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Day Dreaming
by Yates
Citation:   Yates. "Day Dreaming: An Experience with DMT & LSD (exp92347)". Jan 19, 2018.

1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  1 hit smoked DMT  


Before I begin I have to say that overall, as an experience, a DMT trip can never be explained in even a hundredth of a degree. I will try to explain what I remember.

I live fairly close to London and on the odd occasion me and a few of my friends travel up to go to the Psy Trance raves. I had been raving hard since Thursday night at parties and squats and on the Monday morning I prepared myself for my first ever hit of Dimethyltryptamine. I had taken acid, speed and smoking weed every day since Thursday and on Saturday and Sunday I took MDMA and Ketamine. I had had very little sleep and virtually nothing to eat for the whole duration of my 5 day drug fuelled rampage.

I had always wanted to smoke DMT despite the reports and research I had found about it, but never the less it was never my intention to smoke it this time round. I won’t tell you about my experience on the other drugs because that is another story, but as a whole; taking strong acid (Shiva tabs) for 5 days mixed with other drugs does take its toll on me mentally; I had dived head first into many new trips. I had a lot of acid experience but never in such large and strong varieties. On the Sunday night I took one last tab of acid and was still feeling the effects when the sun came up on Monday. On the Monday morning at the after party of the rave my friend sold me some DMT. I had no idea what I was looking for but I trusted him and paid 15 pounds for a hit.

At the squat I showed someone who had experience with it and he gave me lots of advice and also a pipe to smoke it with. ‘The pipe that you smoke DMT through should only be used for DMT because DMT is special, spiritual.” He prepared me for what I was about to do ‘It will hit you and it will take you. Then it will leave you with something.” As the sun rose I went outside with a friend and laid down in some tall bright yellow flowers. Completely enveloped by nature we took the pipe and loaded the nn-DMT into the pipe. I was advised to take ¾ of what I had due to the size of the hit I had been given. My friend lit the pipe as I held it, my heart pounding and my hands shaking as I understood what I was about to do. The smoke began to fill the pipe and I sucked, drawing the hot harsh smoke back into my throat.

I hate to say it but it really did taste like tennis balls! Whilst reading this keep in mind – what I have to say about DMT is, is it like every trip I have ever had on any other drug times by about 1000, concentrated down into ten minutes. There is a sense of multidimensionality and one can feel and see things in impossible ways. During the whole time I was on DMT, I could see multiple trips occurring at once; you’ll see what I mean:

As I sucked it began to grab me, I kept sucking and as I did my vision went black and I had the brightest fractals charging towards me, they felt ‘real’ almost as if they had life - This was one of the few times throughout the whole trip that I actually felt slightly scared! I fell back and opened my eyes. I began rushing towards a slab of bright yellow, but at the same time I was flying down a wide and busy street with shops on either side and whilst this was happening I felt as if I was standing up in a park that I had been to before with trees either side of me and a lake in front of me. I was in awe of the power of what I could see. My hairs are standing on end now just thinking about it. It continued to change and develop; the flowers around me bend and twisted past me, they moved around and formed together changing colour and texture. I looked at my clothes and I had flowing fractals traveling all over my body. I felt euphoric and reborn, looking back now the world looked new and freshly formed. I had High Definition viewing to a degree where I could stare into the sky and see another sky and another sky until the world became an interlinking web. I felt disconnected to myself and connected to the world. It seemed as if my soul had been projected onto the universe so that I could see it.
I felt disconnected to myself and connected to the world. It seemed as if my soul had been projected onto the universe so that I could see it.

My friend was there to look after me, I was worried that I had hot ashes in my mouth and I thought I had things on my face but after a second I had forgotten and the intensity of the trip distracted me. I couldn’t work out whether he was actually doing anything or if It was in my head. He repeated the phrase “your cool man, your cool” over and over, which stayed the same every time I heard it yet would warp in a way that I cannot explain. It was like having a 6th sense, a connection with the world around me. At one point I began to think ‘what if this doesn’t stop? What if I haven’t smoked DMT at all and I’m just insane?” once again those thoughts just diminished as I realised the beauty and totally insane perspective I had on the world.

I cannot explain anymore. There are no words for it. When it was finished I didn’t feel as refreshed as many people said I would, yet I had been in a binge for 5 days! I turned to my friend and he said what did you think. I loved it yet I said to him, “its just there. Its there isn’t it. You can’t explain it, because its just there.”

I strongly believe that there is something more to DMT. I think it is something spiritual about it. It isn’t a trip, it is a dream, a dream whilst you are awake; a day dream. It taps into your imagination and releases it in unimaginable ways. It makes no sense, yet it makes sense. All I can say is, you will never understand until you smoke it. I rushed into it and managed to have a good trip. I doubt that happens too often. Good luck.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 92347
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Jan 19, 2018Views: 921
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DMT (18) : Combinations (3), Multi-Day Experience (13), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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