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Into the Void
Citation:   dream wolf. "Into the Void: An Experience with DMT (exp92029)". Mar 30, 2018.

2 hits vaporized DMT
Into the Void My First Proper DMT Experience

I will be smoking approximately 50-100 mg of DMT, unknown strength, but ensured by my friend A to be much stronger than the DMT I tried two times earlier with him.

Setting is in my room, alone (first solo trip) completely dark except my laptop playing music, the monitor shuts off after a minute or so anyways, and my bathroom light on with the door locked, so I can just barely see the light. I like some light to maintain contact with the material, real world, in case my experience in the DMT realm becomes too intense.

My original plan was to use ashes on top of the DMT and a screen on the bottom to ensure proper vaporization. I would then type my experience immediately after the trip, as the more time passes the experience becomes harder to remember, much like a dream.

Song selection is Pink Floyd, 'Shine on you Crazy Diamond Part II' on Wish You Were Here. The original plan was to trip to the first part of this song, but the pipe was clogged and I could not get a hit. I watched with displeasure as the wasted smoke drifted away, I eventually dumped the screen directly into the bowl and took a hit of the remainder and resinous DMT once the pipe was unclogged. I got a mild trip to the first part of the song but I knew this wasn't a proper DMT trip. I waited the song out and decided I needed to experience this properly.

I loaded up a second bowl approximately 20 minutes after the first. I waited till a good point in the song, and smoked the DMT directly on top of some pre-vaped weed. I saw the DMT melting, and did everything I could to ensure a good hit. I got a huge lungful of smoke and held it in. I managed to start a second hit but as I watched the vapors and smoke pour out of the bowl of the pipe they began morphing into the subtle beginnings of a DMT trip. I soon felt the effects and realized I had enough.

I was beginning to see the DMT world creeping up on my own, my hands and arms were surrounded by a colorful energy glow which followed my every movement. I closed my eyes, realizing that the real trip was about to begin.

It started with intense colors, like neon lights, geometric patterns in 3D (if you've ever seen the film 'Enter the Void,' it was a lot like the intense colors and black light effects used in the model city -- the drug plays a central role and the director does a good job showing the DMT experience on screen from a first person point of view, which is maintained throughout the entire film).

After a brief period with the basic psychedelic visuals I began to feel the entheogenic effects of the drug. I felt the presence of multiple beings around me, humanoid in form but not quite the same as us. Upon thinking about it I felt a female entitity/ies
(almost maternal in some ways, and in other ways erotic and sensual, an interesting Freudian paradox). On the left side and towards the middle of my visual field I saw The Presence, some refer to as 'God' begin to appear. It started as a small sphere in the center of my visual field with many shapes and patterns inside of it.

It slowly began to grow as a large ball, the female presence and the god had their arms around me beckoning me to go deeper, I could feel their arms and see them with the 'Third eye, or mind's eye'. I was at first a bit frightened, thinking I might have taken to much and I didn't want to enter the peak, but the being/s assured me I would be safe, and that this would be mind expanding. I realized it was exactly what I wanted, a true DMT trip was right here in front of me.

It was after this acceptance the drug began to peak, an amazing experience in itself, it makes the rush of heroin look like nothing but a cheap trick and a pathetic human-invented drug. DMT on the other hand feels more natural and I feel in touch with thousands of my ancestors who I somehow know have all experienced this before. Some call it 'God' (I hate to use that term now that I have experienced a proper DMT trip), others refer to it as an advanced extraterrestrial race, but whatever they/him/her are/is I saw them, all around me, felt their presence it was a positive energy, but very powerful. I sensed enormous power.

This being 'Communicated' (again a term I don't like to use here) with me, but it was more like I realized the nature of the being. In my head it projected thoughts of 'I am power, I am sex, I am love, I am energy, I am money and material goods, I am everything!' was the overall message it projected. I felt the hands of this god, it had many hands like the Hindu goddess Shiva and many parts of colorful silhouettes of bodies fluctuating and rearranging themselves, its very difficult to describe and I have a theory on why this is.

I believe DMT projects a person into the fourth dimension (in your head or whatever, if you want to be scientific). These entities are 4th dimensional beings who appear very distorted to us as we humans can only see/exist in 3 dimensions, a simple rotation in the 4th dimension for us seems like many parts of a body morphing before our eyes, as we can only see 3D slices of the 4D beings. I remember seeing cubes and other 3D shapes at the beginning of the trip, but that was just eye-candy, as that faded and the peak began. I felt the knowledge that I was experiencing this 'trip/journey' to its fullest at this time. I only had tried it twice before, with mild effects compared to this.

It felt like my mind was physically opening and expanding during this trip. I also felt many feelings in my physical body, as if I was in a different place from where I was sitting. I felt wind blowing against me and felt coldness, but also a calming warmth
throughout many parts of the trip. Its difficult to describe the trip linearly, as time is distorted in the DMT dimension, and as the state fades and time passes the trip begins to blur into one singular experience which happens all at once, like viewing a painting, rather than a linear experience
as the state fades and time passes the trip begins to blur into one singular experience which happens all at once, like viewing a painting, rather than a linear experience
, like a song or movie which can only be experienced in linear time. I only remember the beings fading away, bidding me farewell, and leaving me with positive deep personal insight and knowledge that could change my life. I also received a final sort of message or understanding of the nature of our universe, going along with my 4-dimensional theory, these beings may have created our universe, because we actually live in a multiverse. These 4-D beings can easily pass through our 3D universe, just as we can walk across a sidewalk because it is flat (2d). In Carl Sagan's video on flatland and the 4th dimension, which can be found on youtube, he can explain it much better than me.

As the main trip faded, I experienced a nice afterglow with visuals and colors that were timed with the music in a synesthesia type experience. I felt this was a gift from the beings for visiting their world, and gaining this knowledge that so few do in today's modern era of drug restriction.

It really is an amazing drug, and the fact that it has been used for a thousand years and is present in many plants and animals, gives this drug an almost mystical metaphysical nature. I truly experienced this type of DMT trip, which I had been waiting for over 2 years since I first began researching this drug. But as the shamans and psychonauts say, be patient it will find you when it and you are ready.

What one may perceive as supernatural, may just be a highly advanced form of technology. Imagine travelling 2000 years back in time, and showing the people of Nazareth simple technology such as a video monitor, or an automobile. Wielders of the realm of this technology may seem magical or god-like to the people of 11AD, but to us in 2011 AD it is merely technology. In the same way, the transdimensional beings who might have created or left DMT here on Earth for us, may seem supernatural, but it could just be giving us a slight glimpse into the marvels of their world.

A few final tips I find worked really well
-Make sure the pipe you're about to smoke of isn't clogged!
-Pick a long song that will develop over time, look into progressive music and electronic as well, remember to stay mild, harsh noise and other abrasive music like 'dub-step' may not mesh well with this drug.
-Make sure the lights are dimmed or you are in a dark room, with only a little light from a small source to keep you hinged to the material world if the experience becomes too intense
-Do this with an experienced calm sitter the first time (one who is not constantly talking or asking if you are tripping), I would not recommend crowds of 4 or more as I tried during my first two trips. The experience can be ruined by this, as you might imagine everybody is watching you 'trip out', and with your eyes closed you may feel their gazes, which can spoil the experience as you are worried about being watched.
-Once the peak comes, accept it, you won't truly experience this drug if you're reluctant about it, only when you let go your conscious feelings and thoughts can you experience the true nature of this drug.
-Meditation can help with this, try meditating for about 3 minutes before you start, this is easy. For those of you who haven't done it smoke some weed beforehand to relax you if your thoughts are constantly running, and just take deep breaths in and out, focus on the breathing, try to clear your thoughts, and keep your eyes closed or focused on a blank area 3 feet in front of you.

Finally, of all the methods I have tried, this one worked best: loading a small bowl of some smokable herb (legal bud, marijuana, vaped weed, hell even tobacco or catnip would work, just some base material) and just popping the DMT on top. Take a few breaths to exercise your lungs, then exhale almost completely before you begin the hit. Use your lighter to just melt it, do not set it on fire, if that happens extinguish the flame with the lighter. Try to just run the lighter repeatedly over the DMT vaporizing and melting it. Inhale as much vapor as you can in one hit and hold it in. Repeat until you begin to smoke the herb, which is now filled with DMT resin, and feel the effects.

To close: This is not like any drug I have ever experienced, and I've experienced a lot. It is a powerful, mind-altering substance, that can unlock deep introspective thoughts and feelings.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 92029
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Mar 30, 2018Views: 2,560
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