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Meet the Police
MDMA & Hash
by tripland
Citation:   tripland. "Meet the Police: An Experience with MDMA & Hash (exp92291)". Aug 9, 2011.

  oral MDMA (powder / crystals)
    smoked Cannabis - Hash  

It was a week or 2 after my 27 birthday and my friend suggested that we will go to the north of Israel where is little rivers and nice place we can stay and do nice party Ö
So we drove to the north me, her and 2 dealers that were her friends. I had a few mg of MDMA and she told me to bring them so I put them in my wallet. (later u understand why I noticed that). The dealers brought MDMA and a big piece of hash.

We found a really cool place near the river with trees and we brought tent and stuff so we can feel like at home. The guys buried the big piece of hash and left some stuff that we can smoke and of course the MDMA. So we took some MDMA (I donít remember how much) and smoked hash and waited for the MDMA to start work. After about half an hour I start to feel sssssssso good the best of the best. I sat near the river and start feel the urge to stretch (it always happens to me on MDMA) so I lay on the earth pulling myself and enjoying every second. I think we put some music on and it was all so magical and peaceful. I think the guys didnít understand what the hell I'm doing but I didnít care. This MDMA was good and I felt fucking awesome.

Ok that was the nice partÖ after an hour or so we suddenly see a car coming real fast to the place we were. 2-3 policemans come out from their car and start making mess. I was all spaced out and stoned as hell. Didnít understand what is all the mess about. They start look in our stuff and what was weird is that they didnít look at the guys stuff only mine and my friend's stuff. So they look in my wallet and found the little MDMA I brought. They start shout it's cocaine and so and it all went really fast. They took me and friend and the guys came after us with the car. They took us to the local police station. They also found a little amount of hash that we smoked. All the way my friend was telling me to not say anything and mumble in my head. I was really confused and didnít know what's going to happen.

It was like in those movies about the good and bad policeman. I got the good one. He took me to a room and start ask me questions about the drugs. I told him it wasn't coke that it's MDMA. He didnít know what it was and I found it kinda funny and held myself not to laugh in his face. I saw him like 3-4 times as I was at the peak of my MDMA and it all was blurry . I started talking shit to him telling it's my first time and that I'm a good girl working in a good job and that I appreciate the police work (of course all bullshit) and so on and I hoped for the best. What was really funny it that outside the 2 dealers we came with sat and the policeman didnít search them. I will never understand that.

When I got outside I was really confused and paranoid. One of the dealers told me he can send someone to my house since I had all kinda drugs in my house. It was lucky that 2% of my brain was working so I told him that it's ok. He was making me real paranoid start say all kinda shit. My friend had less luck than me. She got body searched and sat there longer than me. Also it was her second time that policeman found drugs on her. Finally she came out. We went to one of the dealers brother's house. We couldn't drive like this though I really wanted to get the fuck out of there. Anyway we went to the house and I tried to sleep. All the high from the MDMA came into real paranoid and bad thoughts and I couldn't sleep. My friend and one of the dealers went outside. I was there alone with my bad thoughts going nuts. I thought that it was such a stupid idea since every drug head in Israel knows that the police love to make this arrest in those places. We came from Tel Aviv and in Tel Aviv I was never afraid of doing drugs. I just couldn't sleep and all I wanted this bad thing will be over. It was the first time the police found drugs on me though I do drugs since I was 17.

Anyway somehow the night was over and I called a friend of mine who lives in a kibutz there in the area and have spot near the river and it's close so we can be safe there. We went there I was in a bad mood all paranoid thinking what will happen with the police and how stupid I am and so on. I was all quiet close in my world feeling alone. My great trip on MDMA was ruined by the police and that all the high turned into a big down. I 'm sure we smoked a lot there to chill from all the shitty night we had. But I was so paranoid I kept looking all around to see if someone is coming. I went to the river and sat there alone trying to relax and enjoy what was left from the day before we come back. I remember they asked me if I'm ok cuzz I was really silent. What drove me so nuts was that it was such a great powerful MDMA and the police ruined it. I wanted to do it all again just to end it good and not bad. How fucked up is that?
Anyway we came back to Tel Aviv and of course I did drugs again. It was paranoid time and I took all the drugs I had in my house and buried them outside. My friend needed a lawyer to make a deal with the police. I had luck. They didn't opened a case it was just written in the police. The thing I remembered the most is that I really wanted to do MDMA again and feel the great high I ever had.

The conclusion from this is do drugs just donít do it where the police like to snoop.:)

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 92291
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 27 
Published: Aug 9, 2011Views: 15,833
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MDMA (3), Police / Customs (60) : Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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