Hilarity and Beauty
AMT, MDMA & Cannabis
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T+ 0:00
80 mg oral AMT
  T+ 8:00 1 tablet oral MDMA
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Cannabis
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes
I am 18, male, weighing about 65-70kg, and although not a complete veteran when it comes to mind expansion, I do not consider myself a rookie either. I have smoked more than my fair share of weed, taken MDMA, Ketamine, 2C-B, Speed, Naphyrone, Mephedrone, Cocaine, Codiene, and some others I cannot recall now. However, I took AMT for the first time a few months ago, after my friend (whom we shall call R) recommended it to me, claiming he had 'tripped balls for 18 hours whilst feeling like I was on MDMA'. Sounds pretty sweet, I thought. I tried it, and loved it. I have since taken it upwards of ten times, and will now convey my most rewarding experience. I apologise now for the long report, but I enjoy writing and I feel I can convey my experience better this way.

It was the height of summer, and me and a few friends, including R, were going to a local festival. Many other friends were coming, but most notably were H, J, and R, who I had shared near all of my past AMT experiences with, and who are all dear friends to me. H had procured about half a gram of AMT, and we were all excited to do it. We arrived and set up our tents the morning of the first day. The weather was horrible, and I was in a mixed mood as to how well the festival would go, it was different to last year, a lot more popular, with a lot more 'lets get fucked and start fights' characters. Regardless, H and J were impatient and swallowed a dose of AMT that day. I didn't as I planned on rolling that night, and as some of you may know, AMT and MDMA can be a nasty combination. H and J had a good time, and so did I. Didn't sleep much though.

So came the day I planned to take the AMT. I was in a lovely afterglow from the E, and the weather had improved. It was then that D, an experienced psychonaut I knew fairly well from when we attended my school and liked a lot, strolled over saying he had just eaten about 80mg of AMT, and stuff was starting to get pretty mad. This excited me, and I asked H for my dose (also 80mg, which is very strong, first time users start much lower!), to which he kindly obliged. I parachuted the AMT and smoked some weed whilst waiting to come up.

D stayed around our tents for this period. Everyone was fairly stoned and we were turning literally everything around the campsite into a bong. I will now try and keep a rough timescale of my trip.

T+00:30 - Feeling the very first signs of the AMT (faster than usual) which, for me, involve everything becoming very funny. As in hilariously funny. D was the same, and we spent about an hour or so dressing up a wooden model of a cat (which features heavily in most of my AMT trips, but that's another story) and laughing hysterically at our antics. Other than this, feel normal.

T+01:00 - Still finding things funny, but mood dampened slightly by a shower of rain, which is thankfully short-lived, as the sun emerges again. Other than this, nothing, other than some nausea, which is common for me when coming up. AMT has a very slow and gradual comeup. Some people might thing of redosing at this point, but I was patient.

T+02:00 - Myself and D are in a brilliant mood, chatting and laughing about stupid crap with each other. I feel great. I think about how much I love this festival and everyone I am camping with. I look forward eagerly to the evening when we will go to the rave shed. Still feeling a bit sick, though.

T+03:00 - D says he is starting to get some pretty cool visuals. I am not, but I guessed that's because he had dosed earlier. Still in a great mood, and me and D have created a ridiculous hat for him out of an empty cider crate, some sunglasses, and some tape. Laughing, we decide to walk around the festival, and my nausea thankfully subsides.

T+03:30 - Things start to pulse and wave, and the clouds in the sky looked inexplicably beautiful. They were so wispy yet so crisp at the same time. Colours are so clear and defined, and I think about how big and wonderful the world is. I feel very in-tune with nature. Me and D are still laughing at everything, and being incredibly silly. I am wearing my hoodie on backwards with the hood up so it covers my face, then putting sunglasses on over that. I am also smoking through the hood. This actually works as a brilliant hotbox.

T+05:00 - I have a sensational body high, feeling as though I am floating upwards all the time, even though I am just walking along the ground. However, my lips and mouth are incredibly dry. I drink some water to solve this issue, also realising I am probably dehydrated from not drinking all day. Still getting waves and pulses off of everything. No CEV's sadly though.

T+07:00 - Me and D bump into A, a friend who we both love a lot, and she comments on how ludicrous we look with our hats and backwards clothes etc. Me and Dom laugh, and comment on how messed up everything is. It was an odd, but quite comedy feeling. One of us would look at a totally normal object, like a can, and say 'dude that's so messed up!' and the other person would look at it, and think 'he's not wrong, that can really is messed up!'. This applied to everything. I am tripping very hard by this point, hitting the peak. Starting to get CEV's of red and blue lines painting pictures.

T+08:00 - The rave shed is almost starting, and me and D wonder if we are too out of it to attend. We head back to the campsite, when I reach in my pocket and realise I still have 3 pills of MD. Me and D contemplate taking these, considering the dangers of doing so. I still have dry mouth like a bitch and I am already buzzing off the AMT. Both being the arguably stupid and definitely happy-go-lucky psychonauts we are, we shoot the pills.

T+08:30 - We meander down towards the rave shed. I'm getting first alerts from the MD, and things are still all swaying and pulsating. I wave my hand in front of my face, only to be greeted with some of the most ridiculous tracers I've ever seen. I excitedly tell D and he informs me that he's never been so out of it, and he can't wait for the rave shed.

T+08:45 - Unbelievably, I run into one of my old school teachers just outside the rave shed. I bunked the leavers ball and he is mega pissed at me. This is all too much for me to handle at the moment, and it's painfully obvious I'm out of my head. I mumble some excuse about my car breaking down and hurry off. This puts me in a bad mood for a few minutes, as I get paranoid about what my teacher will do. Fortunately, one thing I find on AMT, is that very often you can steer it where you want it to go - even at high doses (at least for me). I can choose to almost 'stop' a bad trip in its path. So with a quick reassurance from D, I perk up and we enter the rave shed.

T+09:00 - The rave shed is unreal. There must be 1000 people in there and the music sounds INCREDIBLE. There are lights flashing everywhere leaving tracers and painting patterns in the air. I look over at D and he is standing in awe, mouth slightly open. I suddenly remember I took a pill and realise I'm subtly buzzing my tits off, God, it's almost too good, the euphoria. We smoke a cigarette and just stand near the back watching and listening. This half hour period encapsulates for me the feeling that every psychonaut searches for - what makes harming my body with drugs not only worth it, but life affirming. The moment I want to share with everyone in the world, because how could anyone hate each other when they have experienced this.

T+09:30 - This was unbelievable, but also overwhelming, and me and D agree that we have to leave after a short while, and head back to the campsite. I feel sick again, probably from the MD, and after leaving the rave shed my visuals have calmed down a bit. Me and D are still finding everything hysterical however, and we have since been told that we were near impossible to talk to. In smaller doses AMT is very good as a social lubricant, but I don't expect to have normal conversations at higher doses - I get distracted by EVERYTHING.

T+10:30 - We've been back at camp for a while, freezing our asses off. J, H, and R are all there, slowly coming down from trips as well, and they have been excitedly relaying to us their days. R is physically addicted to weed, and it's not long before the word 'joint' is thrown around. Me and D think fuck it, why not, and skin up. I can only assume from my actions this day that AMT removes inhibitions greatly.

T+11:00 - Me and D smoke the joint, and just like that, the visuals come back with gusto. We are cold so sit in a tent with a duvet and look out at the world. We are no longer laughing at everything, but rather just sitting with each other, listening quietly to some music from D's phone. Every track he selects seems perfect, and I realise what a great guy he is. People kept commenting that we were having a bromance, and we were both perfectly open to this idea. It was a very MDMA loved up feeling, but the pills had worn off, so I can only assume it was the AMT. It felt a lot less 'forced' than when MDMA opens you up like a box of chocolates. It seemed like we were happy because of what we were experiencing, not what a drug was doing to us.

T+12:00 - Me and D both feel awake, but decide to go to bed, as everyone else has gone to sleep, and the festival is finished for the day. He falls asleep quickly, but I lie awake, and cannot sleep all night. I sit for a while and think about my day - the things I'd seen, the ridiculous and childish antics I'd performed and loved so much, how I probably shouldn't have done half the things I did, but how glad I was I had. One can learn a lot from AMT, I imagine if done correctly at the right dosage, it could be truly life changing.


I was utterly at peace throughout the whole day and night, simply content to exist. AMT is my favourite drug and I will continue to use it in the future. I didn't experience a comedown of any sort, just exhaustion from lack of sleep. I do need to set aside a whole day, preferably two, if I want to use this drug. It lasts a LONG time. Me and D talk a lot now, and plan to take AMT together in the near future. There are negatives to it, such as that it's not always convenient to be so far gone for so long, and the nausea on the comeup is truly horrible sometimes. Also the dry mouth is kinda bad and it's really easy to get dehydrated. However, it can be truly beautiful if used in the right place. Trip safely people, peace out, one love.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 92160
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Oct 11, 2021Views: 1,174
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