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Relief at Last
Citation:   Novel Zephyr. "Relief at Last: An Experience with Methiopropamine (exp92416)". Erowid.org. Aug 15, 2011. erowid.org/exp/92416

  insufflated Methiopropamine (daily)
I have experienced narcoleptic symptoms for roughly a dozen years; and no treatment, mainstream or otherwise, has exhibited fewer side-effects than methiopropamine (i.e. MPA). For the first eight years, I treated my symptoms with ever-increasing quantities of caffeine, before it became practically ineffective and its side-effects became intolerable. I have since tried countless chemicals, with 120mg doses of DXM three times daily at four-hour intervals (however strange that may sound) demonstrating the greatest benefit-to-cost ratio, until my discovery of MPA. Unfortunately, I've only been using MPA for five days, now; so I have too few experiences for an accurate assessment of long-term consequences. Formal therapy has proven utterly pointless, however; hence, this account will likely come with a follow-up, after a few months have passed.

Though I plan on ordering a scale as soon as I receive my next check, I presently have none for making measurements. My first order was for 500mg of MPA, and I have approximated my doses by dividing the initial quantity into smaller, equal volumes. Especially on the first day, a mild compulsion to repeat administration has been present; and I consequently plan, as well as recommend, to consume it orally, when used on a regular basis like I have.

My first dose was approximately 25mg, around 1PM; and effects were noticeable within 20 minutes. My otherwise constant urge to sleep was thoroughly repressed, replaced by an eagerness to talk and mild, caffeine-like head-rush. Administration of a roughly equal quantity was repeated about 30 minutes after the first, which was soon followed by a slight, tolerable anxiousness. Unlike my prior encounters with amphetamines, and contrary to my expectations, MPA did not induce intrusive (or 'creative') thoughts. Though this was initially somewhat disappointing, I later discovered that MPA also failed to induce insomnia and suspect that these two effects (i.e. creative thoughts and insomnia) may be inseparable.

[I feel a need to note that my girlfriend, who very rarely uses any drugs other than caffeine and OTC painkillers, experienced intense insomnia following a day that I gave her a single oral dose of approximately 60mg, at 3PM (the lateness of the dose was obviously foolish). She reported sleeping only from 4:30AM to 6AM; though she typically sleeps from 2AM to 11AM. The side-effect of insomnia seems to depend heavily on one's physiology.]

My eagerness to talk and head-rush were no longer present about two hours after initial administration; however, my otherwise constant urge to sleep did not return. The comedown was extremely smooth; and, although I didn't feel tired, I found myself able to sleep, when I decided to do so, around 11PM that night. This was particularly unusual, because I typically experience an ironic difficulty when trying to attain sleep at night. Fewer than thirty minutes were needed, between trying to sleep and managing to do so, unlike the hour or two that I usually need (after sunset), which is especially challenging after a day of using any other chemical that effectively keeps me awake during daylight's hours.

I have continued using twice daily, typically at 10AM and 2PM, at doses between 10mg and 50mg (for daily totals of 20mg to 100mg) depending on how demanding I expect the day to be. The side-effects (such as the mild anxiousness and compulsion to repeat use) have been proportionate to dosage, but generally lessen with each passing day. Another contradiction of my expectations (based on personal experiences with amphetamines and Erowid's page on methiopropamine's effects) has been that MPA does not appear to increase my libido; however, my sexual drive has always been quite low, so this was not remarkably unusual.

Overall, I'm more impressed by the medical prowess of those who discovered and distribute this 'research chemical' than I have been with my last four years of formal therapy by 'legitimate' establishments. I can hardly imagine a means of thanking MPA's suppliers enough.

Reported Dose: '20 mg to 100 mg per day Insufflated']

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 92416
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Aug 15, 2011Views: 19,152
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