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A New Experience Then Disappointment
by veekocs9
Citation:   veekocs9. "A New Experience Then Disappointment: An Experience with 4-Methylmethcathinone (exp92009)". Mar 8, 2019.

T+ 0:00
30 mg insufflated 4-Methylmethcathinone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 5:30 300 mg insufflated 4-Methylmethcathinone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 5:55 2 joints/cigs smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked 4-Methylmethcathinone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Tobacco  
  T+ 6:30 1 line insufflated 4-Methylmethcathinone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 22:00 1 cig. smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  T+ 22:00   oral Coffee (liquid)
  T+ 0:00 20 mg insufflated 4-Methylmethcathinone (powder / crystals)


I started the day out insufflating (snorting) about 30mg (at around noon), just to get myself awake and ready for the day. The only food consumed was a slice of pie a few hours earlier. This dose didn't really do much more than a normal adderall or vyvanse would do. My friend arrived at my house around 5:30PM. This will be the base time that I will refer to from now on ([t0:00]). I am currently on some Mephedrone as I type this, taking a decent amount, making me restless, and giving me cold fingers. I haven't reached the peak of light-headedness, as I'll explain later, but I have gotten to a very high point of this drug.

[0:00] As soon as my friend arrived (he will now be referred to simply as 'Bob'), we immediately measured out a line of Mephedrone to get things started. Bob was a little afraid to take large amounts, especially snorting. I approximate that I snorted around 300mg for the first dose, and took it all at once. Bob proceeded to smoke around only about 50mg (Bob is about 50lbs more than my weight).

[+0:05] Very shortly after I took the large line of Meph, I started to feel extremely energetic, then, after only a couple minutes of going up, I started getting extremely light-headed. At first, I started feeling worried, and sketchy about the amount that I had taken. I'm to the point where I'm explaining what to do if I have a seizure to Bob.

[+0:10] After a little while, I started to calm down, and enjoy this amazing experience, which was something I had never felt before from my long history of stimulant use (Adderall, Vyvance, Nuvagil, MDPV, Methylone, maybe a few others). I guess it was euphoria, but without the cloudiness of other depressants like THC, spice, etc. It was the most pleasant thing I had felt ever!

[+0:20] Bob finally finishes smoking the Meph he had placed in a glass pipe on top of some tobacco, as this chemical seems to take a little while to melt and vaporize. He began feeling the effects as soon as he exhaled. After a couple minutes, he begins feeling about how I felt after snorting 4 times as much, and with my tolerance being lower because of the body weight difference, I decide that smoking it seems to be more potent.

[+0:25] After smoking a couple cigarettes, I begin to add some more tobacco followed by mephedrone into the pipe, this time adding approximately 175mg, a little less than the amount that I had snorted to begin with. By this point, I am not really coming up anymore from my first dosage. I take my lighter and start smoking the pipe, getting the first hit. I hold the lighter lit and inhale for about 40 seconds, or as long as I could. I hold the fumes in as long as I can, and start feeling like I don't need to breathe anymore. I estimate that I hold my breath for a good 5 minutes, though it may have been a little less. I finally exhale, and a wave of high just flies across my face. I feel like I'm in a whole different place, though I still feel like I'm on earth. I feel happier than I've ever been in my life, and that this powder is a gift from God (I'm atheist, so I didn't mean it literally). I feel like this stuff could very well be my new favorite drug (my previous favorite was MDPV).

[+0:40] After a while of awe and amazement, and listening to music (Dubstep, mostly. It was a wonderful experience, and rather trippy), I decide to collect the materials for another bowl, and prepare it for smoking. This time, I decide to go overboard, and I place about 400mg or more on top of the tobacco. I am having huge cravings to get back the feeling of 'floating and happiness', that I just take the first hit from the bowl again, nearly smoking almost half of the powder in the first hit. I reach that feeling again, and pace slowly, back and forth in my living room, just enjoying the feelings.

[+1:00] We complete the bowl finally, and I begin coming down as soon as I stop smoking it. I decide to hit some more, this time via insufflation. I don't get back to the floaty place, even after taking another large line, burning my nose and throat fairly badly from the drip. I experience some short-term memory loss every so often, but still remember that I am forgetting something. I'll go to get a glass of water, and then completely forget what I was doing, and notice the fact, and then I'll think about it for some time, and finally remember what I was about to do, and then I'll proceed. This didn't happen too often, but when I forgot something, I wouldn't stop trying to remember what it was until I remembered it, as it would bother me.

[+1:10] We continue re-dosing every 10 minutes after we are done smoking for the next 2-3hrs or so, as I keep getting urges to get back to the floaty place. As we speak, I am having difficulty not going outside to smoke more of the resin from the pipe, even though I am fairly up already, just not at the floaty place. Even though we are dosing fairly large amounts, similar to the ones we normally took, we could not get back up there like I had wanted. After a while, I couldn't quite tell how I was feeling emotionally. I believe that I was getting some signs of depression, but it may have been disappointment that I could not get back up to where I wanted to be. This feeling was breaking down my high, making me almost feel sober, and hardly hyped up at all. I just felt like I wanted to get more, but at this point [probably about +2:00], I hardly had any left. I still was getting major cravings to smoke more, and more, and more, and every time I would give in and smoke more, until I was left with about 40mg (I had around 2g at the start of the night, a little less maybe).

[+3:00] Sometime near the end of the night (all we had done the entire 3hrs of hanging out at my place was smoke mephedrone and tobacco, listen to music, and paced around, sometimes in awe), I couldn't resist but to just take the last amount that was left and smoke it, even though I had told myself countless times, even when high, that I would leave some left in case withdrawal was a problem, as I do this with all other stimulants. Mephedrone was by far the most crave-causing stimulant I had taken.
Mephedrone was by far the most crave-causing stimulant I had taken.
Even Methylone and MDPV were controllable, but this was not. Part of the reason could have been that I had never gotten that feeling from a stimulant before, and wanted it so badly again.

[+5:00?] *Laying in bed, trying to sleep* Now that I have no more left, I am angered at what I have done, wishing that I would have just left a small bump or so for the next day (which is now today). I feel like I could go into a rage at myself, but it's probably just the drug's addiction taking a hold of me. I tell myself that I don't need it, it's a drug, and addiction can ruin lives. Taking time to clearly evaluate the situation, and realizing that I can't do anything to reverse what I have done seemed to help me stay calm and reduce my anger (I almost never become angry about anything unless I am going through withdrawal).

[Next day] I fell asleep around 12PM last night, then awoke at about 10AM. I get up and go outside for a cigarette, and while doing so, I can feel my heart pounding deeply, like the way it was while I was trying to fall asleep. After having coffee (I drink coffee all of the time, and it just wakes me up now, it doesn't make me hyper), I begin to notice the effects of the Mephedrone, probably from the night before. I feel odd, and don't quite enjoy this, as it is a little frightening to begin with. Once I decide that I am alright, I scrape out the bag and the tube I use to snort the drug with, and snort about 20mg or so, then begin the urges. About 15 minutes ago, I went outside with my pipe that still had tobacco ashes infused with the melted mephedrone from the last bowl I had packed, and then about 5 minutes following that, I hit more, and right now I'm going to hit more, mostly just from thinking about the drug so much while typing this. In a couple days, I am definitely going to buy more.

Notes for anyone using this drug that I have learned from my experiences:
1. The drug is very harsh on my nose, and the taste from the drip is terrible.
2. Smoking the drug seems much more efficient, although it normally takes about 10 minutes to clear one bowl of 50mg.
3. Taking around 200mg per 100lbs of body mass normally seems to get me to a whole different experience, possibly in conjunction from hardly eating.
4. After reaching that peak of awe, it is extremely difficult to reach it again.
5. If I want your purchase to last, I try to only dose about two times a day, rather than about 10 times, like I had done yesterday.
6. If I must snort the chemical, I keep a cup of water/fluids around, and be sure to crush the slivers of crystals with something blunt.
7. It's very easy to do daily tasks while on a normal amount of this drug, but when on large doses, it is a little difficult to take my mind off of the awe-struck effects.
8. I take breaks between days, or even weeks from use of this drug! It is extremely addictive for me, and I assume it will create cravings for you too.

Now that I'm done, I'm going to hit more. =P

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 92009
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Mar 8, 2019Views: 4,405
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