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Subjective Response
by Alexander Shulgin
From Shulgin Archives Collection
Citation:   Alexander Shulgin. "Subjective Response: An Experience with DMMDA (exp92429)". Sep 9, 2011.

24.7 mg oral DMMDA (powder / crystals)

[This report originally appeared as handwritten notes in Book 1, pages 41-43 of the Shulgin Lab Books.]

Subjective Response to DMMDA.

Date: Nov. 15 1962
Subject: Alexander Shulgin
Observer: A.O.

Dose 24.7mg (<0.3 mg/kg) 7:17 AM. All times corrected to this. I shall transcribe my notes taken throughout the experiment, as far as they are legible.

Comments are added in [].

1:15 Intoxication hit - very very like LSD eyes 30% dilated [there was absolutely no preliminary warning in the form of nausea]

1:45 Shaky - leg problem [knees a little weak] not much more intoxicated - eyes 50% dilated.

1:55 Into head - mild depersonalization (as w/ LSD) - took crap, wiped - sans really caring - eyes closed - slight early - mescaline clouds - no color [this was last urination in nearly 4 hrs - cannot recall amount voided]

2:00 Time seems slightly slowed - warm feeling in genitals - may yet be nauseated [handwriting deteriorating]. Tried to proof-read a couple of papers - wow [actually did an excellent job]

2:05 teeth rubby - legs w/ ataxia (very mild) still feel a little urpy.

2:10 talk a little garbled - taste in throat of something eaten a couple of hours ago (nothing) - slight nausea

2:10 arm ataxia now too [handwriting quite bad]

2:15 good & drunk now - no motion, no color.

2:20 time subjectively slowed - feel that several people have become aware - AO assures me not so. pulse 92 [felt guilty being in back of lab looking at clock for such a long 15 seconds - felt certain I was conspicuous]

2:30 I am certainly as intoxicated as under 80 (micrograms) LSD.

2:35 subject AQ knows [he didn't, when I confided in him later] AO says no - must remember molasses joke [which undoubtedly seemed much more funny then it was - I laughed uproariously]

3:00 must be paranoid [I sure was] - I am sure Uma knows but how can I ever find out - paradox of observation - reflexes are excellent though coordination pretty grim [handwriting pretty grim too]

3:15 into dark room - interesting 3D effect from nude on door - must check [actually it was a photograph of the cushion she was resting on that had the 3D effect - had to feel to make sure button and cushion weren't attached in reality to the door] afraid of discovery - coming out - seen by both Val and Wind -
they both looked at me strangely - verified that they couldn't have seen me come out of dark room Janitors closet [true] druggedness of lots LSD - but seem to be able to cope w/ people

3:25 teeth still rubby - no nausea

4:05 mental stuff going fast - I am hyperthyroid - but luckily w/ pretty good coordination - intoxicated still - going full blast. I may recover [at this time I sailed into stockroom to wrap a gram bottle of methylenedioxy amphetamine for Gladys - swept in did the job - swept out quickly & efficiently]

4:25 lucid - clear

4:45 eat lunch - mouth doesn't quite work right yet [the apple was almost too much][and seemed incredibly noisy]

5:15 seem to be out of the drug OK [handwriting normal]

5:45 occurs to me to urinate. Hadn't all morning. Small pass - strong color [no odor] right eye still dilated, left almost normal [It seems to be difficult to function the muscles necessary to urinate - could there be a little paralysis?]

6:05 teeth still disturbingly rubby. I'm going to load up on coffee.

7:15 (2:30 real time) passed another 50 cc urine - color O.K. all will be O.K. - write all this up now [which I just did, at this time].

End of concurrent notes. time 3:00 PM (7:45 of experiment)

At 8hrs - urinate again - but muscles still don't seem to be right - also still some tremor in hand - tingle in legs. apparently really have some ache shock.

Eye dilation gone at 8:00 PM (13 hrs) and urination apparatus worked normally. slept well - AM - excellent spirits.

Exp Year: 1962ExpID: 92429
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 37 
Published: Sep 9, 2011Views: 9,588
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DMMDA (554) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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