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In a Word I'd Say Happy
by FinnyQuac
Citation:   FinnyQuac. "In a Word I'd Say Happy: An Experience with 2C-B (exp92555)". Nov 15, 2017.

1 capsl oral 2C-B
    repeated smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes


T+0:00 Dropped one capsule of 2C-B, containing perhaps 15 to 20 mg. My first experience with this substance, but no stranger to psychedelia.

T+0:09 Peripheral vision widening. Very typical for me on psychoactives.

T+0:14 Colors becoming more saturated, not unlike the initial phases of psilocin.

T+0:45 That indescribable moment before the full onset when everything feels ďdifferent.Ē Itís hard to put my finger on it, but itís very reminiscent of the come-up before mescaline. Somewhat of a foggy feeling.

T+1:16 [came in from a cigarette] The drug is definitely beginning to take effect now. Walking around outside barefoot, Iíve noticed an increased sensitivity in the feet and toes. The sidewalk felt nice, texture intricacies are becoming apparent. In addition, Iím beginning to feel a slight mood lift. I donít expect the drug to take any sort of overwhelming effect, but tonight should make for an interesting evening regardless.

T+1:52 General body warmth. Butterflies in the tummy, but pleasantly so. Perhaps some slight facial tension.

T+2:09 Assuming I have a properly calibrated Shulgin scale, Iíd say Iím at a solid ++. Somewhat of a pulsating pleasure coasting nicely through my extremities.

T+2:34 Increase in empathy. Running through conversations from the past few days and very easily placing myself in the other personís perspective.

T+2:44 My litmus test for visuals is staring up at my stucco/popcorn ceiling. No obvious changes. A very subtle morphing if I stare too long. Objects such as my floor fan and my guitar appear to be growing, ever so slightly.

T+2:53 Perhaps itís because Iíve started to keep my eye out, but the visuals have become much more pronounced. Sharpening of edges, tricks on depth perception. That is, pictures seem to be sunken too deep into their frames. I look away, and then they appear too shallow! Going out for another cigarette.

T+3:05 Pondering the void that cannabis is leaving me. I feel I may have grown too reliant. Beginning to accept this forthcoming period of abstinence. Going to explore the erotic aspects of this drug nowÖ

T+3:34 Very successful :) I can feel the effects start to lessen. Stepping out for another cigarette.

T+3:47 Feeling a song coming on. Not at all difficult for me to come up with many appropriate 2C-B related puns.

T+4:05 The strings are vibrating with an overwhelming musicality. DEFINITELY need to explore this more as a creativity aid.

T+4:14 Easily at a +++, whether Iíd attribute it to the substance or not. This interesting evening has me yearning for more of this chemical. In a word, Iíd say ďhappy.Ē

T+4:38 Listening to electronic music is overstimulating. This could be enjoyable in the right environment, perhaps at a party or festival, but not alone at night in my bedroom. Not expecting sleep to come easily.

T+5:13 All it took was a change of music to lessen the overstimulation. Much more relaxed, chill.

T+5:51 General bodily uneasiness, feeling somewhat restless. Very similar to 2C-E in this regard. Slight nausea, but nothing Iíll be hanging over the toilet for, by no means.

T+6:14 While the trip is for the most part done with, such a report would not be complete without a record of my sleep. Will report again when I wake up.

T+16:57 Some difficulty falling asleep, hung in sleepless limbo for quite a while, but rest came. Woke up with some grogginess.

Reflection: This glimpse into the 2C-B world was an exploration of emotions, of creativity, of curiosity. Iím looking forward to future experimentation.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 92555
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 15, 2017Views: 3,714
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2C-B (52) : Alone (16), First Times (2), General (1)

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