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Citation:   destiny. "MDMA-Lite: An Experience with 4-MEC (exp92839)". Sep 26, 2011.

150 mg oral 4-Methylethcathinone (capsule)
First a bit about myself. I am 29 years old, in decent physical condition (work out 2 to 3 times a week, try to eat well and take supplements) and am a nightly user of cannabis. I have experience with a massive variety of substances, from opiates, stimulants, to hallucinogens, dissociatives and empathogens. I have been experimenting for almost a decade, with a few years spent addicted to opiates which I have avoided for the last 3 years.

I've always had a love/hate with conventional stimulants. Simultaneously sickened by the thought of taking them but enjoying the ride when it happens, I do not actively seek them out but in a controlled situation and a day off work and school following I have no problem taking them. I had been off opiates for almost 3 years and desired something different. I experimented with a few research stims, including MVPV and 4-FA. MVPV had been a disaster and 4-FA decent for busy days but lacking major recreational value. I wanted to avoid cathinones but was intrigued when a trusted vendor began to carry 4-MEC. Having never tried 4-MMC (and having no interest) I was skeptical, but ordered some anyways. There was limited information at the time available but the consensus was that it was active around 50 to 100 mg oral. I allergy tested 1 mg and waited about 6 hours and then tried 50 mg oral. I felt definite mild euphoria and stimulation, and wanted to see where a higher dose would take me. I waited until the next night.

I weighed out 150 mg with my scale. I loaded a capsule and down the hatch it went. I darkened my room and turned on some mellow trace and sat back. Within about 30 minutes I began to feel a distinct queasy-but-good feeling, a feeling I had not experience since I last took some good MDMA almost 7 years ago. The bass began to feel intense and I felt it thumping in my chest, but music wasn't orgasmic like MDMA, just very tactile. The queasy euphoria slowly built and came in waves. I felt relaxed, my heart rate was about 90 bpm which was acceptable, and I only had some mild jaw tension and became a bit sweaty. Nausea was definately present but very manageble, it seemed to be tightly tied to the euphoria like an opiate. A mirror check revealed slightly dilated pupils but no other 'I'm totally on drugs' visual giveaways. Tactile sensation felt amplified and I had a strong desire to communicate with friends online, which I spent the majority of the peak doing. The peak lasted approximately 45 minutes and the come down was gentle. The euphoria was comparable to a mild roll, minus the special magic feeling. Coming down took approximately 2 hours, with some mild stimulant after-effects lasting another 2 hours. A bowl of some cannabis erased all remaining residual effects and I easily fell asleep. The next morning I took a 5-htp but otherwise felt amazing. Mood elevation persisted through the entire day and a week later there were no noticeable side effects.

During the experience there was a desire to redose which dissipated with the primary effects. It seems as one comes down, which is gentle and leaves no vacuum in its wake, the desire to redose goes with it. By the time one is close to baseline one almost feels sated, just like with MDMA. I would call it MDMA-lite. Short duration, comparable euphoria, easier on the body the day after. A definite empathogen, as since that experience I have also used it with my fiance and we have had wonderful deep conversations and opened up totally to each other. Friends who have tried it report similiar effects, it seems remarkably consistent unlike many other RCs. Truly marvelous with self control.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 92839
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 29
Published: Sep 26, 2011Views: 18,674
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