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A Successful Relationship with It
by Society
Citation:   Society. "A Successful Relationship with It: An Experience with 4-Methylmethcathinone (exp92743)". Erowid.org. Oct 14, 2011. erowid.org/exp/92743

  oral 4-Methylmethcathinone


This report is a retrospective look at what has easily become on of my favorite substances I've ever ingested, 4-methymethcathinone (mephedrone). The following report will be an introduction, summary of four various experiences, and a section summarizing my current “final” thoughts on the compound.

As previously suggested, I have found a profound sense of delight with this fantastic cathinone derivative. This comes as a pleasant surprise as someone who experiments with a wide variety of psychoactives; here's a few examples to illustrate my point: Heroin, LSD, cocaine, benzos, GHB, 4-AcO-DMT, amphetamines. I have made it a strong priority in my psychoactive journeys to reduce the harms as much as possible,and develop positive relationships with substances- regardless of how stigmatized or “dangerous.”

With much caution and skepticism, I proceeded to try mephedrone- a substance that some have pigeon-holed as a dirty, synthetic MDMA-wannabe. Well aware of its notoriety for compulsive redosing, I make a mental contract beforehand detailing the exact trajectory of my dosing. At this point, I have experienced mephedrone at least 10 times spread over several months with unanimously single oral doses. Here are four selected summaries:

170mg 4-MMC orally – Awakening at a Party

About three hours after a heavy, solitudinous experience with ketamine, I was begged by some friends to be present at a pre-Burning Man party. Reluctantly I agreed and dosed 170mg of mephedrone- well aware that I was drained from the day's prior activities. After a shower I hopped in the car to head over. I am against driving while impaired, but the mephedrone does not seem to inhibit reaction time or distract me in any way. [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!] While driving however, I did experience the beginnings of what defines a mephedrone experience- extreme mood lift. I entered the mephedrone headspace which feels reminiscent of the psychedelic headspace I get from some tryptamines. It is a feeling of heightened awareness and contentment with a notion of having more “room” in the consciousness. On the drive, I could think only of how excited I was to see these people and how much I loved them.

The empathy I felt was unparalled by any other drug I'd used in a social setting. I had a strong urge to be sincere and understand peoples feelings. I adored the perspectives of others and wanted to show my appreciate of them. I also strongly enjoyed telling silly jokes and sharing stories and experiences (such as the prior K experience). I may have been somewhat excessively chatty as I caught myself cutting people off mid-sentence several times. However, I also felt completely comfortable sitting silently and enjoying the simple presence of other human beings. It was a magical feeling- I felt serene no matter what I was doing or not doing. Pure 100% contentment of being. I bounced around the settings of the party chatting with people in various rooms and the balcony, sitting in solitude, and even dancing. The magical euphoria subsided after an hour and a half to two hours. As has always been the case with mephedrone, I had no noticeable comedown effects besides simply not being high anymore. Heck, I somewhat felt an afterglow. I slept comfortably that evening.

60mg 4-MMC orally + 5mg hydrocodone + 1mg clonazepam + nitrous oxide

After a night of heavy ethanol and caffeine consumption I felt sluggish and lethargic. I dosed about 1mg of clonazepam and 5 mg or hydrocodone to remove the anxieties and other negative physical and mental aspects of a hangover. To counteract the mental lethargy, I also dosed 60mg of mephedrone and pulled out some chargers of nitrous oxide. With all the puzzle pieces in place, I put in a DVD documentary about wildlife hosted by David Attenborough.

The three drugs taken in oral tandem gave me a pleasant feeling of awakened relaxation- but certainly wasn't as overwhelming as a large oral mephedrone. I felt absolutely content being in that situation. When inhaled in small amounts, the nitrous oxide heightened the poly-drug euphoria. The nitrous enhanced feelings of clear-headedness such that I would become exceptionally fixated on the content of the wildlife documentary. The information delivered by the host felt important to me... so I took notes! I had an increased appreciation for the fantastic poetry of science within the biological world so much so that I never wanted to forget what I was learning. The mephedrone and nitrous also seemed to really bring out the colors of the creatures and outdoor scenarios on the DVD. After about an hour, I went over to a friend's house where I proceed to beat two sober friends in a basketball game of H.O.R.S.E. Again, no comedown and I was pleasantly surprised that this poly-drug experience had no pharmacological discord.

200mg (?) 4-MMC orally – Almost No Euphoria

A questionable 200mg dose was taken orally with girlfriend. Because of my previous mephedrone experiences at this I was unusually anticipatory and excited. I had a valiant expectation to achieve the euphoria of the previous experiences. After dosing, we went for a walk. The power was out in much of the city due to a recent hurricane. I became annoyed at the darkness of the city and the trees blocking several of the streets. I postulated these circumstances would hamper the pleasure of the experience. While walking the streets, I felt as if I noticed the onset of the mephedrone dose, but the euphoria I craved never arrived. Instead I received a somewhat pleasant and calm mental high accompanied by a substantial dissatisfaction with my surroundings and my lack of pronounced euphoria. I felt untalkative with a twinge of depression and dysphoria.

My girlfriend also felt the experience was underwhelming but didn't seem dissatisfied. On the other hand, I was desperately scapegoating every variable for the underwhelming mephedrone effects- the dark city, my anticipatory set, having a full stomach, the scale, etc. I never achieved the previously touted euphoria, mood lift, empathy or even desire to be social from this experience. In retrospect, it may have been a measuring error, but could have also been due to previously mentioned factors- set and setting.

250mg 4-MMC orally – Circumstantial Bliss

Took the 250mg with my girlfriend. Immediately afterward we drove to see a few friends who were headed to a “rave.” My girlfriend and I were forced to drive seperately (again I don't recommend driving on substances), and that's precisely when the mephedrone blew my neurological system to Solaris.  All existence and activity in the entire universe became a positive and beautiful affair.  Though human society is enormously flawed, I felt acceptance and appreciation of all human beings and creatures of the universe. I thought about how my girlfriend was driving separately, but how connected we were with the shared experience. It brought a huge grin to my facial semblance at the thought that we were simultaneously blissful and smiling.

During the drive I also became absolutely CONVINCED that upon arrival, I would pick out individual people to tell them how much I appreciated their friendship. But when we arrived, it was as if the magic feeling died immediately. The social context was uncomfortable and socially awkward; people were rather unenergetic and inhibited.  Everyone was sitting around quietly drinking beer and smoking cannabis.  I felt like a landlocked alien spaceship. I'd arrived voluntarily to what was expected to be an exotic planet only to allow myself to be captive by the native's mundane social customs.

After about a half hour, the girlfriend and I left as swiftly as we arrived.  We both agreed on our walk back that the perception of social context killed our euphoria.  However it swiftly returned with a nice walk, and we headed to the pharmacy to purchase some condoms.  Had a fantastic two or three hours of pleasurable and empathetic conversation while euphorically viewing Katy Perry music videos. The night concluded with some emotionally intimate and physically exhausting sex. This was the night before I wrote this and one of my favorite mephedrone experiences.


My mephedrone experiences are almost unanimously marked by powerful “magic” feelings of empathetic euphoria. I've never experienced a bad comedown, insomnia, vasoconstriction, noticeably elevated heart rate, or even jitteryness. Most importantly, there has never been an instance even hinting at a desire for the compulsive redosing for which mephedrone has gained notoriety.

If I were to wager a guess, my 100% success rate with mephedrone may predominantly boil down to two factors:
1) I actively plan on ONE dose.
2) I consume orally

After I dose orally, I put the stockpile bag away knowing that any redosing could potentially lead to the cat-and-mouse chase towards the initial euphoria... not to mention it may increase expose negative effects and comedown of mephedrone.

Mephedrone exhibits a powerful euphoria when taken orally, the effects become noticeable between 10-20 minutes and seem to peak at about 35-40 minutes. The initial powerful euphoria only seems to lass an hour or so, with the next two or three hours being pleasantly euphoric- similar to a psychedelic afterglow. However, the Mephedrone euphoria is unexpectedly malleable- depending on set and setting.

I devised my personal, subjective effects list:

Powerful mood lift / euphoria
Rushing sensation
Feelings of empathy and love
Feelings of serenity and contentment
Psychedelic-esque headspace
Simultaneously feeling of calm and energy
Pleasurable body high
Little to no to desire to redose when taken orally
Minimal sleep disruption after comedown
Increased appreciation of art and music

Dilated pupils
Relatively brief (2 hours when taken orally- can be good or bad)
Some sweating and clamminess

Slight confusion at higher doses
Sometimes excessively chatty
Mild jaw-tension, possibly clenching (bruxism)
Some dry mouth

In summary, Mephedrone is one of my favorite drugs because I can achieve a unique calm, energetic euphoria with almost a complete lack of negative effects. Unfortunately, it seems to have a high potential “abuse” and is being attacked by the prohibitionist agenda of Western society. Always research drugs before you try them and be aware of the dangers. I hope I can buy this legally again some day....

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 92743
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Oct 14, 2011Views: 10,331
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4-Methylmethcathinone (458) : Glowing Experiences (4), Retrospective / Summary (11), Various (28)

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