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Wandering Amnesiac
by J91
Citation:   J91. "Wandering Amnesiac: An Experience with AM-2201 (exp92916)". Jul 30, 2015.

15 mg vaporized AM-2201 (powder / crystals)


After receiving my shipment of this Research Chemical from an online supplier, I was intent on assaying it to become familiar with the subtleties of the substance. By my side was my buddy S, who was also interested yet less informed and more apprehensive than I was.

S and I were looking for a safe place to trip, a place we could stay at and be comfortable and free from paranoia. Eventually our mutual friend R contacted a mutual friend of theirs 'C' whom was an acquaintance of mine. C had a place that we could use.

After I drive R and S to C's place we get settled in and reacquainted. I ready the vaporizer and eyeball about 15 mgs of AM-2201 into the vaporizer (assuming it would be enough for everyone to take a hit). After heating the vaporizer to 500 degrees and waiting, I was surprised to see the AM-2201 remained solid. I grabbed the whip and inhaled. The solid chemical vaporized immediately, flowed through the whip and into my lungs.

I panicked initially, knowing I had just inhaled a heroic cannabinoid dose. R and S are laughing, they tell me that as soon as the vapor hit my mouth my eyes dilated like saucers.

I don't feel high. I should feel pretty high.

I exhale slowly. A huge cloud of visible vapor leaves my mouth.
I hiccup.

The feeling that I first feel is a feeling of lethargy. I lay my head down and experience a feeling of impending danger - the same feeling I would compare to the feeling one would have right before something terrible is about to happen to them. I manage to recognize the feeling and laugh it off. I begin to wonder if my adrenaline levels would rise if I felt the need to move. I clench my hands and they are tingling with strength.

R, S, and C have all had a couple of bowls of their preferred cannabinoid agonists and are all pretty stoned. They begin talking while I'm off in my mind and get up to leave. I don't hear them leaving or notice what they said before they left.

Moments later, I'm struggling to remember what I had done earlier in the day. I am alone in C's room and house; a completely alien environment. I get up and stumble around the house. I eventually find a door I figure to be the back door. I open the door and walk drunkenly to the driveway. I notice my car and I'm dumbfounded to find that I had driven to this place. I try to backtrack my steps to no avail, but I'm surprisingly without panic. I can not recall any detail of the day whatsoever second to the fact that I had smoked with friends that had left. I could not remember who I was with or where. I wandered around his neighborhood eventually finding my way back to his house with my memory returning to me after about a half hour.

All in all, I've been addicted to spice lately and I hoped this substance would help attenuate my addiction.
All in all, I've been addicted to spice lately and I hoped this substance would help attenuate my addiction.
It has shown me a lot of the negative light that cannabinoids can carry. I will likely try it again to further identify the range of effects that can accompany this, but I do not intend to use it recreationally.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 92916
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Jul 30, 2015Views: 3,003
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AM-2201 (529) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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