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Harvest of Human Race by the Unseen
Salvia divinorum ('160x extracts Blueberry)
Citation:   Matt B.. "Harvest of Human Race by the Unseen: An Experience with Salvia divinorum ('160x extracts Blueberry) (exp92888)". Nov 9, 2015.

1 hit smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
The mood was hyped up a little bit on this afternoon because I was at the local head shop and the clerk told me about this super strong salvia extract that would 'take me to another planet.' So, naturally I'm in. They were out of the 180x, which he said was the strongest available, so I went the next step down which was a 160x and blueberry (as if the flavor would lighten the load of this astonishingly powerful drug). 
My daily routine was that of snorting cocaine and smoking pot, on this day however I had not smoked and I don't think I did any coke, I'm not sure though I was addicted to coke and this is the first time I've recorded this and it was about 5 years ago but still my experience is very vivid in my mind. My house was not a safe or calm place. And I was not as peaceful a person as I am today. My house was a stash house for ectacy, pot, coke, and money. As you can imagine I was constantly paranoid of the cops. This is not an ideal place to trip. Although the place was cozy and I was with a longterm girlfriend (ex now) and her female friend. They are not experienced trip sitters. That's enough background info.  Skip forward in time to the house...

We arrived back at my house. I took a little bit of time to calm down from being hyped up about buying the salvia, to give more of a better baseline to start out from. I didn't think music would be this influential to the mood of the trip, wrong. I didn't think about it but the radio was playing some pop crap. Whatever the girls wanted to listen to. Here's where it gets funky...

I sat down on my couch and packed my bubbler (pipe). I took one extremely large hit and almost cashed the bowl. I held it in for 20-30 seconds, as recommended by the head shop clerk. I exhaled and I remember thinking, 'this doesn't taste like...'' and just that quick I felt the gravity squish everyone into their seats rendering us unable to move, and  at the same time I saw a blurry ball come down on top of us like a harness of a roller coaster. I didn't remember taking any drugs, this was just happening. It was as if God snapped his fingers and no one could ever move for all eternity. Kind of like in the scene in the Robin Williams movie, What Dreams May Come, where they are walking over the heads stuck in the ground in hell. We were just stuck where we sat forever.

The song on the radio said the word forever and it echoed in my head throughout the whole trip. I looked at my friends and I must have looked terrified because they broke one of the trip sitter laws, never ask if the tripped is ok. ' of course I'm not!' I thought. Panic was the mood now. I wanted to move. I try to lift my arm and It stuck to the couch like bubblegum sticking to the bottom of a shoe, ripping, tearing, blood, and tendons...very graphic... I finally stood up and I flashed through a couple plateaus very fast, first I was in my parents' living room (which I physically was not), then I can only describe the next vision as a life-changing thought.

I saw myself along with billions of other people standing in a 'cornfield of people,' rows upon rows of people staring at the sky with our feet literally buried in the dirt waiting for God to pluck us from the earth. I looked back down at the ground and I started on another more jumbled and more insensible  plateau of hallucination... The ground looked like a wood plank floor but the planks were made of skin and they were flipping and flopping around. Then yet another distinct plateau, this one was all geometric red and blue shapes completely surrounding me. And just like that I came to in the corner of my living room panting in panic... A little bit of reality set back in.

I was in shock from what I had seen, still unaware I had taken any mind altering substance. I remember saying, 'what the f*** just happened?'   I started to realize that no one else had seen what I saw and the girls were shocked because the way I reacted, normal to WTF in 20 seconds. They said I freaked out on the salvia. Then it hit me, I was tripping the whole time. Haha. I tried for 5-10 mins trying to 'fix my vision' and ' shake the trip out of my head.' I came down with a headache and a deep dark depression that lasted 24-72hrs due to the horrible thoughts I had during my trip. The complete effects lasted about 20 mins. Maybe less, time went out the window with my sanity.

This trip was more than too much. I used the rest of the gram I bought on my friends. Inviting them over for a trip. So I could see first-hand the outsider's view of what happened to me that evening.

In conclusion I didn't experiment with salvia for a couple years after this. My next trip was even more horrifying, unexplainable, and utterly the worst thing that we (mankind) could realize reality really is, but that's another report all together.
Years later I am researching things like the Mayan calendar, Hopi theory, life on other planets, kundalini, occult genetic code, alien visitors, and spirits. I feel that the vision of the entire human race waiting for God to pluck us off the Earth has left me wondering if humans are so naive to think that God couldn't be an alien who made our DNA and everything we know on our Earth. I would call him God too If I knew of his technology and power... I'm still in the midst of my studies and will not know my conclusion until the moment I die. Is heaven a peaceful alien planet and we are just being grown to be peaceful in our next life? By being resurrected will we realize as a people our sins and know not to do the bad things that make the earth a warring world. Is this our preparation for the next life? When will we be 'plucked'. The only thing that can separate my thoughts from being insanity is the truth.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 92888
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Nov 9, 2015Views: 2,336
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