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Telepathic Interrogation
Salvia divinorum
by Magellan
Citation:   Magellan. "Telepathic Interrogation: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp92279)". Dec 5, 2018.

2 hits smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


Medication at the time: Loratadine, 10mg daily. Benedryl, 25mg; Sudafed, 30mg. I have hay fever.

Times: I started at approximately 11:00 pm eastern. The onset was nearly immediate. The peak was 5 – 6 minutes after the first hit and the comedown thereafter was roughly the same. The trip lasted 10-15 minutes and the slight hangover aftereffect dissipated around 45 minutes later.

State of mind: Truth be told, I was excited that I was finally going to get to hallucinate. I was innocently and ignorantly confident that I could maintain complete control over my mind regardless of circumstances.

First, some background on my past experience so you have an idea of where I'm coming from and to reassure you that my details are not blatant exaggerations: The first time I smoked salvia was in 10th grade. Now in my second year of college, I have experienced smoking salvia a second time, eight trips on mushrooms (each time with 1/8 oz.), one trip on 6 hits of LSD, one trip on 17 Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds, and three or four trips on DXM combined with marijuana. To date, my first time with salvia was more intense than any experience I have had, the only exception being my trip on Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds.

I got the salvia extract from a friend, the container read “Purple Sticky” but was absent of any indication of its potency. However, I can assume it was higher than 40x, as I smoked 40x extract at a later date and the experience did not hold a candle to the one herein described.

It was a friday night and I was sleeping over at my best friend's house. He has a walk-in basement with a sliding glass door that's great for smoking out of. So, after his parents went to sleep we headed down with our waterbottle bong to get the activity underway. He had smoked salvia for the first time a week before and warned me that it would knock me on my ass before I could even take a second hit. Being the smug bug that I was, I was determined to at least take two hits
Being the smug bug that I was, I was determined to at least take two hits
, though I really had no idea what to expect; the only drugs I had done before then were marijuana and Adderall.

Anywho, the idea was to take a hit then lean out the door and exhale so we wouldn't get smoke in his basement. Bowl loaded, I raised the bottle to my lips, drew, inhaled a full hit, leaned out the door and exhaled, drew again, and started to inhale when such a dire urge to laugh befell me that I felt I had to exhale early. I started to lean for the door, but as I reached for its frame for support, each side of it leaned away from me, all the way onto the ground at which point yellow and blue wheels sprouted from the undersides akin to how berries would sprout from tree branches in a time lapse video. Each side of the wheeled door frame then took off, rolling into the distance. I remember him saying something about how I needed to lean out further, but I was distracted by my body and field of vision, both of which were jittery (not unlike when I'm just really high), and the increasingly vivid colors of the room around me (not unlike coming up on mushrooms or LSD).

I looked over at the big screen TV to my right and next thing I knew I WAS the TV. I contemplated my purpose:

“I'm just here for people to watch? I can only display what other people create? I feel so big and clunky, heavy. How cruel it is that I have wheels on my bottom corners yet I can't move unless someone pushes or pulls me. Why... why...”

It's a drab existence being a big screen TV, let me tell you. I became outrageously bored, and my awareness shifted back to that of my own body and my perspective split in two. I could see out of my physical eyes like normal, though I also had a visual of my body from a point located above and behind it. I maintain these two separate yet simultaneously occurring visuals and sets of feelings to go with each for the rest of the trip. The best way I can think to describe it is when I think back to the trip from this point forward it's like my memory is in stereo.

As soon as I returned to my body, it began to unzip down the middle, from the top of my head all the way down to my midsection (the two halves were still attached from between my legs to lower chest). The left side flopped over and landed on the floor where it remains for the rest of the trip and I remain aware of it visually from that “above and behind it” point of view I mentioned earlier. As the left half lays motionless on the ground, the right half begins to unroll into a strip, like a roll of carpet kicked down a hallway. My awareness is at the forefront of its motion. As I roll into the distance, I'm surrounded by blue sky. The trail I'm leaving behind me is a blue and yellow striped strip. In retrospect it strongly resembled an Airheads Xtreme, crystalline texture and all. Google image it if you haven't seen them before.

I roll for a good while and see I'm headed straight for some saloon doors, just floating there in the blue sky. I slam through them into a small room and I'm a person again. The room is dim, nothing on the walls, a big door with a small window stands across from a low table with a metal chair pulled up to it. There's a lamp hanging from the ceiling over the table. If you're thinking “interrogation room,” that's definitely what it looked like. It's attached to another darkened room containing a couch directly in front of an old TV that's playing what looks like some sort of crazy cartoon. This events that took place during this part of the trip are extremely fuzzy. I think because so much dialogue took place, though I can't remember any of it. I remember sitting in the chair at the table and being asked question after question by someone who wasn't in the room. I remember realizing that I wasn't really hearing the questions but being communicated with telepathically. After I became unable to answer any more questions for whatever reason, I was allowed to get up and move into the other room to sit on the couch and watch whatever was happening on the TV. This alternation of questioning and watching the TV occurred many, many times. My final memory from this part of the trip is me telling myself “You've been held here for three years. Whenever whatever this is ends, don't forget that you were here for three years. Remember that it isn't an exaggeration even when it feels like it is.”
“You've been held here for three years. Whenever whatever this is ends, don't forget that you were here for three years. Remember that it isn't an exaggeration even when it feels like it is.”

After I had that thought, I lost my human form and began rolling up again, back the way I came. Out of the room, through the saloon doors and blue sky, and toward my real physical body. I stopped rolling for a period of time to exist as a disembodied brain. I was in a city that looked loosely based on Chicago, sliding around on the sidewalk past other disembodied brains that were going about their daily business. I was completely comfortable with this. Somehow it made sense. Then I was rolling back up again through more blue sky.

Note: So far I had been blissfully unaware of exactly what I was or used to be, or of my destination or previous location. I had been rolling with the punches, uninhibited by the overwhelming confusion that this group of events should have instilled within me. That was about to change.

The blue started to fade and I saw the tan wall of the basement again, though I didn't know what I was looking at at the time. I knew that I had been something (a brain), and something beyond my control (coming down from the trip) had made me not that thing anymore. I heard my friend's voice for the first time since the start of the trip. He was repeating the word “turnsies” in varying tones of voice. As I continued to roll up (horizontally across the wall at this point), I pondered the word. I then became aware of gravity pulling me down off the wall and came to a revelation:

“Turnsies... People turn... at the knees!”

As the meaning of the word set in I felt my right and left sides lift off the floor and mend back together with a sort of lip smacking noise. Nothing made any sense.

My friend reassured me that I had done salvia and was confused because I was coming down.
My friend reassured me that I had done salvia and was confused because I was coming down.
When he spoke I turned and looked, seeing him for the first time since the start of a trip. I had no idea what I was looking at. He was just this weird vertical pinkish thing with weird cloth stuck to its front. I literally couldn't remember what humans were. My thought process was along the lines of,

“Alright. I don't know what happened. What did I do, if I could only just remember. Salvia? What does that mean. What am I? I'm something on top of something between two flat somethings.”

I meant that I was a head on top of a body between a floor and a ceiling.

As I slowly began to remake sense of the world around me and my memories started to return, I became convinced that the two halves of my body had resealed nicely except for at the very top of my head where there was still a gap. As I rubbed the top of my head,

“Tape. I need... tape.”

“You want me to record this?” my friend replied, misunderstanding.

“Umm.” Putting my thoughts into words was hard enough, actually speaking them out loud was even more work. Having to explain what I meant was beyond me, which is actually a good thing because looking back at the video he took always makes us laugh. It contains me trying to push the two halves of my head together, finally realizing that I'm a real human, and coming to terms with the fact that despite how my legs felt, I actually did not piss my pants like I thought I did.

Nothing like an argument over whether you pissed yourself or not to strengthen a bond between two friends, that's what I always say.

Afterthoughts: My friend never really said the word “turnsies.” It was actually me who said it. Apparently after taking the second hit, I set the bong on the ground, the sat down on the floor indian style for five to ten minutes, after which I stood up and began talking about turnsies. After I came back to reality I felt groggy for about 45 minutes, then it passed and I went to sleep. I felt fine the next day, admittedly with a slightly altered perspective of existence after not only my first psychedelic experience, but one of the most intense psychedelic experiences I would ever have. The distortion of time while in the strange dim room was unbelievable. The comedown (after leaving the dim room) was extremely confusing and uncomfortable and left me with very mixed feelings about ever trying a similar dose.

All in all, something far more intense than whatever I expected. I still don't know of anything that could have prepared me for that experience, though if I had tripped on mushrooms or LSD prior to doing salvia, I think the earth shattering realizations like remembering who and, furthermore, what I was may have been at least a little more gentle.

Hell of a first real drug to do, I'll say that much.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 92279
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16 
Published: Dec 5, 2018Views: 1,706
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Entities / Beings (37), First Times (2)

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