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Reliable and My Most Favorite for Partying
by Plsk
Citation:   Plsk. "Reliable and My Most Favorite for Partying: An Experience with 4-Fluoroamphetamine (exp92715)". Jan 3, 2012.

200 mg oral 4-Fluoroamphetamine (powder / crystals)
I am quite regular user of 4-FA for around 9 months now during which I took it on average of 2 times a month and I must say that it is my most favorite and reliable party substance. I even find mdma quite boring in comparison, especially if I want to dance.

Suprisingly little people know about it and thats why I try to spread the word and substance itself among friends and so far almost everyone who tried it was very pleased. Its also a reason why I feel the need to finally write a report about it here, as not so many are written yet. As I mentioned, I took it many times already, therefore I am not gonna mention one single high, but general feeling I have from it pretty much always.

My usual dosage is between 180-220mg, which seems to be bit more than guys from other reports, but it fits me well. Occasionally I took only 150 or so, but once or twice even 250mg.

First of all, I do not recommend nasal usage as it is VERY aggressive and works very well when eaten.
Depends on the way I take it (capsule/paper/simply pouring it in my mouth) and on how full my stomach is, it usually starts to kick in around half an hour after I take it.

Starts with warm feeling on my forehead and minutes later my mind gets really clear and euphoric, makes me really talkative and my body feels well stimulated and energized. It comes quite suddenly but not in a bad way. During this phase, I also had slight visuals once or twice, but that was during 'hard' weeks on teknivals, so it might have been just some acid flashbacks or something.

This euphoric phase last for couple hours, then usually only body stays very stimulated (in a speedy way) for next 4 hours or so, but I am still awesomely hooked on the music and all I want to do is dance wildly. During this phase I sweat a lot (obviously), but my dry mouth will remind me pretty well [to stay hydrated].

Jaw clenching is present often, but that is nothing really unusual and can be controlled with gum. After circa 6 hours of having a blast, the substance starts to wear off slowly, but I shouldnt have a problem to continue having fun without any additional drugs for next few hours. Then I usually start to feel exhausted both physically and mentally and especially my mind is getting low fast with bit dark thoughts or none at all.

At this point (its usually morning, when I take it around midnight) its good choice to have at least couple hours nap, as it helps a lot with the mood, but its not entirely necessary. Oh yeah, it IS possible to sleep no problem few hours after the effects wear off. The next day I usually have no appetite until evening but some friends eat a lot right in the morning so it depends on person again.

Now for mixing it with other stuff. I usually drink beer/wine before taking it and during the first few hours, but I do not recommend to get too drunk as the combined hangover isnt too great then. When I dont drink too much, I shouldnt feel very [well] the next day, except for some feelings of emptiness etc that I get after almost any drug. Low levels of serotonin, I guess. Gets better quickly, unless I take the 4-FA way too often. Also crystalic mdma is not bad, but imo unnecessary. Weed is nice with it also and I have to say I am not much of a weed person, as it makes me sleepy all the time.

As for taking more 4-FA when the previous high is wearing off, I was told (by friend who does it much too) not to do it, as it might have bad effects or none at all. He said the same thing about taking the 4-FA two nights in a row and I never dared to try myself, but other friends volunteered to do so and said it was ok the second night as well, so I guess it depends on each person.

I only felt bad once, when I had some mephedrone lines at about T+4h of 4-FA. I got bad nausea, been trying to throw up, but I couldnt. Since then I was careful with 4-FA combinations, but once again, it might have been just me. Other friends didnt have the problem.

As its not a big problem to get 4-FA from labs by various internet shops, be sure to get it that way and to pick some proper provider. Once we got a delivery, which was greyish instead of white (as we were used to) and although effects were kinda ok, the aftermath was much much worse than usual.

So, to make a short summary:
Get some good quality substance.
Do not take it too often. I recommend maximum of once a week. (mostly because of serotonin levels)
Do not take too much (more than 300mg) and dont risk with additions much.
Dont forget to drink water.
ENJOY the great time!

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SUBSTANCE and think that once more people discover its greatness, it will be among most usual party substances.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 92715
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Jan 3, 2012Views: 23,980
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