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Cacao Ceremony
Citation:   Sirius Alchemy. "Cacao Ceremony: An Experience with Cacao (exp91953)". Erowid.org. Oct 31, 2023. erowid.org/exp/91953

2 oz oral Cacao (edible / food)
A Guatemalan Cacao Shaman traveled through our town in Northern California, and hosted a 'Cacao Ceremony' at a high-vibe yoga studio. Roughly 30+ people attended; we all sat in a circle around the room on cushions on the floor, facing the cacao shaman & his steaming brew in the middle.

The premise of the night was that Theobroma Cacao (the unprocessed ingredient in Chocolate) can be used as a ceremonial sacrament, as an entheogen. This shaman explained the alchemical reasons for doing so. He told us, cacao is Earth. It grounds people by stimulating them while simultaneously mineralizing their tissues, bringing them into more body awareness. Thus the Water element was a key balancer, to keep in the flow. Furthermore, cayenne added the Fire element. The secret trick was in adding Air. He told us this was prayer, or intension; this is why the Mayans cherished the foam of their sacred “chocolatl” so much.

15 minutes into the experience: As we sipped our warm mugs of thick bitter brew listening to his stories, a lively buzz began to stir through the room. What this guy was saying started taking on deeper aspects, as if he was somehow psychically speaking to what other people were feeling.

“Cacao is a Heart-Opener”, the shaman leading the ceremony told us. 'The Cacao Deva (consciousness/spirit behind the form) is a potent co-operative partnership facilitator between you, your higher Self, and wherever you source guidance. Indigenous myths tell us whenever the natural balance between man and nature becomes threatened, Cacao comes from the jungle to open the Heart of man and return the planet to a state of harmony.' He told us Cacao gently opens a door, but unlike other entheogens, does not push us through to the other side. If we are ready, we can experience profound journeys through inner space for healing.

By this point (30 – 45 minutes into the ceremony), the Sikh Kundalini Yogi who founded the yoga studio was laughing uncontrollably, in a most infections way. Several people where going into “healing crisis” and the shaman was pretty much channeling exact emotional trauma they were going through. Several people where crying. He told us the Cacao Deva will assist the processing of “density” we have taken on from others. He told us if humanity was going to survive we were going to have to evolve into a more conscious culture, and that light-workers take on other’s “density” as training for dealing with what was coming in 2012.

An hour into the ceremony, the energy began to scatter. Some people where looking around with a startled look on their face like “What have I gotten myself into?” Some people where laid out on the ground with their eyes closed. Some people where chanting. One couple was making out intensely, practically practicing erotic gymnastics on top of each other. Some people where massaging others, using their hands to offer healing.

Everything was glowing, as if a white light was just about to crest behind everything. It was like I could almost see the inner radiance of matter just being condensed light holding infinite potential energy.
Everything was glowing, as if a white light was just about to crest behind everything. It was like I could almost see the inner radiance of matter just being condensed light holding infinite potential energy.
I felt like I was floating. My head felt bigger than my entire body, and I could hear a high-pitch buzzing.

When I closed my eyes I could see the Cosmos unfurling before me in geometric harmony, like a dance of energy matrices. Stars and atoms could be directly experienced as on the same scale, and I perceived my body as tubes of light, a fractal microcosm of the Universe. I could see the rainbow colors of my chakras, and some kind of blue “being” “dropped in” “from above” and cleaned my energy body with little pipe-cleaners. I felt like Buddha & Jesus Christ at the same time. For some reason, I couldn’t stop thinking about the rainforest.

On the one hand, it was like I had so much energy I could not contain it. On the other hand, I was completely relaxed and at peace. My own personal experience suggests there may be more going on chemically than is currently understood. There is something unique about Cacao. I think it might be of hyper-intelligent extraterrestrial origin. Truly the Tree of Life.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 91953
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Oct 31, 2023Views: 37
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Cacao (638) : Combinations (3), Glowing Experiences (4), Mystical Experiences (9), Nature / Outdoors (23), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Large Group (10+) (19)

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