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Smoking XTC
MDMA & Cannabis
Citation:   C.Snap. "Smoking XTC: An Experience with MDMA & Cannabis (exp9264)". Sep 6, 2001.

2.0 g smoked Cannabis (flowers)
  0.5 tablets smoked MDMA (powder / crystals)
This isn't much of an experience report, I just wanted to get this out to every one, because I noticed that no one has put up anything about smoking E. Me and my friends decided to give it a try, at a party we were having at my house one night in August. Now I'm sure everyone here is familiar with smoking blunts, and me and my friends are particularly big fans of smoking honey-blunts, so let me just proceed with the story here. We had one 'Swisher Sweets' Perfecto cigar, one portable coffee bean grinder, and $40 worth of weed (that's 2 grams in Hawaii; I'm sure everything is cheaper in the mainland.) The big fat cigar was cut open and emptied of it's boring tobacco, and awaited the new and more exciting ingredients that would soon make it whole again. The herb was thrown into the grinder and received one blast which broke it down to a 'coarse grind' state. Half a tab(it was a double-stacked pill) of very,very good, possibly pure X was pulverized in saran wrap with the handle of a butter knife, and then every last tiny crystal, made it's way into the grinder. We finished the grinding (until the herb was the right size for rolling applications) and also, in this half of the grinding, the XTC powder was incorporated very well into the weed. A shallow line of honey was smeared on the inside bottom of the cigar paper, and then the weed/X was dumped in. My best friend K rolled it up, then me and my 5 guests sat down on my kitchen floor and proceeded to blaze this crazy ecstasy-blunt. It had a funny chemical taste, that overpowered the usually pleasant taste of a honey-blunt, but it wasn't offensive enough to make anyone stop smoking it. By the time it was done me and K had probably gotten the most hits off of it, say 10 to 12, and the others had gotten anywhere from 2 to 8.

Despite the differences in amount consumed, everyone liked it, everyone said they were fuct, everyone looked happy, and we all promised to try it again very soon. Having a good amount of experience with X and an unfortunately high tolerance built up by now, I think it worked really well, and I felt pretty damn good, considering there was only half a tab in the blunt. The effects were what was expected, euphoria, elation in mood, perceptual change, and everything else that comes along with E.

If you decide to try this, I highly recommend that you stick with the blunt idea (I can't even begin to tell you guys how much I love blunts. Everytime I've smoked a blunt wether it be from stark sober, or coming down from E, or on acid, or drunk, it does a 'Times One Hundred' to the way I feel, and how jacked up I am.) I also would advise you to use a whole tab of X, because I think it would've worked even better with more.

I think everyone who likes ecstasy should give this a try. Its not as long lasting as ingesting it, but for half a tab to work it's magic on 6 people, I definitely think it is worth a try if you only have a little bit of stuff, and a bunch of eager participants.

Thank you for your time, and I really do hope that someone tries this, and writes a report about whether they liked it or not. Either way I just wanted to tell people about another way they can have a good time. Good night...

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9264
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 6, 2001Views: 82,535
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MDMA (3), Cannabis (1) : Preparation / Recipes (30), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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