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It Needed to Be Respected But I Didn't
Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids ('Post Ban' products) & Tobacco
Citation:   JSB2010. "It Needed to Be Respected But I Didn't: An Experience with Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids ('Post Ban' products) & Tobacco (exp92368)". Erowid.org. Sep 3, 2011. erowid.org/exp/92368

  repeated smoked Products - Spice-Like Smoking Blends  
    repeated smoked Tobacco  
  1 mg sublingual Pharms - Alprazolam (pill / tablet)
Having gone a month without a 'smoking blend' and switching back to normal weed, which went fine. Very little of a withdrawal (used for about 4 months, different strengths from weak to what I thought was strong). I am not sure on the brands due to the tobacco store selling it by the gram out of big glass jars with just the name on it (max, ultimate, m-90 but no brand name). The other I would smoke was called Homegrown revisited, now from my understanding the head shop I would buy this at made their own. It was pretty strong lasted like 4 hours but was a normal weed high, a little heavier but all in all weed. But of course trying everything else in between, but those 2 spots were my main suppliers.

July 1st 2011 was when this *ban* was going into place and all the head shops and tobacco stores around here pulled their products. Well I made friends with the owners and one of the sales girls who was still selling the original product for 5 dollars a gram. But when I found out it was a schedule 1 now I just went without.

A quick background of my past drug use, weed, alcohol, dxm, salvia, mdma, adderal, ritilan, crystal meth, bath salts, mushrooms, PCP, special K, so its also safe to say I am experienced with psychoactives of all sorts.

Like I said before I had gone about a month or so without any blends and I knew that something would come along sometime. I live right next to the border of Wisconsin and one day I am not sure why I called a head shop right over the border to see if maybe they still sold it. (as I wasnít able to find any useful info on the 'newer ban') The guy said they just got some in, and it was 20$ for 3 grams! I was so excited I jumped in my car made the 30 min drive and got it. It was called Blue Jay Potpourri, and the clerk said it was *post ban*. On the package it said contained NO SYNTHIC CHEMS but instead botanical extracts. Now up until now I had no way of smoking any blends with a pipe, hence I rolled it either with a split of tobacco or just a straight joint. Before I even started the car to drive home I decided to try it I couldnít wait I was so excited. [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!] Well the blend was moist, very moist and burned weird, awful taste (blueberry flavor), and most of all NO REAL EFFECTS, I mean I felt a very mild sedation (not too different then taking a melatonin before bed). I was pissed, angry and now I had to drive all the way back. I went to a friends house we will call A and we both tried it again ( A had also been a very heavy smoker of the other blends that I smoked). Anyway we both figured well they tried but failed bad at trying to get something like a good ole jwh product. Well I researched it a bit couldnít find anything on 'botanical extracts' and I also found the product I got was one of the worst rated ones online. I figured it was fun while it lasted but it must be done with smoking blends. BOY WAS I WRONG.

About a week later I was hanging with A and we were playing the game almost all pot heads know, trying to find weed. Usually it wasnít that hard but it was a pain this day. Anyway after hours of no luck I went to the tobacco store by her house to buy some rolling tobacco. I just happened to look under the counter and see little clear plastic jars that said NYC Potpourri and there was alot of different flavors and such. I was of course interested again and not being able to find weed I was like well what the hell I'll try it again. Now this stuff was 12$ for a gram, I asked the clerk what was the strongest and he pointed to the little square packages that looked just like the blends most places used to sell, but with the *post ban* stuff on them, they were 22 a gram. I went with the 12$ gram and it was called NYC Potpourri Manhattan madness. Of course not expecting anything just went back to A's house and we packed a bowl. We were both excited but not expecting a damn thing.

First hit- smooth very smooth not much flavor and I felt the tingling in the head I usually got.

Second hit- same but of course wondering if it would do anymore or just stop with the
tingles. 30 seconds later I was looking at A and I all of a sudden started feeling goosebumps all
over my body and my hearing was getting different, I noticed A was feeling something to. Then all of a sudden I was thrown into a different world, one I can only compare with PCP and Special K ALOT! Within 5 mins of smoking I was having a full blown panic attack, tripping balls scared, not realizing what just happened to me. I remembered A had a few xanax in her bathroom and since I was feeling like I was going to have a heart attack from this trip I threw it under my tongue and waited. My heart finally calmed down but the trip didnít stop, I was extremely disconnected from reality, hence to me why it felt just like PCP, I mean colors looked the same as when I used PCP, sounds, the way everything seemed to tie into something that happened to me a long time ago and I would get weird feeling of deja vu, I was miserable I couldnít look at the container it had come in, that would make me panic more, I threw away any other drugs I had on me, its like a had a life changing event.

About 25 mins after I took the first hit it started to wear off, but what was really really odd was the euphoria I got after the hell of a trip started. It was amazing, I felt my trip wasnít really that bad, That I had either smoked too much or just wasnít ready for it. But just like when I would come down from pcp or special k, even with bad trips, I always convinced myself they were ok. So I did the same here. I got the stuff I had thrown away and went to talk to A. A had said it was more intense then she normally felt but not much different, I just had never felt anything like that with any other blends I had tried. I was interested very interested so I decided on my way home to buy another gram but try a different blend, I got one called magic bus and it was damn strong also but more psychedelic. I smoked a combo of both before I went to bed and felt good like really good like a very light *trip* ( I know it was from how fast my tolerance to this stuff grows and I hadnít waited very long to try to combo) So I didnít expect it to hit me like that every again.

The next morning I wake up and decide to try another bowl of the first one I bought, same thing this time feeling like I got hit by a train but without the panic attack, but the dissociative feeling that came with these blends was insane. A bad trip again, where I questioned every move I had made in my life nothing was real, everything looked the same but really scary. But again had the amazing euphoria after it, I decided the end wasnít worth the bad trip so I decided to not try it again. But a few hours later I tried the magic bus blend by itself not thinking anything would happen because of my experience with it the other day, but this stuff makes me actually forget that I had a tiny tolerance by that point and that it wont hurt to go balls to the wall with it again, but this time just like the other blend but not as bad of a trip, colors where a lot cooler but still scared etc.

This goes on for a few days, I feel like I am hooked on Special K and PCP again (the only real drugs I ever had an 'addiction' to). The 'high' sucks, I hate the come up and the euphoria wasnít that great anymore. But I cant stop smoking it, great just fucking great.

I am writing this report on like the 4th day of smoking this stuff, I smoked once this morning with almost a panic attack, and then I detoxed myself for the rest of the day. It sucks really bad I still have a gram and a half to smoke and I probably will, but I know if I donít stop I wont and it wasnít pretty last time. Not to mention the other night I awoke from a dead sleep cause the effects had wore off, had to smoke more then go to bed.

I donít know what chemicals they are using this time around, I just know they affect me in a scary and very addicting way. Feeling withdrawals today scared me enough to stop after what I have. And quite possibly stopping all mind altering drugs after this. I am sure I could find less intense blends, and I am sure it is causing a 'flashback' of sorts to make it feel like the special K and PCP, but out of the all the trips, I lost count but a TON maybe 2 of them were good and not great just better. Either way I am done, I wouldnít recommend this to anyone and for once I feel this should be illegal. Or at least come with a warning on it because of everyone I have talked to about this blend has said the same thing it is so much stronger then anything else they have tried, I mean if I had been driving it could have been fatal.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 92368
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26
Published: Sep 3, 2011Views: 18,611
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