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New Beauty
by Truth
Citation:   Truth. "New Beauty: An Experience with Methoxetamine (exp92302)". Aug 23, 2011.

  repeated insufflated Methoxetamine (powder / crystals)


I'm not going to mention all the drugs i've done in the past for, in my opinion, it is irrelevant to what we want to accomplish here and frankly, who cares. I will, however, mention that I have done Ketamine once in my life, back in 2002. I acquired a gram and that mixed with other various substances and alcohol has unfortunately caused me to forget much of the experience. What I do remember was coming out of the weekend and thinking K was a lot like getting drunk, but more fun and not nearly as taxing on the body. I never made it into a K-hole for I was inexperienced with the drug and truthfully afraid to go down that road. I am here to tell you Methoxetamine is a very interesting, enjoyable chemical. It is certainly not to be taken likely and should be respected. By that I mean no one should abuse the drug for their first time or two.

Long story short, I had recently ordered 525mg but got 1,050mg of MXE from a vendor on line. The chemical came in little plastic bags, each containing 35mg. I remember the first line I did, it hit me within 5 minutes. I walked around for the next 2 hours taking care of some errands and getting shit done, all the while feeling something. I have to say I didn't enjoy it at all. I just felt weird and heavy. About 3 hours later I did another 35mg, and maybe an hour later another 35mg, all in all doing probably 140-175mg in a 4 hour span. At this point, my method is 35mg every 45 minutes or so, doing 3-4 bags a night/session. I have found this to be much enjoyable, and certainly prolonging the session.

My most memorable experience with this drug was the second night experimenting, consuming 4 bags in 4 hours. I was lying in bed listening to Nightmares on Wax and chatting on facebook. I noticed this chemical makes me quite sociable, but after the second bag it gets hard for me to see. Lights become real bright, but small words on a small laptop screen aren't easy to read. And truthfully, even if i could read them, i'm not sure how much sense they would make. By the 3rd bag, i was just lying in bed and watching the visuals on my windows media player. After the 4th bag, i was engulfed in the visuals. The music and the visuals pulled me in. I wasn't tripping like shrooms or acid where i was seeing the colors float off the screen and around the room. No visuals for me like that. But i couldn't take my eyes of the computer, and between the music and the visuals, i was in another realm. All the while i physically felt warm, comfortable, and even a little euphoria. Not like E, i wasn't horny and rubbing things, but euphoria like my very first DXM experience.

All in all, I found this drug very similar to DXM, but as a lot of people out there put it, its cleaner. Not nearly as heavy on the brain and definitely not as taxing on the body the following day. I can say there is a hangover with it, much like the next day after doing 20-23 Coricidin . A lot of people claim there is no hangover, but with my method of doing bag after bag, every hour on the hour, i find there is a hangover. My ROA is insufflation. Haven't shot it yet, and don't think its worth doing sublingualy, in my opinion. It tastes kinda funky, after the initial rail and the drip, but I imagine thats to be expected when dealing with chemicals. Initial onset is typically 5 minutes, give or take, and the duration is probably a good 2 hours after the last bag. Believe it or not, I do not enjoy tobaccoo as much on this. I used to be a smoker and recently swtiched to chew, but I really don't enjoy either while on this chemical. Only negative side effect for me while on the chemical is i get cold easily.

Again I unfortunately can't remember my K experience and might as well say i never did it, but for those that love K and DXM, this is a winner in my book. I have already ordered another 1500mg. It has certainly grown on me and what i can appreciate the most is the fact that its legal and is a new substitute rather than having to consistently resort to Tussin and Coricidin to reach a 3rd and 4th plateau-like trip. Worth investing in 500mg to give it a shot. Again, for me, only need 140mg a night, and only ran me 50 bucks for 500mg. Not a bad deal.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 92302
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28 
Published: Aug 23, 2011Views: 26,306
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Methoxetamine (527) : General (1), Alone (16)

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