the effects have continued to die down. My friend seems to getting towards sober, as he is telling me how intense his visuals were while walking. I ask him what he wants to do now, and he suggests another movie. I feel very warm and friendly at this point. The intense visuals have stopped, and now my mind is acting silly. The 2nd movie doesn’t make us laugh at all (but it was a much better movie, we picked apart the first for being so bad).

+04:45: My friend leaves to go bowling. He thanks me for the trip but says it was more intense then he was expecting. The whole 2nd movie I was thinking about how I didn’t get a very “spiritual” trip. I decided when he leaves, I would take another 15mg, and I did.

+05:30-sleep: The 3rd dose did not do what I expected it to do. I walked to the store and grabbed some chocolate, then came back and layed down in bed. My intention was to lay in the dark, listening to ambient music, and float away, getting the deep internal journey I wanted. As I lay there, my mind became very distracted. My mind was working very quickly, but I did not want to close my eyes. I did not want to move either. As I laid there, a few scattered childhood memories came back. I was consumed with a strong urge to call my mother, just to tell her I loved her. I don’t know if it was exhaustion or the amount of drugs I had consumed in the last few days, but I could not seem to get the powerful psychological effect I was after. My mind floated from subject to subject for a while before I became bored. I was unable to sleep so I turned on the TV. I do not remember any intense visuals during this period. I stayed up way later than I intended. The experience was not bad, just not what I was looking for.

Notes.. The stuff tasted awful. You definitely want to take it with something to mask the taste. It hits much quicker than mushrooms. Taken orally I could feel effects in 20min. The onset is very steep. When the effects start they continue to build strength very quickly. I did not notice a difference on a full and empty stomach. The first hour gave me a body high I never got on mushrooms. It was not very enjoyable (I almost compare it to oxycodone), but I found exercise (or heavy laughter) nulled the bad effects. The visuals were stronger than any I have had on mushrooms. This could be because of the dose. I was using the ratio 10mg:1/8th of mushrooms. I usually eat 7grams of dried mushrooms. The difference between the 2 is obvious but hard to explain. I did not feel as connected with myself as I do on mushrooms. This could be because of the lack of alkaloids found in actual mushrooms. All the trips were very clear and I got no bad vibes other than the physical buzz. Overall it was a very good time, I just wish I had been able to take more away from it.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 91903
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27
Published: Mar 12, 2012Views: 10,529
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Psilocin (388) : Multi-Day Experience (13), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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