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And Then, the Paranoia Set in...
Methamphetamine & Cannabis
by Kanadian Tweaker
Citation:   Kanadian Tweaker. "And Then, the Paranoia Set in...: An Experience with Methamphetamine & Cannabis (exp9231)". Jul 2, 2004.

2 hits smoked Methamphetamine (powder / crystals)
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)
    smoked Cannabis (extract)


Lemme begin by sayin, watch out when you use meth! It's addictive shit! Me and my buddy lost 10 lb in a week on a meth binge so be careful!

Any prices quoted here are in CANADIAN. Multiply it by 1.55 for generic US exchange.

I have what's known as a RETENTIVE MEMORY, meaning I can recall things from memory in excruciating detail, so if you're not in the mood for a long, story-like trip report, stop reading right now!

This was my and my 2 buddies' first time usin meth. We'd gotten bored with a weed high and were looking for something that was 'bigger and better' and a friend of mine had told me stories of several of his own meth experiences. It sounded interesting so I decided this would be my 'bigger and better'.

I went over to B's house and called him on his complex intercom, I told him I had $20 and I wanted to buy something different today. He came out and we went back to my house. I called D and told him what was going down, he came over. D arrives and we go up to the Hotbox Hotel (our own personal house/fort in the local forest about 30 feet off the ground, 2 floors, carpet, walls, etc. it's a HOUSE!). Once we arrive there I use D's cell to call the dealer I was going to buy off of.

The Convo...
Dealer: Hello?
Me: Hey, got any ice?
Dealer: Yeah, how much?
Me: 2 pointer (Note: 2.0 grams)
Dealer: Meet me in 5 at the library parking lot
Me: Aight

I told B and D to wait behind and I biked over to the parking lot (thankfull it's near the Hotbox Hotel!). As he'd said, the dealer arrives 5 minutes later, I walk up pretending that I know him (knowing how this car dealing thing works from past weed experiences), and lean in the window, I look down at the dealers lap and there sits my baggie, I drop the $20 bill and pick up my baggie. 'This 2 grams?' I ask. '2.5 actually' he replies. I'm pleased with this, we smile, nod, I walk away, he drives off.

I bike back to the fort and I pull out my bulb, I empty the full 2.5 grams into my bulb and put the lid on it (Earlier I'd fashioned a lid for my bulb out of tin foil and electrical tape, works like a charm!) and melt it down. I take the lid off and inhale the vapors produced when I melted it. The taste is enough to make me gag initially. We wait for the pool of heaven in the bulb to cool into a large milky crystal. Once cooled, we heated up my first hit. The bulb is completely white. It looks like it did when it was new, before I'd cleaned it out.

I take the cap off and sip off the edge of the bulb. I inhale steadily and the bulb is half empty before I feel inside my lungs that I cannot take any more. I pull away and put the cap back on. I hold it in for a few seconds and exhale in B's direction. The cloud I exhale is so milky B's head disappears from view. All 3 of us think this is an amazing phenomenon and there is a 'Woah...' from all of us. I realize half my bulb is still full (fuller actually, as the hot glass made more vapor while I was exhalling etc.) and I uncap it and inhale the remaining vapor. This time I exhale in D's direction. Again his head disappears in the milky white cloud I exhale and we all 'Woah...' again.

I feel the head rush a few seconds later. A blinding surge of energy that makes me need to sit back. I sigh contentedly. I feel wonderful. B is nagging me for his hit. I sit up and heat him up a hit equal to mine. I pass him the bulb and he uncaps it and inhales half the bulb like I did. He gags and exhales some of his hit, he waits a second and blows out at me. Everything turns white and I stay in the white void for a few seconds after the smoke has gone. Reality fades back and all 3 of us 'Woah...' again. B finishes his hit, coping with the taste this time and exhales at D, the 3 of us remain silent this time, the phoenomena having gotten old already. B hands me the bulb back and I heat up D a hit. As I finish heating the hit up, B's hits kick in and he sits back and smiles, he blisses out for about 40 seconds during which D takes his 2 hits.

I lean back and watch D cap the bulb and put it beside me. I realize how much is left and smile to myself. We all bliss out for about 10 minutes before realizing we still have money. We pool together and come up with another $20. We go over to our regular weed dealers house and buy 2 joints (1 gram, $10) and a gram of oil (also $10). We return to the fort and snip up the bud. We give 2 Zig-Zags a nice thick layer of the oil. The oil is smooth and creamy and is a beatuiful gold color, one of the better batches I've bought from her before. We roll 2 joints with the oil papers and I put them behind each ear. There's still about $5 of oil left and D has a cig, so we decide to do oil hoots off it. We cut a pop bottle in half and use it as a hooter. We smoke the remainder of the oil in this fashion and kick back and chill for a bit. I pull my discman out of my bag and put some music on.

Right about now everything is a bit fuzzy in my memory, I'll do my best to recall it.

After putting my music on we did more bulb hits, and we smoke the large puddle way down. The entire inside of the bulb is now covered in a thick layer of white residue, which I planned earlier on saving for later. There's still about 0.2 grams of the large puddle left and I decide to save it for later with the coating of residue. I cap the bulb and put it in my bag.

I take one of the oil joints from my ear and light it. It goes around forever, the oil creating a professional slow burn. We're trippin hard when we roach the first joint. I pull out the second one and we repeat. We fall on our asses hard. Life fades away and we all enter a void where there's just the 3 of us in a warm, dark void. Nothing exists outside of the void, but we don't really exist inside the void. It's a very interesting effect. We enjoy this feeling for an unknown amount of time. We then venture outside the fort to the ground below, we find wood and nails and the energy boost from all the meth kicks in.

We spend the next several hours working on the extension to the fort we've been making. 6:00p swings around and D's parents phone and tell him to come home for dinner, so he leaves. Me and B still have a half hour before he has to go. By now the weed has worn off but we're still tweaking hard. Can't stop moving, can't sit still. Can't stop talking, talking extremely fast. We can only understand each other because we're both in this same hyperactive state. Me and B chill for a while until 6:30p. B goes home and I remain at the fort, still having a full hour before having to return for dinner at 7:30p.

At about 7:00p D returns and we chill till 7:30p and both go back to my place. D waits on the porch while I go inside. It's Friday so my parents had ordered pizza. I pack up a few slices (even though I felt like I'd never eat again, but my stomach kept gurgling hungrily. I was hungry, but I felt no desire or need to eat, it's a weird feeling) and me and D go and call B on his complex intercom. He is just finishing dinner and we all return to the fort. I pick at a slice of my pizza and manage to choke down 2 slices. 2 remain. We're all still tweaking hard, but are starting to feel a little brought down, so we finish off the remnants of the puddle, but I insist on leaving the residue behind so I had something for later. We spend the remainder of the evening until 10:30p chilling and laughing and building on the fort. We all go home.

11 1/2 hours pass, I do not sleep. I spend about 7 hours on my computer, and about 4 1/2 hours lying on my bed, under the covers, eyes closed, screaming inside. I cannot sleep... I lie there in the unearthly silence for 4 1/2 hours...

It's now noon the next day, D calls me, he informs me he didn't sleep. I tell him I didn't either. We estimate that B didn't either. D says he's gonna come over and we hang up. B phones. He informs me he also did not sleep, but instead spend the remainder of the night until about 5:00a writing letters to his mother. Past that he would write a question or part of a conversation on a piece of paper as if he were talking to his girlfriend (who was in Winnipeg for the week visiting family) and then a reply would be written back to him by nothingness, the writing appeared on the paper by itself and in handwriting, which B can't do! I've seen the letters myself and can tell beyond any reasonable doubt that that is NOT his handwriting in the replies, but it IS his printing on his side of the conversation. We spook out at this and store them away somewhere safe.

We return to the fort and all get very buzzed off the residue in the bulb and spend the next several hours working on the fort. We come down and scrape change together and buy a gram of weed. We go back to the fort and smoke it and spend the remainder of the day tripping out in the fort.

All in all this experience was FUCKING SWEET and it's been repeated several times. Meth is a wonderful drug when used responsibly and the interaction it has with weed when smoked is breathtaking at medium-high dosages.

Bulb responsibly! Don't forget to 4:20 and don't forget to EAT! Even if you aren't hungy, EAT GODDAMNIT!

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9231
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 2, 2004Views: 25,267
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Methamphetamine (37), Cannabis (1) : Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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