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Observations on Psychoactive Effects of MMDA
Citation:   Irving. "Observations on Psychoactive Effects of MMDA: An Experience with MMDA (exp92426)". Erowid.org. Apr 26, 2014. erowid.org/exp/92426

210 mg oral MMDA (powder / crystals)
[This report originally appeared as a typewritten page pasted into Book 1, pages 42-45 of the Shulgin Lab Books.]

Report Of Subjective Observations on Psychoactive Effects of Methoxy Methylene Dioxy Amphetamine

Subject: Irving

11:20 a.m., Saturday, September 1, 1962 - 210 mg. MMDA orally (100 kg--->1.8 mg/kg as free base)

MMDA tastes awful. The bitter alkaloid taste is followed by a distinctly chemical laboratory flavor as if from old rubber tubing. This is easily dissipated by a drink of fruit juice and cookies. Nothing seems to happen for about 45 minutes when rather suddenly an anvil seems to lower itself over your head; you feel disoriented, and tend to withdraw from social contact a little. In an hour you feel like wandering off into the hills to be alone. This drug gives less felling of being ill than mescaline. The affect definitely reaches a climax with a pleasant afterglow following. Apparently there is no profound motor coordination problem. Although I didn't feel too steady, I could run down hill at full speed without falling. Would probably have trouble juggling though.

200 mg. MMDA yields that 'Sunday afternoon' feeling of desiring to lie down and enjoy life; a luxurious feeling of 'layback.'

No enhancement of colors in visual scene (except some greenish tinge in faces) but on closing eyes hallucinations appear to be quite real in 3-D; like watching a movie. First these dreams appear in black and white but later color starts appearing. Chartreuse and magenta first appear, then blue and finally red. First had visions of large numbers on gaming tables, then people. MMDA appears to bring dreams to the conscious level; is a link between the subconscious and the conscious.

There is a desire to lie down and sunbathe. One must be hot for he perspires profusely lying in the sun but he doesn't feel heat - just comfortable warm feeling inside; languorous and at peace with the world. The drug induces a profound feeling of relaxation. Visual hallucinations with eyes closed are vivid, colorful, 3D and appear quite real. One tends to be somewhat anti-social or maybe more pro-nature, enjoying the open air, field and trees more than being in a crowd.

Commentary on tape during experience:

'I've never had a drug affect me like this. I'd have sworn it were opium if I didn't know it were illegal. The colors I got were magenta, fuchsia and chartreuse , mainly. Then I began to get some of the reds at about 12:45. Then marvelous visions filled with little translucent spheres of chartreuse, blue, gold, yellow and red, which cascaded down a glass stairway in waves like brightly multicolored marbles. There is a feeling of consciousness yet not really being here in the world. I don't remember the things that happened just a short time ago. Slowly, the whole thing has been building up of fleeting visions. The big tendency is simply to lie back, not necessarily to got to sleep, but to relax completely out in the sun and just to enjoy this feeling of luxurious languor. 'I am prone to be prone.' I feel just a little bit incoherent, possibly slightly ataxic. Here, just lie out in the sun; I've never been so completely relaxed by anything before. This is a fine way to sidestep worries and just enjoy life. At times I have feelings of lucidity and contact with the world and I can wander around, up and down the hillside, among the fields and trees with no problems at all. But then a little later I want to get away from people and just lie down with my thoughts and visions. There are no feelings about feelings. The euphoric state comes in waves like a great prolonged orgasm. When the drug effects start wearing off, one feels what might best be described in the marriage manuals as the 'afterglow.'

I think 200 mg is an excellent dose. Here I drop in on my sub-conscious without going to sleep altogether. There is a little feeling of depersonalization. Earlier in the day I felt my legs and feet were detached from my body when I nodded my head from side to side; an illusion somewhat akin to the Pulfrich effect causing the lighted end of a cigarette to appear to detach itself from the body of the cigarette when waved in a semi-darkened room.

Just now on closing my eyes, I am able to see some very brilliant regal purple velvet encrusted with silver broaches on an ermine white background. The scene changes to a rich golden effulgent light pervading everything when I turn with eyes closed towards the sun. However, in shading the eyes, the whole scene becomes drenched in brilliant blue. A feeling of warmth and gregariousness pervaded me as the drug began to wear off. It was most pleasant to be with people and to communicate to them the feelings and visions I had recently experienced. Paul lost his memory for names temporarily. Heads cleared around 4:00 p.m.

This drug should sell as a relaxant and euphoriant. The psychoanalysts should be able to make good use of it if in fact it proves to be as it seemed to me, a conscious link with the subconscious. It seems dreams are experienced while being awake and very real appearing scenes flit by as if in the movies. I have never felt so profoundly relaxed. Felt fine the next day. Slept ten hours and felt relaxed and refreshed on awakening.

Exp Year: 1962ExpID: 92426
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 26, 2014Views: 11,559
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MMDA (593) : Alone (16), Hangover / Days After (46), Nature / Outdoors (23), First Times (2), General (1)

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