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A Day in The Sun
LSD & Cannabis
by nndmtismygod
Citation:   nndmtismygod. "A Day in The Sun: An Experience with LSD & Cannabis (exp91934)". May 26, 2021.

1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
    repeated smoked Cannabis  


A Day with LSD in The Sun

I am a 18 year old male who has been smoking marijuana almost every other day for three years. I have done LSD four times, phenethylamines (2C-I, 2C-E) ten times, mushrooms five times, MDMA four times, N,N-DMT about 25 times, vyvanse twice, and mephedrone once. I would say I have good experience with psychedelics; I believe I have had ego death once before, while on a high dose of LSD. I am moderately physically fit and run irregularly.

My friend, we'll call him O, had never tried LSD, but had done marijuana, mushrooms, and N,N-DMT before. We obtained two hits of high potency LSD and planned to meet in the morning of the next day.

0:00 At 10:00am, we each took one hit and wait for a while in the sun. We eventually started skateboarding at a elementary school park.

0:50 I had eaten more food for breakfast than my friend, and I was feeling euphoric while skating, while O was describing his open eye visuals.

1:30 Two more friends of mine arrived at the park, we'll call them C and T, and I start to feel the first wave of the acid. We start to walk to C's house because we can't drive while tripping. The walk felt insanely long and the rocks in the cement on the ground started to dance around. It was an extremely hot Texas day and I was seeing crazy heat waves. O is tripping very hard as well.

2:00 At 12:00pm, we arrive at C's house and we walk into his living room where he has a large television. He turns on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, a show I usually watch, but I could not understand it at the time. The carpet started to form faces and persian carpet fractals. O was deep into strong visuals he saw in the carpet. A Wendy's commercial came on and O and I both felt disgusted. We got out of the room and our friends went to smoke a bowl while we just watched. We did not want to mix the marijuana high into the acid trip until later.

2:45 We begin to play video games and it feels really strange on acid. At many times I zoned out into the visuals from the screen, and video games felt extremely strange. I began to think about why people play these games, why do people do anything for fun, and why people exist. The only interruptions to these thoughts were the conversations with my friends. O is still tripping hard.

3:00 Around 1pm, C and T went outside near C's pool to smoke out of the bong while we watched. It was getting extremely hot and watching dragonfiles land on the water created ripples that seemed strangely intensified and crisp like sinusoidal waves.

3:30 O and I decided to smoke one bowl out of his amazing bubbler.

3:45 For the first time ever while on LSD, marijuana actually made me stoned as well as tripping. Whenever I had done so before, it only changed my trip into a more introvertive with strong mentally fueled CEVs. O said he was just tripping really hard and did not feel stoned.

3:55 T says he has to leave now, and C tells everyone to leave. Walking outside makes the high much more noticeable as O and I begin our walk back to the park. We were walking through allyways, and seemed to be acting very sketchy whenever we saw someone. I laughed at the fact that we were obviously intoxicated on hallucinogens, but no one would ever think that.

4:30 We arrive at the park and call another friend, we'll call him R, to chill at his house; we can go over but we are incapable of driving at this point. We decide to sit under a tree very near by a major neighborhood road.

4:35 Around this time, the strangest thing happened to me and although I will try my best to explain it, I never will be able to fully explain it. I watch a car pass by on the street, but I lost all ability to control my focus on my vision. As my eyes seemed to start to cross and make double images I felt warped out of normal reality.
I lost all ability to control my focus on my vision. As my eyes seemed to start to cross and make double images I felt warped out of normal reality.
I had a strong overwhelming sense that my consciousness fell into a warp hole to another dimension. I did not want to look away because my vision resembled 'Datamoshing'. The second I turned my head a slight degree, my vision came back to completely normal. 'Woah!' I exclaimed. I tried to explain what I just saw but I could not make sense of what I just saw.

4:40 We kept talking about how we could get a ride, and all the sudden I felt a strong urge that I could easily drive. Acid gives me a strong feeling of empowerment usually. We get in my car and then all the sudden I lose myself in my trip; it becomes extremely apparent to both of us that neither of us can drive. I turned the A/C in my car anyways and we sat in there.

4:45 I feel like I'm on a rollercoaster in my car and get the urge to move to a new location. We sit around outside aimlessly again.

4:50 I pull myself together and focus hard on trying to drive to R's house, so I take us for a test drive in the parking lot. I feel myself spacing out and not focusing while driving so I park and wait some more.

5:00 I start to drive again, this time I go straight on to the main neighborhood and I find myself in disbelief I am actually driving. By looking directly straight in front of me at the lines on the road, I made sure to slowly drive straight in the lane. Once I finally got up to the light out of the neighborhood, I pulled up too far and did not notice until later. Everything seems to be taking longer while driving on acid. When we were almost to R's house, I felt like I warped into the 'datamosh' again for a second and asked O if he just felt that too. He said he had no idea what I was talking about.

5:20 We chilled at R's house, and they played video games. I was having extreme difficulty on making decisions on a project we were working on at R's house, even though I felt certain I knew what we should have done the day before.

6:00 C called us and told us we can come back over, so we have R drive my car to C's house. I felt like I was not tripping very hard at all then, and I was psyched to smoke more.

6:15 At C's house, we smoke at a lot more and when we start to use the vaporizer, O says he is starting to trip again. Whenever I closed my eyes, I would also begin to trip with the strangest CEVs I've ever had. They were extremely bright and vivid like a DMT trip, but were also fueled by my every thought like a LSD trip. I saw the name of an ex-girlfriend with bright flashing lights around it like a Las Vegas casino sign and repeated across my vision diagonally; it then proceeded to change to many other names. My vision faded away and reappeared with a buddha like figure outlined and symmetrical from top to bottom, with cursive letters from some foreign language wrapped around him. I opened my eyes and it all goes a way. The visuals were the most concrete and cartoonish CEVs I've ever had.

6:25 O is tripping extremely hard and does not want to smoke anymore, I'm starting to get the same idea, but we eventually smoke a little more as usual.

9:30 After a long exhausting day of tripping, I finally head home at 7:30pm and when I arrive home a lot of my family was there. Conversation between them was strange and tried to get away from everyone as soon as possible, in fear of them smelling the marijuana or noticing I'm high.

14:00 I try to pass right out into sleep around midnight, but when I close my eyes for an extended amount of time, I would get minimal dark CEVs and these visuals disable me from sleeping.

15:00 The CEVs eventually end, and I pass out eventually.

One should not attempt to drive on psychedelics.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 91934
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: May 26, 2021Views: 285
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Cannabis (1), LSD (2) : Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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