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LSD & Hash
by Duck
Citation:   Duck. "Flashback: An Experience with LSD & Hash (exp92123)". Erowid.org. Feb 26, 2016. erowid.org/exp/92123

1.5 hits   LSD  
    oral Cannabis - Hash (cookie / food)
    smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  


I had taken acid once before so I knew pretty much what to expect. The only difference this time, was that it was the beginning of winter and it was pretty cold to enjoy the pleasantries of nature.

We decided we'd take the acid and the brownie at the same time. It all started pretty normally. Seeing patterns in the carpet and whatnot. Then my roommate walked in and we convinced her to take a half a hit. She'd never taken LSD so she was anticipating utter craziness which she did not experience off her half hit.

Things started to get weird when she began to trip slightly and the brownie kinda crept up on me. I felt really tired for a second and I wanted to close my eyes and relax to the sound of some music. My roommate hated this idea and began shouting WAKE UP, which scared the shit out of me for some reason. I remember thinking holy shit there are too many patterns and that I was extremely hot and my heart was racing. There were at least 3 different patterns moving on top of each other and it was too much to take in.
There were at least 3 different patterns moving on top of each other and it was too much to take in.
I kept wanting to be outside and no one would join me so I continuously went on the balcony alone. Mistake. Somewhere in there I said 'I think I might throw up' my friend replied 'yeah thats possible' immediately the thought was in my mind and I did throw up the brownie.

I remember sitting outside on the ground smoking a cigarette and watching the pattern on the concrete. I didn't feel very good still, just having thrown up and still tripping balls. Then I moved to a chair and began to pray, also a MISTAKE. Never should prayer be used when in a bad state of mind on a hallucinogen. I was repeating something like 'please God help me, let this feeling go away'.

So about 4 days go by and I am sitting in the same room I had began tripping in and had seen all the patterns in and I suddenly had the same heat sensation and heart racing feeling come over me. I went in the bathroom and realized I felt just like I had when I was tripping. I even did the same look in the mirror I had done when I threw up or at least it felt like the scenarios were identical. I washed my face with cold water to cool off (which I also did tripping) then I went outside to smoke. This is where it really began to affect me because I started to pray and about a minute in I realized I had done all of this before. I immediately wanted to get out of the apartment and I did.

I quit smoking weed for about 4 months because of this and I also had severe anxiety for about 6 months, but now I can look back and appreciate the good time I had. The trip itself wasn't so bad once I began watching willy wonka and laughing with my friends. I just needed to quit focusing on the negativity and that was the problem with anxiety in the end as well.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 92123
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Feb 26, 2016Views: 1,730
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LSD (2), Cannabis - Hash (93) : Hangover / Days After (46), Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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