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Going Up is Better When you're Down
2C-C & Methylone
Citation:   Speaker. "Going Up is Better When you're Down: An Experience with 2C-C & Methylone (exp92483)". Erowid.org. Oct 4, 2011. erowid.org/exp/92483

T+ 0:00
35 mg oral 2C-C (powder / crystals)
  T+ 3:30 250 mg oral Methylone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 5:30 125 mg oral Methylone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 7:30   smoked Products - Spice-Like Smoking Blends (plant material)
T+0:00 Me and my girlfriend take a powder capsule 35mg of 2c-c. My other 2 friends both take 250mg of Methylone. This is my first psychedelic as well as my girlfriends [to be called A from now on]. All 4 of us however have tried the dosage of Methylone in the past however. We all share that moment where everyone looks around and swallows their pill at the same time. Then we sit around and wait, exchanging the usual anxious, excited, and dumb jokes people taking drugs are prone to.

T+0:30: Having read up on 2c-c, I knew my ride up is still far in the future. But this is the moment that the Methylone hits my 2 friends W and M. They're enjoying the ride up and we're already having fun conversations with them, while A and I still wait for the beginning effects.

T+0:45: I'm beginning to feel a slight heat in just my elbows. No mental effects yet so I recognize this as the first feeling I'm getting tonight. A insists she's fine... repeatedly.

T+1:00: As the 2c-c is finally riding up in layers and very gradually, I can tell it's time for W and M to go for a walk. A and I decide that it will be a good idea to get some blood pumping in our systems and join them. I begin noticing a sharpening of objects around me, but always out of my peripheral vision, never what I'm looking directly at. I'm a very over active talker and thinker, and I notice that I'm in a very chill mood this evening. W and M decide we need to break off into groups, which is a common thing on Methylone, and we split off. Each sub group now has 1 2c-c and 1 Methylone altered person in them.

T+1:45: We finally get back to the air conditioning of the apartment, and I can't ever remember it feeling so good on my skin. I dive into some visuals playing on the XBOX to random songs, and this seems to help
my high the most.

T+2:00: I'm still very into my partly fake visuals created by music, but I notice W and M take their first 125mg bumb of Methylone. The next hour and a half blend together which is a strong indicator that the drug
was working more than I thought. I was enjoying the ride, but I was definitely wanting a more mental experience than this dosage was providing me.

T+3:30: A and myself weren't planning on taking Methylone. On the 2c-c as you can see from the report, I had little to express about the drug. Light, chill, and mild were all I felt I needed to say. But we wanted something more, and so we loaded up shotglasses of water with 250mg Methylone each while W and M prepared another 125mg bumb for themselves. I was extrodinarily nervous about making this decision while already effected by drugs, but in the end, I knew enough about the 2 substances chemical effects on the body to know that 3 and a half hours after ingesting 2c-c, I was probably ok. We all clinked our shotglasses together and took the plunge. I remember at this moment being very reflective. I thought that there's no reason worrying now, the deed is done.

T+3:45: Methylone normally takes much longer to take effect. At least 30 minutes to really feel the rush of coming up. Maybe the 2c-c was showing its first synergism with it, but only 15 minutes in my body and mind sky rocketed. I looked at W and M and immediately told them, 'Hey guys we finally joined you!' I later pinpointed the reason for this very sudden wash of euphoria, I was chill and low on the psychedelic, so
I only had that much longer to go to get as high as the Methylone wanted me to go. It wasn't until 15 minutes later that the energy in my limbs hit, and it was imperitive to take a walk.

T+4:30: I always find it curious how open I am with people on Methylone. At this point that was the only substance registering in my head, and the ideas about society, myself, and my friends were flowing. That openness always makes me nervous when sober to try and take it with new people. What if I tell them too much? What if they won't like the other sides of me? But I finally realized with the help of 2c-c that I was
able to have very open and pertinent conversations with the individuals I was talking with. The conversation is always deep and important, but appropriate to who I'm speaking with. With W I could speak of my resolute affection for him as a friend, but with M, who knows less about me and has known me longer, I was able to talk about serious things that were within reason to discuss when sober. Slowly as I was
experiencing this very social roll, I realized the the mental effects of the 2c-c were still there. It was letting me reflect back on the rambles and tangents of my last 20 seconds of speach, and evaluate them. It kept me on track [mostly] and let me shut up for the first time on this drug and listen as well [and for more than one sentence].

T+5:30: A and I bumped with 125mg Methylone, and W and A decided to go ahead and try one more as well, since we were spacing them out 2 hours each and subsequent bumps get shorter in time for effectiveness. This immediately kicked in it felt like, and it became the portion of the night for my girlfriend to steal away. We were considering finding a nice dark patch of grass outside to fool around, but alas it was dawn. While Methylone makes you much more open about truths, I've never felt paranoia or loss of inhibitions on it. We went down to a small creek and found a sand patch to sit on. I layed my head in her lap, and even though we were still coming up from the bump, I found myself being able to still my body for the first time and talk with her. We opened up a ton of issues between us, mostly small, but a few big.

And right there in front of us were solutions that we had never considered before. And these solutions were true compromises. We tried repeating the more important ideas to remember them more clearly the next day, and were able to discuss them sober. We still found them valid solutions to our issues. Time goes extrememely fuzzy here, and I wouldn't doubt we spent our entire hour and a half of a bump just
talking. And smoking... a lot.

T+7:30: We all find ourselves back in the apartment and coming down. I brought some synthetic pot with me, a potent brand called Katch-22. Me, W, and M all took the one hit needed out of my pinch. I smoked last since coordination is generally impossible on this. I loaded my pinch last, and inhaled the third and final drug of the evening. There was a definite silly point while we were riding back up on the synthetic. But
once it neared its peak the effect was blissfull. The mentality of the Methylone was fading, so the synthetic took over that and tried to replicate it, giving me a light and airy mindset where I thought about very little. The fact that other people were with me was completely forgotten. The body high of the Methylone was still partly intact, and so the synthetic definietly brought that back up in intensity. All my extremities tingled and vibrated with the sensations, and that combined with the light airy feeling in my head let me drift back like I was flying on the softest cloud in the world. Someone at some point decided they should put in Across the Universe without me knowing, and my ears were pleasantly assaulted with 'Is there anyone going to listen to my story...' which put me in such a deep trance like state. I laid there for 15 minutes or 3 hours before finally ending the night, drifting down slowly on my cloud into sleep

Conclusions: I need to try a higher dose of 2c-c or a more potent psychedelic. I also need to try it next time by itself with other people on the same substance and hopefully on the same trip as me. Once I've experienced that, I would very much like to try a synergistic combination of a psychedelic and Methylone again. My only change would be taking the Methylone an hour and a half to two hours in instead, so I got
the full weight of both drugs simultaneously. To anyone trying 2c-c above 185lbs, I highly suggest trying a 40mg dose to start. Less than start on 35. To anyone that hasn't tried Methylone or as we call it, bkMDMA, I highly suggest you do as soon as you can. It has been one of the most wonderful experiences for me being on this drug with close friends. I recomend it in a social setting, and maybe not as a club
drug for the first time. My girlfriend is 105lbs, and she takes the same dosage as me, 250mg and 125 bumps 2 or 2 1/2 hours after original dose.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 92483
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Oct 4, 2011Views: 33,748
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2C-C (262), Methylone (255), Products - Spice-Like Smoking Blends (472) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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