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Accidental OD
Products - Bath Salts, Plant Food, etc. ('Miami Ice')
by anon
Citation:   anon. "Accidental OD: An Experience with Products - Bath Salts, Plant Food, etc. ('Miami Ice') (exp92038)". Aug 30, 2011.

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[Erowid Note: Cannabis substitute "spice" type smoking blends, "Bath salts", "plant food", "incense", "tea" and similar products generally do not accurately list psychoactive ingredients or dosage on their packaging. Analysis has revealed that ingredients in a single product of this type may vary over time. The component chemical(s) may be different than what is assumed for this report.]

I am a very experienced drug user, and due to my recent job I only use synthetics. I have recently enjoyed the jwh line for smoking, and I use behind the counter ephedrine so that I can combine the two substances and enjoy that good old marijuana/cocaine high that I use to enjoy (and you wonder why Whitney isn't making a come back). With jwh and behind the counter ephedrine I pass all my drug tests and live a productive life.

Recently, I heard about bath salts, and felt that mdpv could possibly be something that I could part take in. While picking up some of the newer synthetic 'herbal essence' from my local head shop, I look at the case next to their display. I find small to medium sized bottles that have white powder labelled as 'room deodorizer.' I asked what the most popular brand was and I was told that Miami Ice was their most popular so I picked up 1 oz for 75$. I am excited about this because year ago when I was in that market 1 oz of cocaine could easily go for 1000 dollars.

I get it to my room, and start smashing up the small rocks. Miami Ice is exactly what they advertise looks, smells, tastes just like crack. Although, I never enjoyed crack I would find myself around it in the past and was familiarized with it enough to know it when I see it. I was hoping for something that smelled cleaner more like cocaine but I figured if it works the same I wouldn't mind.

I snorted a line about the size of my finger. I am a large guy that also has a very high tolerance to stims. I waited about 10 minutes didn't feel a thing, except for the numbness in my nose. I snorted another and waited, still not the effects I was looking for. I really didn't want to smoke this stuff knowing that I would feel like a crack head.

This is where I got very stupid. Being impatient can be deadly with a new substance and I believe this stuff almost killed me. I took 1 tablespoon combined it with a few ounces of flavored drink and took it down. I waited another 10 minutes and was starting to wonder if this stuff did anything at all so I took two more tablespoons mixed with more water and took it down.

Right then the first dose started kicking in and I was happy and excited that it was working. I had the shriveled testi's, I felt warm and numb. Suddenly, I started to experience things never felt from cocaine in the past. For instance I have had visual effects from cocaine but not much more than lack of focus. I have had mild hallucinations from MDMA but typically people being of different color, mild illusions and effects. After ingesting 2-3 table spoons of Miami Ice I was now getting for lack of a better phrase 'head wobbles.' Similar to drunken intoxication buzz but more of a rapid left and right wobble as opposed to drinking too much I get a repeated spin type feeling. This wobble has me worried, as I was starting to lose control of my limbs, I as noticed sever palpitations. I was stumbling around my room trying to hide everything because I was now concerned about an apparent OD and anything I could do to potentially save myself in case my body was going to be found incapacitated.

I started hyperventilating, I focused on my breathing, and trying to improve my circulation because I was tense and clenching all over my body. I lied down on my bed face first with my head tilted to the side I was ready to pass out. I began to pray to God and this helped my mental stability. My mind was racing and as my mind raced my hands or other parts of my body would clench it was hard to focus on body and mind at the same time. I continued to focus and I was determined to not let my body pass out.

I tried to get off my bed and onto the floor, this way I could be spread out without my arms falling off the sides of my full size bed. My body was still not working I fell face first and busted my lip/front tooth on the corner of a chair. I could hear my neighbors outside and was convinced that somehow everyone knew what I was doing and that they were going to come in and take me to jail. Panicked and scared I didn't know what to do as my body continued to clench. The only thing that seemed to allow me to control my body was to think every thought that was in my head, to ask every question I felt possible. In retrospect I could only compare this to my life flashing before my eyes. It seemed that this was it.

I started begging and pleading to God to not let me go that I love my family too much.
Then Jesus began to speak to me and told me to whisper. I started whispering and apologizing to Christ for my lack of faith. Jesus told me he needed me to believe wholeheartedly to get out of this, that he needed me to be on board 100%. For a moment I felt that I was on a plane of existence somewhere between here and heaven, it was a fake version of where I was. He told that when we go back to our shell, referring to my body. He said that I would face a demon, and that I must get rid of it in order to live.

It was an intense struggle and somehow if my thoughts were on God I would become calm enough to start to control my body. So I listened to Jesus, and asked how do I get rid of this demon. I am now sitting up right on my bed still breathing heavily but now at least I was gaining control of my body. At this moment I felt that a demon was choking me. I regained my breath, Jesus told me to fight the demon, so I choked air back. I then stood up and punched the wall as hard as I could (leaving me with bruised and scraped knuckles, as well as a broken tip of my thumb that is now purple.)

I started to feel better as I started feeling a renewed faith in God I found myself laughing hard, as well as crying hard sometimes at the same time. Jesus told me to get a cross asap, or the demon was going to continue leading me to do terrible things. I asked where, and then said screw it I need to have faith, so I walked outside, locking myself out of my hotel room. Earlier, Jesus had told me that the end of the world was soon, and that I had the opportunity to become an angel if I would just believe wholeheartedly. Well, after stepping outside my room and unlocking myself for those moments I was going with the idea that anything was possible so to find the cross that Jesus was asking me to find I figured I could just get a nice run up, and jump out the window and start flying like an angel. I built to full speed only to trip and fall and give myself one hell of a nice abrasion (later I took pictures because it is an abrasion the shape of a heart). Seems that Jesus had tripped me, we had a nice conversation about how this was all a game and that the meaning of life was that Satan challenged God (of course I am whispering the whole time), God took the challenge, and the bottom line is the meaning of life is based on a game. God vs Satan to see who can get the most souls, for us as simple humans we do not want to end up giving our soul's to satan because basically he just sucks.

The story continues but anyhow, I have and always will be a Christian so these thoughts make sense to me.

I came very close to ending up in jail for being crazy, if the hotel manager had heard what was going on inside my room he probably would have called the cops. I have experience with all types of drugs over the course of 15 years I had at one point tried all common substances more than a few times, and in all my years I have never experienced a trip this bad, that felt this dangerous. I have never tried PCP, but from what I have researched, and heard about PCP from others, I can only compare this drug to PCP. So if you want to end up in a corner picking your face off, or doing something even crazier go a head and give this a try.

I imagine some people might be able to do this stuff in small doses and get some kind of a decent buzz out of it, but for people with addictive tendencies you may experience a certain amount of hell by taking this substance just a little too far. The buzz itself seems good enough to want more, but truthfully I would rather take 20 behind the counter ephedrine pills like Bronkaid to give me a cleaner/safer buzz.

I tossed this poison down the toilet, and I pray that people stay away from this. It is sad because I imagine the fed and state agencies are going to use bath salts as the catalyst to eventually ban all 'synthetics', like they have already done with the JWH line. I still like the herbal synthetics, but these 'bath salts' are taking advantage of a loophole.

I feel stupid for allowing myself to OD like that, I was over confident, and truthfully I am too old and have too much to lose to be playing around like I am 20 years old.

Something about the hallucination qualities in this drug will make me hear voices in my head (more than one), and if didn't have a strong faith to cling to I may just have opted to kill myself, the potential was there for me to kill myself. Historical laughing and crying as hard as I could at the same time, as I physically and mentally fought a demon, and focused as hard as I could to listen to Jesus. I feel that this drug was created to give people a second chance, to be forced to make a decision to cling to Christ, or die. I truly feel that I OD'ed on this drug, and that the only thing that saved me was praying and focusing on Jesus Christ. I fear that others who do not know Jesus will be left alone to go insane and to potentially take their own life.

I have done all popular drugs to the extreme marijuana, lsd (paper, gel, and shrooms). I have ate/snorted/injected/plugged you name it with cocaine, and ecstacy, as well as opiates and adhd meds ritalin adderal etc. I had experienced 1 bad trip on paper lsd and that was mostly because of the dramatic surroundings. I hope this helps educate others, I am not trying to scare anyone, the truth of it is this drug scared the crap out of me. Good luck, and God Bless.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 92038
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30
Published: Aug 30, 2011Views: 29,014
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