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Death-Rebirth-Transformation Experience
DMT, LSD, 2C-E & Cacti
Citation:   champ. "Death-Rebirth-Transformation Experience: An Experience with DMT, LSD, 2C-E & Cacti (exp92452)". Dec 26, 2012.

T+ 0:00
3 hits   LSD
  T+ 0:00     Cacti - columnar
  T+ 5:00 25 mg   2C-E
  T+ 8:00 2 hits smoked DMT
I have been experimenting with DMT a bit recently and have had some positive experiences and a few somewhat frightening experiences. I hadn't yet figured out how to get the most out of the drug and often felt unsatisfied with it. Generally, smoking DMT will cause me to feel an intense electricity in the body, I get closed-eye visuals of complex three dimensional fractals and outer space galactic imagery and feel myself hurtling forward in space and time at a very fast speed. I never have seen or felt entities or entered into what I thought was a fully immersive environment where consensus reality disappears. When I open my eyes on DMT usually the visuals I am seeing become a layer superimposed on top of reality. I wanted to have a more intense DMT trip and thought that smoking it while on acid would probably provide that. The first time I smoked DMT at the tail end of an acid trip, it was still not deep enough, reality stayed firmly there with my eyes open and although the body energy was incredible -- I still felt like I wasn't fully 'breaking through' or however you would like to conceptualize an intense and fully-realized DMT trip.

I was spending the week at a friend's lake house and was dedicated to going very far out on a variety of psychedelics over a multi-day period. Pretty much a psychedelic binge and although I trip a lot in general I do space out my trips more than what you read in this report. On Saturday morning I did some gentle yoga with a friend, ate breakfast and 3 hits of acid that I estimated to be around 75 micrograms each. As I got higher I was feeling really good and went for a swim in the pristine lake, surrounded by mountains. The acid trip was settling in very comfortably with euphoric, oceanic feelings of being at peace in the universe. I was physically dissolving and while in the lake I felt both infinitely small and totally connected to nature and the water where my body was floating. I went up to the cabin and drank about a cup (8 oz) of San Pedro tea that had been mixed with citric acid and although it was a very small amount of mescaline, my trip became imbued with a mescaline gentleness, serenity and emotional warmth. I swam, laughed with friends, sat on the beach in a chair with my eyes closed and the sun shining on me. The clouds moved so fast and the water was reflecting the light in a thousand different directions at once.

About 5 hours into the acid I wandered into the house and took a 25mg dose of 2ce.

When the 2ce hit, I had to mostly remain still and calm. The waves of pleasure coursing through my body were intense and unrelenting. I don't feel like I can describe it as anything other than completely and totally classically psychedelic. Everything in my field of vision was melting and dripping and looked smeared. I couldn't tell where objects were beginning and ending. Every movement I made felt like the molecules surrounding my skin were rearranging in response to my movements. Swimming, walking, breathing. Sounds were loud and became abstract although I did pretty well in conversations I sometimes felt like socializing was difficult and I wasn't really understanding a lot of what was going on around me. Things felt confusing but I wasn't distressed. I didn't exactly try to keep it together, I kept feeling really good and laughing a lot. 2ce can sometimes have a heavy body load but I had no nausea or physical discomfort.

When it got dark, about 8 hours into the acid (?) and a few into the 2ce, I decided to smoke some DMT. Because I get afraid of DMT I sometimes don't adequately prepare to smoke it. I just grab some and jump into the deep end head first. I don't like to think about it too much. I sat at a table in the living room with a bunch of other tripping people some of whom knew about DMT and others who didn't. My friend loaded up a pretty hefty bong load and I took 2 huge hits and held them for a while. By the time I had exhaled the second hit I was completely gone. My eyes closed and all I could see was an enormous curved space. I later described it as a super-complicated meshed Faberge egg interior. The curve went up and down as far as I could see. I was inside the egg. Unlike all of my previous DMT trips, the vision was totally and completely STATIC. It did not move at all, not even on a molecular level, it seemed to me that the image was completely real, it was both incredibly fragile and as strong as steel, inexorable. I opened my eyes and nothing changed at all -- it was still the static mesh egg interior and I squinted my eyes and saw nothing else. The lack of movement caused me to futilely grasp at my ego. I was outside of time.

I thought that I was dead. I knew that I was dead and I became terrified. I knew my friends were still there and I said 'are you worried about me?' I heard the friend who had packed the bowl for me say, 'nobody's worried about you' but I knew it was a hollow attempt to comfort me. I stood up and said 'don't worry, I have to go in the lake!' My girlfriend held me gently to prevent me from running out the door and I switched direction, ran into the bathroom and bolted into the shower. I still couldn't really see anything but the DMT vision yet I felt some kind of undeniable instinct that I had to be in water, I ran into the shower and turned it on cold while wearing all of my clothes. My heart was pounding. I was in the shower and the physical feeling of the water was wetter than water had ever been. I let it run down my head, kicked off my soaking wet clothes and stood in the shower naked wearing only a crystal necklace, which felt like it weighed 1000 pounds of power or like a piece of armor. I couldn't really see anything properly but I was no longer trapped inside of an endless egg. I realized that I was alive and completely powerful. I achieved a transformation into something more than a human being, I felt like some kind of super-intelligent and evolved sea mammal creature. Nothing happened at that moment other than a death-rebirth-transformation. I kept saying 'I'm ok now, don't worry, I love you' to my girlfriend but she made me stay in the shower until my eyes were able to focus on her. I laughed and felt amazing euphoria.

When I put on dry clothes and left the bathroom, I was still incredibly high from the drugs I had taken earlier and I felt totally transformed. It looked to my friends that I had gone through a total freak out and I guess that I had but the aftermath of the experience that so glowing that I can't think of it as anything other than positive and valuable. I feel a bit bad that I bugged out a few of my friends but the interesting thing is that anyone who had done DMT before wasn't worried about anything other than me hurting myself while I was uncomprehending of reality. Thankfully they were there for me and protected me from myself, although I did seem to realize that running into the woods to go jump in the lake was a bad idea and chose the shower baptism more or less of my own volition. ;) I had an afterglow from the DMT well into the following morning. I couldn't still feel the DMT but the experience was sticking with me and I was sort of jumpy and euphoric into the next day.

Nothing else eventful happened that night. I would say that the acid, a small amount of mescaline and 2ce combination was pretty hardcore, definitely not for the inexperienced. I worked on some art projects, chilled with friends, watched a fire in the fireplace.

I was still scared of DMT though. I wanted to do it again the next day but I was afraid. Two days later I ate 10mg 2cp and 4 hits of acid. I wanted to try the DMT again. Once I was settled into the 2cp, no nausea or anything, I ate the acid. As soon as the acid hit I asked my friend to pack me some DMT and watch me while I did it to make sure I didn't do anything unpredictable. We went into a bedroom and I put on my headphones with one of my favorite songs on. I smoked a big single hit of DMT and lay down. This time, the vision was not static. I was more like previous DMT trips I have had with a feeling of motion and the sensation of hurtling forward in space and time. I saw twisting fractal visuals and didn't try to hold onto myself at all. It was a smaller dose and the experience wasn't shattering me but I felt very happy and comfortable and wiggly.

This is the way I would recommend doing DMT: in private, in a darkish place, watched over by a trusted friend and free of external distractions. Not everyone likes music but I thought it was very helpful to calm me and make me feel open enough to accept whatever the DMT felt like handing me. I really think that DMT is one of those drugs that has a bit of a steep learning curve and rewards the experienced. It combines wonderfully with other drugs but be careful because they intensify it. Smoking DMT while tripping on acid can really make the DMT seem so much longer, which can be alarming if you are worried about never coming down. Some people will love combining these two compounds for that very same reason.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 92452
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 33
Published: Dec 26, 2012Views: 5,421
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LSD (2), 2C-E (137), DMT (18), Cacti - columnar (10) : Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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