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Native Beings
by baileyjtyler
Citation:   baileyjtyler. "Native Beings: An Experience with DMT (exp92014)". Jan 31, 2018.



My friend had some DMT for a while saving it for a good time to try it. So we went to the creek bed in the woods into this type of crevasse where we could be un-bothered.

After building a fire, setting a blanket, and getting the bongo ready we partook.

I remember the beginning effects starting, buzzing, vision altering, and the fire began to dance. I immediately started playing the bongo, my friend was dancing the fire and noticed a crazy tree root sticking out of the wall so I got up and examined it but it was too much to intake so I told him I would be right back.

I took off running through the canyon type walls barefoot in a loincloth. I was one with the land and I could hear the bongo beat in the back constantly growing louder and faster then I reached this spot where I had to jump. I saw the distance and height and stopped running just in time. the bongo stopped. then almost perfect cue I jumped across the gap over the tree and the music began at where it left off.

This was the first time I tried DMT with my eyes open the whole time and the visuals were not as intense but the experience was no other. I was blending with the environment and it was like we were the only humans in existence.

About an hour after that experience we arrived at our next destination, We got set up in this spot where the sun was barely peaking through the trees to reveal the sunset. the grassy plain with trees around was soft and hilly. we set the blanket and took the substance.

This time was strange. Everything got blue and cold instead of bright and warm like previous trips. I noticed a sense of uncomfortableness around and it was very odd. I don't remember much else from the experience but when we walked off we left something there.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 92014
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Jan 31, 2018Views: 752
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DMT (18) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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