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Introspection of the Sage
by TomC
Citation:   TomC. "Introspection of the Sage: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe (exp92830)". Oct 7, 2011.

500 ug oral 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)


Be warned, I wrote this trip report in a textpad document. It is 7:57am. I took the blotter at 3:25pm, yesterday, and haven't 'wanted' to sleep yet because i've been so overstimulated by these amazing things it has shown me, about my self, and about the world. The 'trip' peaks, for about 6-8 hours. When I say peaks I mean you full blown will halucinate shit, but it's extremely introspective and you know they're halucinations. 17 hours into this, I am STILL feeling effects. No Halucinations, but a way of looking at the world. It's very motivational and positive, despite all the negative clutter, as I call it, that enlightened me throughout the trip, if that makes any sense.

So enjoy, what I call, my logical psychobabble, of this trip.

Dropped @ 3:25pm

1HR IN 4:25pm
Effects slowly creeping. When I felt the drug in my system was about 45minutes-1 hour in. I then swallowed the blotter. Lots of peripherial images. I gave my friend one of the extra tabs I had and he spit it out after 10 minutes because I gave it to him while I was tripping hardcore and didn't tell him to keep it there for an hour or so. So he wasted it *facepalm* on accident, waiting to trip when I found out 4 hours later he sit it out 10 minutes in.. fail.

2hr In and for 3+ more hours. A BEGINGING of a peak, if that makes any sense. Now, personally, I've never done acid, but this was amazing. I think I basically peaked for 4-5 hours. Vivid halucinations I can say. Okay, up at this point, i'm going to be real, it was trippy. I will tell you all of the crazy things I saw to give you an idea how badass this was.

First thing I saw, when I started to peak, I saw a faint mouth in the clouds, as if God, was talking to me, and I don't even believe in god. It was intense. I knew it wasn't a spirit, but I did know it was an awesome experience. This drug makes you aware that what you see isn't really there, so you don't get carried away with it, but hell is it a full blown halucination.

I was sitting in a chair outside, and every cloud looked like Jesus, smoking a blunt, blowing a shotgun to the universe. And these shotguns connected in geosymetrical lines along the earths tilt plane to the top of the atmosphere, following the earths shape. Then, at the top, there were Pentagrams, beaming down. Now, I felt like aliens, if they were there, could read ALL of my thoughts. Though, I feel 25i-nBOME makes me very introspective in the sense that I am completely aware of these crazy thoughts I am having, so I don't sound like a lunatic nut telling people the aliens are reading my thoughts >.>. Lol. Aka, I knew it wasn't real but the thought blew my mind IMMENSELY eitherway you look at it.

At one point I saw jesus in the patterns on the floor like I did with the clouds, but very very vivid, and there was skulls all over him like he was plaguing humanity as some sort of deception. Anytime I went outside.. I kept seeing Jesus in the sky, everywhere. I guess that is just my christian upbringing, which keep in mind I do not believe in any of it anymore... my deep emotional attachments I had to it as a kid or something? At one point I felt it was as if Jesus telling me I turned on him. But then I laughed at him and the idea. No offense to any christians reading this. I don't hate jesus, it was just a crazy trip lol. I think I was in my friends backyard saying fuck you jesus go away for 15 minutes *facepalm*, as a joke, Like I knew he wasn't real but I was trpping so hard that I was enjoying mocking my experience so much.

The 3rd thing I saw, was when I sat long enough...I entered into the matrix. I saw mathematic equations flying everywhere embeded with cryptic symbols in perfect harmony. Like a work of higher nature, showing the mathmatics of it's functioning to me. It was sick. I felt like einstine, times 10. Though I couldn't focus on any of the conceptual concepts because I was tripping... but... just maybe, I think the trip showed me how to get back to that land if I want to access that cryptic knowledge when I am sober. But shh, keep that on the down low.

Another thing that happened throughout the trip, was when I sat for more than a few seconds not doing something that changes like a conversation... Everything would turn black and neon green, red, and blue dots would be on everything in perfect symetry. Like, this shit would come out of nowhere and just plague my vision. Haha it was awesome. Think of a rave club. Now multiple that times a million. That doesn't come close to this. Think of being chilling in your living room, just chillin, then boom the walls and everything become a rave with blacklights and shit. You notice it and kind of walk out of it so you don't get sucked too far out of reality.

One thing I saw when I was outside, most people would consider it trippy and scary, but I was hyperaware that I was tripping so it didn't phase me... All the leaves on the trees grew evil mask, and they overwhelmed my vision field and flew at me.. but I felt like it was awesome haha. At one point I saw benjamin Franklin giving me the evil eye in a tree, like his face was in the patterning of the trees leaves. Again, Bad, ass.

To sum the peak of this drug up. You are basically walking along the line of dreaming and reality. I was sitting having a conversation with some people, and for a moment I zapped into another realm. I was all of a sudden in the middle of nature, next to a creek, and animals. It felt 100% real. People would call this phasing into a lucid dream... but it happened mid conversation. Again, bad ass. I made the conscious CHOICE to step out of it because I can't just leave my body in the middle of a conversation. That would be fucked, even though the land I arrived to was amazing. I think I know how to get back there also.... It's just the mind bro.

I also kept seeing cryptic ancient egyptian symbols EVERYWHERE. They were an integral part of the trip, every bit of it, they were involved someway in everything I saw.

This drug, I read someone compared it to acid as... They said acid is very extrospective(I haven't taken it so I don't know), while this is very introspective. I think it described it perfectly, because I've tripped psychedlics before, but I was never this much aware that I was trpping.

I think I had extremely high anxiety while doing this, but I think you're so introspective that anxiety is pointless because you see you have anxiety, and I mean, that's anxiety. I saw scary shit, but I wasn't afraid, because it made me realize, that its nothing but scary. It cant hurt me at all. I think this trip has pushed me in the direction of overcoming social anxiety when sober. Trip was well worth my while, very introspective into myself.

Do not smoke weed during this, or drink caffeine. I drank caffeine at points I felt it really dumbed my trip down. Don't drink caffeine within 15 hours of tripping this. Before or after. With weed, you may think weed calms you down, which it may do... but it makes the trip very foggy. It took the fun out of it. I think... It made my thoughts foggy, but I was still halucinating for a good bit, like when smoking weed the house became a machine cyborge for a short moment, like the walls inside it. Though the weed fogged my understanding of it all, I like understanding. Do you?

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 92830
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Oct 7, 2011Views: 9,609
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25I-NBOMe (542) : General (1), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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