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Chillin' With the Gods
by NotMe
Citation:   NotMe. "Chillin' With the Gods: An Experience with LSD & MDMA (exp92820)". Jul 24, 2013.

T+ 0:00
3 hits   LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 2:15 180 mg oral MDMA  
  T+ 5:30   repeated smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  


This is more of a short story than a trip report. The reason I have spent so much time in documenting this experience is simply because it was mystical, and I donít find that too often. Let me start off with some background on myself. Acid was the first drug I ever experienced & I consider myself a fairly experienced tripper having tripped dozens and dozens of times. I was introduced to MDMA much later in my life. MDMA is my comfort zone. I feel like I know that chemical better than I know myself sometimes. Many moons ago, I candyflipped on a whim. I ate 1 hit & a pressie at the same time at some party. Since I really canít remember that experience too well other than it was fun, I really donít feel that I had truly candyflipped until yesterday.

Since 1999 I simply had not been able to find any acid. Last week I ate 2 doses during the day to get a feel for the material again, and felt quite comfortable with the dose and the substance. It was definitely acid. I definitely have clean delicious Molly at the house. Letís really candyflip!

So around 6:45 on 9 Sept 2011, I went ahead and ate 3 hits of some clean LSD. I donít know a brand name, but they were red blotters with a black print of a skeleton in a top hat riding a bicycle. After dosing, I hopped in my friendís car and we went a ride to wait for the acid to come up. We grabbed my friend some coffee and picked up another friend then wound up walking around in the woods for about 25 minutes. Sparkles and energy. I felt like I was a kid again, playing around in the woods. At this point, I also felt very sketchy. The way acid always is for me as it is coming on. It was still hot and getting dark and my acid was really starting to take effect so we decided to leave. We drove around for another 30 minutes or so and at 9:00 we all returned to my house. Having planned to candyflip from the beginning, I knew that it was time to dose the MDMA, so I went ahead and gulped down .18 of some top quality Molly dissolved in some filtered water. Yay! Now the fun really begins. I found an amazing Ragga-Jungle set which we all listened to as we took turns playing Mario Bros 3 and Little Nemo the Dreammaster. At about 9:40 the acid was really starting to take over. Visuals! The way I remember from when I was a kid! I was wearing Kaleidoscope Sunglasses and loving every second of it. Little geometric shapes changing color & shape everywhere I looked. I smiled. With my Molly starting to kick in I started to feel bad for having 2 sober friends watch me in such a state of bliss, so I gave each one of them .12 as well. Back to video games & music, letís all have a great night.

BOOM! Sudden darkness and loss of sound! It was just the breaker flipping which is not an uncommon occurrence in my house, but wow! I am tripping balls now! The visuals have overtaken my entire field of vision and I had never experienced anything quite so beautiful yet overwhelming. I really donít want to go to the garage. I did anyway, and it was not anywhere as bad as I thought it would be. Usually itís all in your head right? When I came back from the garage, my friends had the great idea to go to Walmart and get some supplies. It must have been around 10:30 when we headed out. On the way to the store, I was spacing off, enjoying the nice little show that acid was giving me, when I entered another plane of existence. I saw a man on a bicycle riding next to us as we drove down the road. He was there, he tipped his hat to me, and then he was gone. I asked my friends if they had seen him, and they both giggled at how hard I was tripping.

WOW! I going to be ok going into Walmart? Where is my battle-gear? I have made a habit of donning Ďbattle-gearí such as a hat, or sunglasses, or hoodie, etc. when leaving the house under the influence of Molly. Molly makes me feel so vulnerable, & I feel if I have something else on to protect me I am safer. Unfortunately, I had none of these with me. I think this is where I started to peak. After a few minutes of convincing me that everyone else at Walmart is just as fucked up as I am & that I donít need to sit in the car, we went inside. We were specifically looking for animal headbands, such as the ones girls wear to top off Halloween costumes, but had no luck. Their Halloween section was not yet unloaded from the palette in the back. We did find an awesome plastic walking stick and a safari hat though. The walking stick gave me a sense of Ďbattle-gearí so I carried it around the store to ward off any bad juju. After walking around for a good 25 minutes, we realized that everything that Walmart sells is crap, and there was nothing in the store worth buying, so time to go back to the house.

On the way out the door, I realized that I could sense auras. Really sense auras! Just as plain as it is to smell frying bacon, I could sense auras! WTF? I always knew good/bad energy auras existed, but to be able to feel them this clearly was quite odd for me. Everything just made sense to me, everything. I could see deeper than I have ever been able to see before. I described this state as ĎChilling with the Gods.í I really felt I was on their level. This is what the Gods endure to be able to know everything that they do.

Feeling super deep & trying to be helpful, I told one of my friends that I was worried about her energy. I think she holds onto bad stuff too much and for too long. She asked me how to fix it & I told her that itís easy. Just live life to be happy and be accepting with everything that happens to you. Iím afraid she either didnít understand, or just simply didnít get it. As we are walking back to the car, she is cussing the guy, long gone by now, who made her park 2 spaces further from the store entrance... Okay time to head back to the house.

I hop in the car and get a weird vibe from the car. Can items without a soul, such as a car, still have auras? Yes they can. The car made me feel unsafe and sketchy. I mentioned this to the driver, and she did the worst thing she could. Now I donít blame her for anything; she is not an experienced psychonaut and who woulda thunk that agreeing with someone would send them into a panic? She said that the car had been in multiple accidents and she could feel a bad energy off of it as well. I immediately needed to get out of the car. NOW!!! Something horrible is going to happen! Let me out! They both calmed me down but the energy of the car would not go away. In a 15 minute road trip, I had 3 panic sessions. I was never more relieved to pull up to my house.

Okay. I need to calm down & chill out but my room is so damn hot. I laid there trying to relax, but only felt stress & panic. To take my mind off of the bad vibes, I danced to some beautiful dnb for 5 minutes, and realized that I needed to move. I need to run! ďLetís go, whoís down?Ē My more chill friend decided she would keep me company. I threw my shoes on and right out the door I started jogging. It was a quick jog, but not too quick. We ran about half a mile up the road & my friend needed to catch her breath. I could have kept that pace forever. I felt like I was flying. Walking back to the house we talked and I realized that the friend with the bad energy may have been throwing off my trip. She had only done acid once, and probably didnít do it right, and didnít know what she needed to do to keep my trip smooth. Boo!!! I really like my friend but she is foxin' my trip all up! How do you tell someone that is rolling with you to go away?

Well we all decided to go walk around the golf course. I told my friend that I was tripping nuts and not to take offense, but for some reason I felt that her presence was messing my head all up. She took it well and walked off. I immediately became more relaxed. We all frolicked under the full-ish moon, drawing designs in sand pits and exploring the fairways. I lay down on the dew covered grass to watch the clouds. Rainbows filled the sky and the clouds were amazing. I saw Pluto from Disney movies, who wagged his tail when I said Ďhi.í I also saw Superman, who flexed his muscles when I recognized him. This is amazing. I am surely on another plane of existence. Am I dying? It sure feels like I am dying. Nope. Itís ok, shake it off. Letís walk around some more. We ran across a water fountain and drank the coldest yummiest water I have ever had in my life. I was having a great time but I could not get the concept of death off of my mind. Recently I have been having some uncomfortable issues with my health. The doctors donít know what is wrong, but my liver hurts often and my back always hurts and I keep getting sick. I tried to talk to my friends about dying. Maybe I need to talk it out to get over this? Maybe I need to realize that I am not dying right now, although the right side of my body is numb and it feels like my neck is going to burst. Okay self, you are in good health, right? MDMA doesnít kill people, neither does LSD. But then again, I am walking around with Zeus and Buddha right now; so if I were to die, that would only be fitting, right? Oh my!

We wrapped up at the golf course about 12:15ish. At this point I was still very edgy. Hopefully my room had cooled off and I could lay there in bed and just be comfy. I wasnít so lucky. We sat outside in the 63 degree weather on the porch swing smoking a few cigarettes. When will my room cool off? My friend with the energy issue decided she was going to leave. She said she was going to go home, but I donít believe her, I think she was going to go find a boy she could cuddle up next to. Whatever, she left and I felt immediately relaxed. I decided to DJ for a while and recorded a pretty nice mix. I felt extra in-tune with my music & my mixer & my laptop. Most of my mixes were spot on, but 30 to 40 minutes into the set I started to lose some of the magic I had at the beginning of the set. By 1:30 AM I was definitely coming down off of my peak.

Thank god! I could not have stayed there too much longer. I am no deity and can only hang with them in short doses. I still was experiencing full visuals and rolling pretty hard but I was no longer having a spiritual experience. Auras had disappeared while I was playing music (boo) and thinking about deep stuff just seemed too taxing and almost boring. An hour ago, I had just figured out life completely, why rehash things? After recording my set I focused my attention on enjoying the company of my remaining friend. We cuddled and rubbed backs and enjoyed my incredibly comfy bed. She nodded off here & there but I stayed awake to really immerse myself in the coziness, I really didnít have much of a choice in the matter anyway. Soon enough the sun was coming up; and I was ready to have some reflection time. I drove my friend home, thanked her for saving my life, and came back to the house and started to write this.

Candyflipping was intense. It was incredibly worth it but intense. I was very susceptible to other peopleís moods and feelings, exponentially more so than on just acid! The trip was still pretty head-fucky, but way less edgy. I was more mellow than with straight acid. Acid almost feels like I am sticking my head in a deep fryer, and the molly makes it more of a Ďseared on the flattop.í Looking back, I can advise anyone who wants to try this to be very careful in whom you have around. I can also say that 3 hits of acid & .18 of Mols may have been a little too much for this guy. I donít think I will do this dose again, or at least not for a very long time. I chilled with the Gods long enough last night to keep me enlightened for at least the next decade.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 92820
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29 
Published: Jul 24, 2013Views: 4,566
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LSD (2), MDMA (3) : Combinations (3), Mystical Experiences (9), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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