Pretty Much Zero Fun
Citation:   cryptix420. "Pretty Much Zero Fun: An Experience with MDPV (exp92198)". Feb 22, 2017.

  insufflated MDPV (powder / crystals)
Helluva Drug

I'm 21, male, pretty basic experience with psychedelics. LSD, mushrooms, weed, opiates, a couple 2c's, DMT, MDMA.

MDPV does not belong in the same category as the aforementioned substances. It is one hell of a drug, but it is by NO means recreational.

I received my 2g of MDPV in the mail after waiting for over a month (damn vendors) and was extremely excited. The only other stimulants I've tried are caffeine, nicotine, and adderall. Adderall was fun, but made my heart beat too fast and I couldn't stop thinking of requiem for a dream the whole time I was on it. Hell, the old lady in that movie might as well have been taking MDPV. Stuff will make you crazy much faster in my experience.

Anyway, I measured out most of my stash into ~10mg capsules using a MG scale. I won't go too into detail about the experience, rather just a broad overview of what my time with this drug was like.

The first time I did it with my girlfriend I felt very good; we both took 10mg orally. We both felt very talkative and full of energy. I also noticed some feelings of empathy, but much much more mild than those with MDMA.

As time progressed I began to fall deeper and deeper into the MDPV hole. I exerted pretty good self control in the beginning, as I had read so many horror stories about the compulsive nature of this substance that I promised myself I wouldn't end up staying awake for 3 days hallucinating. The problems really only started once I began to insufflate the drug.
The problems really only started once I began to insufflate the drug.
Taken orally, the effects last a good 3 or 4 hours until I feel the need to redose; even then the comedown is slow and drawn out enough that I can fight the urge if I wanted to. However, when snorted (5-20mg), the euphoria and talkativeness is much more pronounced and fades away in about 1-2 hours, leaving much to be wanted.

On one particularly gnarly occasion, I started out the night snorting about 15mg of MPDV. My girlfriend then passed out and I was left to my own devices….not good. I proceeded to down an entire fifth of vodka (a huge amount for me) and 30mg of hydrocodone. I blacked out and when I woke up the next morning my girlfriend was livid. Apparently in my stupor I had pissed all over her while she was sleeping, as well as on her laptop. She showed me the massive spot on the computer screen that my pee had left. I felt horrible, but had absolutely no recollection of any of it happening. Probably the most munted I've ever been. I've come to the conclusion MDPV turns me into the most beastly drinker on the planet; I just kept taking more and more shots and instead of feeling drunk I just felt really good and loose, but still very up.

After the whole ordeal was said and done, I was left with some extremely annoying side effects. Aside from the anxiety and rapid heartbeat I can expect pretty much 100% of the time I take this substance, I experienced a good amount of weight loss. Not the good kind either. I was left with the most annoying feeling, the feeling where when I have an especially huge yawn and I talk or chew something and I can hear it really loud inside my own head. This had happened to me once before when I took way too much BZP/TFMPP. I remember researching it back then and finding out it was due to losing too much fat too rapidly, thus the fat around your inner ear vanishes and the tube has no way to close, it's EXTREMELY annoying. I believe a term I remember is pateulous eustachian tube. Also horrible is the lingering depression, it took about a week for me to feel like myself again after getting rid of the rest of my stash.

I really got absolutely nothing out of this drug. It's a weirdly demotivating stimulant, I would find myself taking it only to be couch locked for hours, my heart beating out of my chest, surfing the internet endlessly, but having so much fun doing it. It also makes cannabis quite an unpleasant experience. I've been an everyday smoker for about 3 years now, it takes a good amount to get good & baked. However, after a day of MDPV even a nice bowl of mary jane isn't going to help me relax. It hits so much harder in such an unpleasant way, I just sit there feeling way too high until the weed wears off a bit. Even trazadone and benadryl won't be enough to put me to sleep sometimes, this shit is just way too stimulating. It's also quite a challenge to eat on the days of doing MDPV, food just lacks any sort of excitement. Also annoying is the constant pissing, every 20 minutes I'm back in the bathroom. Sometimes when I took too much I would even get a lovely case of diarrhea.

I also remember combining MDPV with Ketamine once. Horrible, horrible idea. I had the worst headache of my life for 2 hours, followed by an entire night of zombie like emotional state, snapping at my girlfriend for every little thing. It was awful, and I only took around 40mg of K.

One of my friends has found this substance quite useful however. She is in her senior year at a university and has fallen in love with it for study/writing purposes. This may only last a while though as MDPV has a nasty tendency to suck in even the most self controlled souls.

I would never touch this substance again. It's gone and I don't miss it. I'll take good ole yerba mate over this garbage anyway. It would put my girlfriend in the most sensitive emotional state every single time she did it, made life quite difficult for a while.

other side effects I experienced but may have forgotten in the report

- mild to extreme jaw clenching
- tons of sweating
- very much increased body temperature lasting all day
- difficulty falling asleep
- difficulty staying asleep if I manage to get there in the first place
- tons of saliva production, so damn annoying having to spit all the time
- emotional sensitivity, not as bad as post MDMA though
- extreme lethargy the day after use
- complete loss of appetite
- seems to be demotivating

This substance has absolutely no place in the realm of recreational drugs, as it is pretty much ZERO fun.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 92198
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Feb 22, 2017Views: 3,254
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