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Joy Ride
by Radiozead
Citation:   Radiozead. "Joy Ride: An Experience with DMT (exp92322)". Apr 20, 2021.

1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  10 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
    smoked Cannabis  
  1 hit smoked DMT  


DMT Joy Ride

The day I took DMT I had also taken a 10 mg Adderall and a Hofmann blotter tab an hour before. Starting to trip well at my friendís house a few hours before a Flaming Lips concert he asks if I want to try some DMT. He said that we should take turns (one person at a time), phones off, and no talking while the other person is talking, he also let me go first. I inhaled seeing only ash stuffed in the bowl (he said it was underneath the ash) I took in a slow but strong inhale and felt the sticky taste go in quick but not harsh.

Instantaneously I started seeing green horizontal and vertical laser beam lights making squares in the air everywhere. Where there was a camping lantern on the table I saw this Green wire connected to it and at the top of the lantern a red light flashed and then dotted itself down the lamp, down the table, onto the floor, up the chair Iím sitting in and to the bowl Iím still holding. As if my bowl was connected to the lamp across the room 6 feet away by some mystical circuitry wire that I had never seen there before. It was the most miraculous hallucination I ever had so I leaned up from my seat to observe it as I had no idea what it was and then all of a sudden my eyes snaked down out of my head onto the floor (as if going through the green wire tube) and it went up the table and to the lantern, which had now become some kind of complex lever device for taking me into another dimension. I basically was looking into the floor and then zoomed fast around all the objects on the floor and then sunk into the floor again and took a circular loop through this other dimension, kind of like a Ferris wheel ride or like a slot machine. It happened so fast where I saw all these mechanical neon colored bars and ladders of swirling underground imagination land. Like some kind of a virtual pinball machine where I was bouncing through all these neat colors of random space. And then I was right back in my the chair I had been sitting in all along, like returning from a roller coaster ride through Space Mountain.

The next truly intense experience was seeing this painting of a alien monster our friend painted on my friends wall a couple of months ago, come to life. Bare in mind our foreign creature was painted with six arms three heads and evil fanged teeth, but a curiously friendly smile, as well as several different shaped eyes all blinking and turning to look at me, as well as nodding his three heads up and down. This is a life size painting that I have seen on the wall there for months now but never expected it to communicate with me like it did. The alien monsterís looking at me as well as several other faces that start morphing out of the walls looking at me with neon yellow eyes. The faces would prove to me that they knew I was observing them and would change expressions. On the alien painting that has three heads, the two side heads would switch from happy to sad grins and alternate with each other. I was looking at the alien and it was nodding its head with a big happy grin basically looking at me like 'Yeah, Iím real. Come with me' as it pointed to the corner of the room where there was this spiral vortex that it wanted to boost me through as long as I allowed it for myself. My eyes zoom across the room into the vortex and the next thing I know is this weight inside my chest felt like it was getting pulled through my head and there was this crazy orange golden strobe light effect.

At this point I was positive I was about to die and so I started shaking myself trying to get out of it. I'm right back in the chair and it's looking at me like 'Why? You don't want to see what I have to show you?' and Iím like shaking my head 'No.' to the alien painting on the wall. I say to my friend in a panic sweat 'I donít know if I can go there right now man, I want to be able to come back into my body and be O.K' He assured me that I would be O.K and that it does take you back whenever you want. The alien painting was watching us from the other side of the room still and is looking at me like 'It'd be a shame if you didnít see whatís on the other side, but the decision is completely up to you.Ē The painting was looking at me with a concerned expression because it knew my exact thoughts even before I could express them verbally to my friend in the room also. I felt the portal in the room being opened up and the alien looked over at it and then back at me again, as if to say 'You sure? Last chance?' and then I put the bowl down and said to my friend possibly another time. I saw certain colors like pinks in some paintings glow but it starts to ease back to normalcy. I was completely back to normal within five minutes although I was convinced the painting was still watching us. It had stopped moving but it was like some kind of magical wizard spell, where if I took another hit of DMT he'd come right back waving his arms and dancing and grinning to show me the rest of his hyper-dimensional arcade machine.

Things just felt like they had a sixth sense to them for the rest of the night, right after I came down, our other two friends came to his house and before they opened the door to his room. The alien looked at the door and move his arm slight up as if to point at the door a fraction of a second before it opened. Something tells me that DMT might be more than just a dream tripping drug, and that we can possibly communicate with aliens in another dimension with it. Or at least, everything is relative to our minds and I donít think that I couldíve imagined all that alien communication and weird wired lights zoom me into a vortex on my own. It kind of made me realize there's a lot to our brains that we don't seem to use anymore but was definitely part of ancient cultures with spiritual rituals involving masks and cave paintings being real creatures to them when they tried this stuff.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 92322
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Apr 20, 2021Views: 90
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DMT (18) : Entities / Beings (37), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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