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Exhausting Experience
by Pistolpete
Citation:   Pistolpete. "Exhausting Experience: An Experience with DPT (exp92298)". Dec 29, 2015.

T+ 0:00
35 mg insufflated DPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:25 20 mg vaporized DPT (powder / crystals)


When I received my package of DPT the first thing I did was smoked 10 mg. This created some body load and barely noticeable visuals. I used a piece of foil and a pen casing to smoke the dpt which proved to work extremely well later on that night.

snorted- 35mg
smoked(hcl salt)- 20 mg

T-0.00 - I lay out 55mg and cut it into two nearly equal lines one slightly bigger than the other, I snort the larger one (roughly 35mg). People really were not kidding about this drip. It doesn't burn the way any 2c's do, its just such a horrid taste.

T-0.05 - body load is already coming on, not to strong but almost like the last few minutes before a really intense mushroom trip kicks in.

T-0.15 - laying back in my recliner with all lights off listening to some music, very strong body high mind state beginning to shift but still no visuals. the drip has gotten much much worse. now more in a burning sense but just the fact that such a small amount of powder driping back fills my entire mouth with this bad flavor.

T-0.25- I decide I needs to bump it up but cant bare to snort more so I load the other 20 mg into a foily and smokes up. it was pretty hard to get the entire load of smoke in one hit but I did it. the taste was awful but it didnt burn the lungs to bad.

T-0.26 - instantly after smoking the body load kicks in and fucking hard, my entire body begun to vibrate it felt as if the energy from my muscles was pertruding out of my body.

T-0.35- I am trying to take everything in, trying to remember what I learned from 'the psychedelic experience' trying not to fight what is happening to me. the body load is now so strong that it physically hurts, not unbearably but I am in some physical pain from these body vibrations. The visuals are over the top intense. not like anything natural or really any other Rc I have done. they were so fast paced, complex, and constant it seemed impossible to take it in. it was hard to ever pay attention because so much was going on.

T-0.45- I'm getting slightly freaked out, not about the mental state of the trip or any usual bad trip issues. My muscles in my legs an arms seem to be twitching. Not strong but enough to see and feel it. I feel as though I keep peaking harder and harder that this effect will get worse. this stops with in the hour but is noticable for about half the trip.

T-1.00 - I have been watching the clock on my phone constantly now right on the edge of almost freaking out. I start to find releif that I'm at the 1 hour mark and things should begin to slow down. this entire time I could not listen to music, watch netflix/tv, play videogames, make art. anything normal felt so foreign and strange it was best to just sit back and watch the CEV's. At this point I put on my Ipod and big head phones. this seems like the drug that will go perfect with dubstep. I was right a little two right. I start listening to Skrillex. man the sounds from good dubstep sound so forgien and just out of this world. like it shouldnt be possible to make these sounds. I could physically feel everynote being played, every vibration that hit my ear shot through my whole body. the more beautiful and mezmorizing the melody the stronger the euiphoria. Not to mention the OEV's. every bump, note, base drop would send the patterns in my blinds, posters, walls shooting diffrent directions. certain sounds would trigger certain patterns, certain beats would controll certain motions it all worked in such harmony. it seemed as if the music was written to just to controll the visuals in these fashions. This all lasted for one song then I couldnt take it after that. it was increadible but so beyond belif that it began to freak me out.

T-1.20- I am finally comforitable the body vibrations and euphoria are just right. Strong vibrations of joy and pleasure are shooting through my whole body. it almost feel like the euaphoria from mdma or high doses of 2c-I. even at this level everything is so fast paced. My eyes are shuddering like they do on high doses of mdma. it nearly impossible to slowly move my eyes from side to side they just seem to shoot from one side to the other then just vibrate. its pretty enjoyable but a little unseatling that he cannot come down. the visuals now reseamble a very high dose of mushrooms (like between 5-7g). still rapped, complex and fast but atleast I can concentrate on them.

T-1.45 I am slowly starting to get closer and closer to baseline, I am relieved to start to understand things again and am now really enjoying this level of the trip

T -2.30- I am back to baseline still hallucinating and have strong euphoria but have full controll of my ego and consciousness. over the next hour I slowly come down and am able to fall asleep

this was a humbling and increadible experience. I didnt seem to find the kind of enlightenment I get from mushrooms or feeling of conectedness but pretty much every other trait of the tryptamine class. next time I will use the snorting then smoking method again but lower the dose on each and ease his was into it. I was very impressed with how powerful smoking the hycdrochloride salt was when most sources say it has near no effect. I want to convert and try it in its freebase form but this seems to work extremely well for now. thanks for reading.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 92298
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Dec 29, 2015Views: 2,691
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DPT (21) : Difficult Experiences (5), Alone (16)

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