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Strange Conversations
by Jostie
Citation:   Jostie. "Strange Conversations: An Experience with 4-HO-MET (exp92539)". Aug 23, 2011.

15 mg oral 4-HO-MET (powder / crystals)



I am a 29 year old male. I am 1.95 m tall and weigh about 85 kg. I am in reasonably good shape: muscular with some padding here and there. I am studying for my masters degree in philosophy. I surf, run and practice yoga 4 to 5 times a week. I have extensive experience with different sorts of mushrooms, lsd, cannabis and mdma. I have limited experience with Salvia divinorum. There must be some other stuff as well but I canít remember at the moment. Although I have innumerable experiences I am by no means a hard head and I donít like the so-called heroic doses.


As I was casually browsing the new experiences I came across a substance I had not heard of before. The strange thing was the lack of a clickable link to the substance vault. My curiosity was piqued. 4 HO-MET turned out to be another one of Shulgins creations. Not much info in Tikhal though.

After reading some rave reviews I decided to try and get some online. Turned out to be the easiest thing! Just wire some money to a strange bank in a faraway country and the guys from this company based in another faraway country will tell their associates in yet another faraway country to send you a bag of the good stuff. It must be my suspicious nature but I was quite surprised when I actually received something in the mail. So the company checks out, now letís hope itís not rat poison.

The experience:

As I got ready to measure out the 4-HO-MET I was a bit surprised. It was an off whitish powder whilst I would have sworn it was a light brown when I first got it only a week ago. Whipped out my scales and measured out somewhere around 15 mg and put this in a gelatin capsule. I had not actually decided to take anything as me and my girl donít see eye to eye in this and we had had a small argument about my (in my opinion very infrequent) psychedelic excursions a couple of days prior. But now that I had prepped the capsule and all I guess there would be no good reason to postpone. I had worked a night shift before and only woke up around four in the afternoon. Just in case of taking drugs I had not eaten anything apart from an apple and small piece of dark chocolate.

20:30: In it went, and off I went to a party organized by the owner of the yoga studio I frequently visit. The party was at a beachclub, the theme was hippies and the weather was beautiful. Perfect setting! Dark open beach in case of sudden social phobia; partypeople in case I felt festive or the stuff indeed turned out to be rat poison.

21:00: Sitting on the beach by myself waiting for the effects. Nothing yet. Riding my bike on the way to the beach I thought I felt some strange heartbeats but that was probably nothing as I have a tendency to get super analytical of body functioning when I have taken new substances or am trying out new batches of known substances.

21:30: Man this stuff is lame! Very minor almost but not quite visuals. I am done waiting and decide to walk the next 100 meters to the party. I say hello to the people who are just starting to show up and plant myself in a chair looking at the sunset.

21:45: Hey will you look at that, it is working. Colors are intensified and there is some shifting. The sky is absolutely magnificent. I decide to take a walk along the shoreline.

22:00: Walking along the shore there is a shift in perspective. It takes forever to walk past another beachclub. Thinking back I find it hard to remember what the visual transformation was actually like. I do remember thinking I almost couldnít see anything because of it being so dark but there were also a moment when everything suddenly became much clearer. In retrospect it must have been the clouds moving in front of the moon. Now that I think on it things are starting to come back. From the beach you have a view of the a small beachtown and further away the industrial area of the city of Rotterdam. All the light had this very particular glow and the whole area had a definite alien spaceship look about it.

What stood out most was the fact that the pretty intense (but very manageable) visuals were not accompanied by any mental confusion whatsoever. The first hours I kept waiting for the imminent mindwarp but it just did not occur. Apart from some very mild but strange stomach sensations there was no gutwrenching whatsoever.

22:40 Back at the party. Although my mind does not seem impaired to myself there is definitely something going on. I find it very hard to carry on a normal conversation. Peopleís faces keep shifting and I have difficulty actually hearing what they are saying. It was not really a warping of the sound, for some reason not all sounds seemed to reach my brain. Needless to say this left me even more socially handicapped than I normally am. But on the upside I did not mind at all and just kept on sitting, smiling and having half and confusing conversations with whoever came and sat next to me.

23:00 Poof, suddenly I am completely sober. I thought it was over and must have had like 10 minutes of normal conversation before I lost it again. I was struck by the superficial manner people were behaving themselves and had lots of fun by intentionally saying the weirdest things to people. Overall my body felt very clean and good throughout the experience.

01:00 After eating a veggie eggroll I feel a bit queasy. No surprise actually; deep fried food on an empty stomach. I walk onto the beach to chill out and munch my way through all my snacks in my bagpack. I had some crackers, cereals and fruit with me. After that I felt fine and went back to the party.

02:00 As everybody was dancing inside (I totally did not feel like dancing) and nobody was talking to me I decided to leave. I had spent some time checking out the CEVís but they were pretty much uninteresting. Lots of scrambled patterns and other psychedelic mush. There were some nice colors but most of it seemed to be in fuzzy black and white. I got home and ate a bag of nachoís. By three oíclock I was definitely coming down but I maintained pupil dilation at least till six in the morning. As there was still some closed eye action I decided to watch some movies as this is usually a sign I will not be able to sleep. Went to bed at seven and slept at eight.


Nice visual effects with a small dose. Minimal bodyload. This would be perfect for somebody completely new to psychedelics. With my small dose not much mental weirdness nor anxiety. No ego loss whatsoever. Apart from some observations about other people I did not gain much insights though. It did became clear to me that tripping (for me at least) is not only about the beautiful or sometimes terrifying visuals. It is the soul shaking power of lsd that makes it so interesting.

The day after I awoke with a fuzzy brain and a light headache that disappeared quite quickly. My pupils were very small for most of the day but otherwise I felt fine.

As I have 85 mg left I will definitely try it again with a higher dose but I donít think I will be reordering as I have a decent stock of acid in my freezer.


Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 92539
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29 
Published: Aug 23, 2011Views: 12,280
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4-HO-MET (436) : First Times (2), Club / Bar (25)

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