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A Blissful Mix
Leonotis leonurus
by daggalover
Citation:   daggalover. "A Blissful Mix: An Experience with Leonotis leonurus (exp92008)". Oct 24, 2020.

3 cups oral Coffee
  2 bowls smoked Leonotis leonurus


I've been an occasional smoker (five cigars a week) for a year now. While I usually smoke cigars, I also have a marble pipe that I use for herbal smoking mixtures. My favorite herb to smoke is Dagga, which is often marketed as a mild marijuana alternative. I personally have never tried cannabis, but I can say that Dagga has some noticeable effects-- spacey thoughts, sedation, and so on.

This experiment started innocently enough. I was browsing Wikipedia when I found an article on Nag Champa, my favorite incense in the entire world. I was surprised to learn that the resin contains an MAOI, and an idea was born.

Now, I know that MAOI's mostly react with certain medications and enhance the effects of psychedelic drugs. I was curious to see if Nag Champa would have any effect on Dagga, even though as far as I know, Dagga contains no alkaloids. I also was eager to mask the smell of Dagga smoke. My wife hates it when I smoke and I often finding myself smoking while she is away on errands, only to be busted by the smell when she gets back home. I could just tell her that I burned some incense, as I often do.

The morning of the experiment I consumed three cups of coffee, as always.

My wife left to grocery shop and the kids were at the neighbor's house. I set to work chopping up a stick of Nag Champa. It has an interesting texture-- half powder, half resin. I don't have a mortar and pestle, as much as I want one, so grinding it into a powder was a little tedious.

I loaded my pipe with the usual Dagga and sprinkled about half a teaspoon of Nag Champa powder over it. I stirred it around a little to mix the substances and lit up.

First impression-- wow, the smoke tastes great! Not as good as a quality aged cigar, but much more enjoyable than Dagga by itself. Nag Champa really smells and tastes great.

I finished the bowl faster than usual, probably due to the better tasting smoke. I quickly filled another and happily puffed away.

The effects of the Dagga set in a few minutes after I finished the second bowl. My thoughts were spacey, my limbs were heavy, and I was lifted by a mild euphoria. The effects seemed slightly stronger than usual, but honestly it wasn't strong enough to conclude that placebo was not at work. Still, the smoke tasted great, and my wife didn't say a word after getting home-- it just smelt like good ol' Nag Champa.

I can't say that smoking something meant to be incense is a wise idea, but I now mix Nag Champa in with every bowl of Dagga and have noticed no ill effects.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 92008
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28 
Published: Oct 24, 2020Views: 1,150
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