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Good Day Sunshine
Promethazine, Codeine & Cannabis
by R
Citation:   R. "Good Day Sunshine: An Experience with Promethazine, Codeine & Cannabis (exp92866)". Jul 21, 2013.

T+ 0:00
80 mg oral Codeine
  T+ 0:00 50 mg oral Pharms - Promethazine
  T+ 0:00 40 mg oral Pharms - Phenylephrine
  T+ 2:15 5 hits smoked Cannabis
My little sister had been sick for a while when my mother took her to the doctor. She came back with a bottle labeled, “promethazine VC w/ codeine.” She got over the cold shortly and a lot of medicine was left, game on. I planned to skip school to experiment with the elixir. I woke up, exercised, and ate a light breakfast. At 9:15, I dosed. 'Each 5 mL of promethazine VC w/ codeine contains: Codeine phosphate 10 mg; promethazine hydrochloride 6.25 mg; phenylephrine hydrochloride 5 mg. Alcohol 7%.' I took a 40 ml dose. That comes out to 80 mg of codeine and 50 mg of promethazine.

For the first half hour I felt little to nothing. I decided to sit in the warm morning air and read a book. After a few pages I started to get that, “excited” feeling one gets when coming up on any drug. Maybe it’s a marker for perception shift, or maybe I’m the only one who experiences it. Either way, it happened and I went back inside. Zaboomafoom was left on the television by my sister. I decided to sit down and watch a little bit. Upon sitting down I felt this “tired” feeling. It was not a natural tired, but more of a relaxed sedation. I assume that was the promethazine kicking in. Another effect that kicked in and existed along side of the tired feeling was some light time distortion. Under promethazine, everything seems so slowed down. It felt like things were taking forever to happen, my movements were long and fluid because I was conscience of just how long they were taking. Going down the stairs was stretched into what felt like a three or four minute period. For the rest of the period of drug influence this feeling will persist, as well as the tired feeling described formerly.

By 10:30 I was back outside and the codeine started to kick in. I was lying in the sun when a sudden buzz appeared behind my eyes. It stayed there and diffused through my entire body. Not a strong buzz, but a light, relaxing, feeling of contentment throughout.

I decided to go play some xbox at that point. I played saints row 2 while my buzz steady built. I felt very relaxed, almost tired. Again, the strange feeling of artificial fatigue brought on by the promethazine was present. I think the effects leveled off at this point. None of the syrup's effects got any stronger left alone after this point.

After Saints Row I decided to smoke some cannabis. The time was about 11:30, I took about three solid hits and a few lighter ones. For the next twenty minutes or so the cannabis overpowered the syrups effects and it felt like all the other times I got high. However, after coming up and leveling off on the cannabis, the effects began to melt together.

It was a beautifully sunny day outside, so I went out yet again. The mix of cannabis, codeine, and promethazine was beginning to melt into a sensation unlike any other drug I’ve tried before. First off everything was slowed down considerably, including music. My bodily movements seemed to take even longer than before. Whether that was the actual effect or just the drugs messing with my perception of my own movements I don’t know. The best part was this heavy buzz that seemed to nail me to the ground in a hazy, subdued sort of feeling. It was like I not only didn’t want to get up and move, but couldn’t. This is the point at which the effects were strongest. But by no means was I shitfaced intoxicated, I could have easily carried a conversation with someone. But don’t get me wrong either, the feeling was intense. The closest description I can manage is that of what a beached whale must feel like, if his whole body was orgasming instead of dehydrating him to death. The suns mid-day rays beat down upon my bare chest. It felt so good I never wanted to move again. And I didn’t. Not till about 12:30 did I get up and move around much. At this point the heavy sedating buzz had lifted. I work as a delivery person for the shopping news. I basically just bag and deliver the papers to the surrounding neighborhoods. Easy job to say the least, pays well too. Anyways it was now time to bag the papers.

While bagging the papers, which is a physically active activity by the way, it felt like my head was floaty and light. A nice fluffy buzz with undertones of dreamyness would carry me through the next hour and a half of bagging papers. Normally it takes me about 45 minutes, but as I said before it felt like everything was taking forever, my movements were slow, and I was distracted by the happy sort of feeling in my head, akin to what walking in a cloud might feel like.

I had to wait a few hours for my mom to get back with the car. Two hours later she got back and I left to deliver the papers. During that two hours the nice fluffiness persisted, but was accompanied by the normal tired-ish feeling present after coming down from weed. Once that feeling went away however, true bliss became present.

The best parts of the experience were the next 3 to 4 hours. I felt the most subtle yet profound contentment. My muscles were relaxed. My head felt just ever so slightly light and buzzy. I was happy. Just plain old happy. Nothing really bothered me during this time. I felt the most honest and steady contentment I had ever had. Just content, nothing more nothing less. This feeling thankfully persisted till about 7:30. I swear work had never felt like it went faster. After work about 7:30 I went to Chili's with my family. The same feeling described before was present, but fast slipping away. I had a nice meal and went home.

All in all, a wonderful experience. If I had to do it all over again I might take a little less cannabis. I highly recommend this drug to anyone looking for peace. That is the best word to describe the overall experience of Prom. VC w/ codeine/cannabis. Pure peace...with a buzz.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 92866
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Jul 21, 2013Views: 56,332
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Cannabis (1), Pharms - Promethazine (336), Codeine (14) : Alone (16), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3)

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